Don't Believe Those Forza Horizon 4 Japan Rumors Quite Yet

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    Silver Arrows

    No, but:

    Also, we should remember that we had this same sort of storm of 'leaks' and 'info' when FH2 was about to drop, and people thought it was going to be set in Louisiana based on concept art. That was as far off the mark as one could get, turns out.

    Once again people, stop believing everything that's thrown at you when it comes to FH4 and locations. It's the usual sort of flurry of activity in the weeks leading up to E3, and there's going to be a lot of ********. Really, the only thing that you should believe (since it was all but confirmed in the Walmart CA leak from a few days ago, but mainly because logic states it's Horizon's turn in the spotlight this year) is that Horizon 4 is coming, and it, like the past two Forza games before it, will be the star of the Xbox show at E3.
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    I will grant you the part of it not being in a private portfolio, but didn't I say that the FH2 leak was wrong and that this art was, by no means, a reveal of a location?

    Oh believe me, I'm taking everything I hear with a grain of salt on the side.

    EDIT: Been thinking of Scotland as the best UK location. Edinburgh, Knockhill, mountainous terrain for off-roading...
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