Do you believe in God?

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Do you believe in god?

  1. Of course, without him nothing would exist!

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  2. Maybe.

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  3. No way!

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  1. Patrik


    I dont, never have and never will.
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  2. McLaren

    United States Texas

    I fear a very large debate could emerge from this question....:nervous:

    I don't personally believe in the same God the Christians do, but I do feel there could be a higher power up there of the same kind.
  3. I have an odd feeling that this might belong here maybe?

    OT: I believe there is someone or something of a higher power watching over us
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  4. WallRunner

    United States Atlanta, GA

    1: I think that this should probably be in the opinions forum, and there probably is a thread somewhere asking the same question.

    Personally I believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and I make no efforts to hide it.

  5. Fujiwara-kun


    Im learning about this in religous studies... yay

    I believe, no there is no God unless I see proof.

    But there are many theorys to this like the big bang etc :indiff:

    I dont tend to mix into religion as its rather perplexed for me :dunce:
  6. McLaren

    United States Texas

    The thing I've learned the most when asking for proof of God is that most of the time, people will not believe he exists because of solid evidence, but that they have faith that he exists.
  7. Leonidae


    well.. they say that he created the world in 7 days, and he created man as his own image. every time I look in the mirror, I think that he did a damn good job! :D
  8. Fujiwara-kun


    Religion is confusing thats all I have to say :sick:

    Theorys like God and science created the existance (big bang)
    Or its just science vise versa
  9. McLaren

    United States Texas

    Amen. :indiff:
  10. GilesGuthrie

    Staff Emeritus
    United Kingdom Edinburgh, UK

    Firstly, be aware that this is the sort of thread that catches moderator attention, and will be closed if it resorts to name-calling.

    Secondly, no, I do not believe in God. However, I could be all wrong about this, and my non-belief in God is why the Universe hates me so.
  11. DaddyVDUB


    Thats ok HE still belives in YOU.:)
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  12. Rykon Zero

    United States Seattle, WA
    PSN:I wish...

    I'd like to belive that there is a God, but I'd like to think that the big bang was because he lit one of his farts. I'd also like to belive that he came upon this planet, thought "Hey, this seems like a nice place" and gave a little pond of mud the spark of life. I do not belive he made us in his own image.
  13. Barracuda


    Personally I believe in god. I've gone through periods in my life where I wasn't really sure but some of the things that I've seen happen to others, and some much less significant things in my life, have kept my faith.
  14. ExigeEvan


    No, I don't believe in God.
  15. L_Hamilton

    Japan Kyoto

    Scary poll results so far.
  16. Sureboss

    United Kingdom UK

    That's scary.

    No, I don't believe in God. I think it is an outdated concept that civilisation has outgrown and no longer needs.
  17. DaddyVDUB


    No wonder there are so many punters.:dunce:
  18. Im not one to ever say never and I like to keep an open mind but, no.

    I can't accept the idea of a higher being that has written a tapestry so rich and complicated.
    I refuse to disagree with evidence about how it all began and how we are all here.
    I just dont think there is anything up there. No matter how grim that sounds.
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  19. Prosthetic

    United States Marin County, C

    How is it scary?

    Personally I think that religous mostly just causes conflict and I don't feel compelled to believe in something that hasn't been prooved to exist.

    EDIT: I agree 100% with Only_In_F1.
  20. Sureboss

    United Kingdom UK

    That's an impressive contradiction, Mike.
  21. wrcsti


    I believe god created the universe and then sat on the corner and has been seeing what we do but letting us evolve on our own.
  22. PeterJB

    Online Now!
    United Kingdom Corsham, UK

    I believe in God. I believe that he created the Universe, and all of life. I also believe in evolution and that He controls how different organisms evolve over time.
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  23. Mark T


    I do not believe in god, although I like life so much that I'm hoping my spirit lives on in another way.
  24. Greycap

    Finland Finland

    I can't say I believe in God, thinking of God as a person. I certainly believe in some higher force out there that controls our life to an extent but I can't pin it down what it is. Everything has a reason, something is controlling the turns of life. I have no idea what that "something" is but I firmly believe it exists.
  25. I have the same belief than you.

    In my belief, He created a ball of energy and matter and then left it alone. That ball exploded (Big Bang), and erupted in all that we know until today.

    I have faith and believe in God, Jesus and mostly in Mother Mary.
  26. bobzombie


    i dont believe in god ,
    if god was real we wouldnt have too wait till 2010 for gt5 lol
  27. PeterJB

    Online Now!
    United Kingdom Corsham, UK

    It's called free-will. Yamauchi chose to delay the game so much! :)
  28. :lol: I didnt say I wont ever come round to an idea that maybe that something does exist but at this moment in time I cant see any reason to conclude there is.
  29. Beerz

    Portugal Lisbon,Portugal

    "Poll Options:
    Do you believe in god?
    Of course, without him nothing would excist!
    No way!"

    Wouldn't it be more correct to have a simple "Yes", "No" and "Other: elaborate", for example?

    I'm about to vote, and my answer will be "no". Though I read the "No way!" answer and I feel almost as if I'm answering "Eeew, gross!!!"... :rolleyes:

    Reason I don't believe is mostly because a real existing (don't confuse with 'excisting') God would never allow a lot of things to happen the way they do; good people punished for their goodness, bad people rewarded with wealth and long life for their despicable actions.
    Plus, the whole "worship" thing doesn't cut it for me either, I fin'd it much like a circus, a play or a puppet show. And a bad one at that.

    The tangible side of the question is also a part of it, though not as important, at least to me. Because I believe we're not alone in the universe despite never having seen any hard evidence of it.
  30. Jondot

    United Kingdom Kent, UK

    Nope. Not that I particularly wanted to shout "No Way!", as I'm a little more open minded than that, but I never have been, probably never will be religious.

    Exactly. :tup:
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