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    Hey Guys

    Back in the GT6 days i wasn't to bad at drifting and this game im just hopeless am i missing something? I just purchased the BRZ drift car to give it a run, but still avg. Am i missing something? any help would be great
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    That car is pretty tricky to drift as it is heavily turbocharged and has a massive torque surge when it comes on boost... makes it hard to balance on the throttle.

    My favorite car for drifting is the GT3RS on CM's, but a lot of the front engined road cars are pretty decent too - SLS, GT86, Mustang, for example.

    Best to remove some/all of rear toe and set LSD decel to min.
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    I say get the M4 or the G4 86 being IMO the easiest to drift. Set rear camber to .7 sport hard is a good tire to learn. Some cars you have to drive hard and brake hard. Sometimes dive bombing a corner is as good as a e-brake pull. Now that we have Tsukuba Circuit it is one of the easiest ways to learn to drift on the course. M3 lower weight and power all without changing stages. Throttle modulation and with the driver assist use the cones and blue flag as clipping points. Those are for where to either brake to turn in after the double cone the single is you initiation point. It will take weeks to get it depending on how much you play. I've gotten use to it with Comfort Soft tires that I use them as default tires on all cars G4, N500 and lower. I had to get use to roof view before I went into cockpit view. Once you get use to what the car is doing and how to control it, you'll enjoy it more. I'm hoping they bring G27 wheel support to GT Sport soon...
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