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I had to pause and restart. The animation looked too close to the old series. :lol:

Love the display of every character's powers and strength.
I'm afraid I tend to avoid trailers until after I catch up with the broadcast episodes.

The team's spiritual advisor Kurt Wagner has got to be the wisest and most emotionally intelligent character in all of X-dom '97. The words DeMayo and his writers have put in his fanged mouth make him sound like a cross between Yoda and Mr. Miyagi.
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He's always been my second favourite character after Spider-Man. Two of the most humane characters in Marvel.
Not to mention Nightcrawler's name and the way he's drawn have always been cool. :)
I've stopped skipping the intro sequences to X-Men '97.

In this week's, the fleeing humans at the end just before the title have been transformed into nano-infected Prime Sentinels.

And I'm sure I wasn't the only one shouting "Groan, don't end it there" when the end credits started.
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Yeah the subtle differences of the intro from each episode were a nice touch.

Cool to see the classic suits before everything went down.
“Oh dear.” is right.

I’ll just say the Deadpool franchise, Loki and X-Men ‘97 have saved the MCU.

ETA: Supporting mutant's rights to rule over humans is admittedly the very opposite of social justice. The Shaw and Selene panel seems on point to me, though.
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Just watched X-Men ‘97 Assembled. Really good, but so weird watching the voice actors. Me and my wife were bugging out saying they dubbed the voices of the voice actors. :lol: