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Well, since now im in the right thread, do you have any idea for the team colors, Spank? :)

This i do not yet. I wish i could do custom stickers damn it!! But i dont wanna go as far as creating a new PSN name. So i am trying to think and make sure i do not copy any other colors that are out there.
not bad im actually like this one color thats on my car its from the volvo called saphire black it looks great it fades into a purpleish blue in sunlight
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I like the color os my s2k But havent yet decided on wheel color currently
Its still showing up blank for me, but instead of posting a new post please edit your last one.
I give anyone who drifts with the steering wheel. I tried but since its nothing like a real car I can't do it.
thanks guys I love the feed back im going to try and post some more on my youtube maybe tonight if you'd like

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