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  1. Thorin Cain

    Scotland Glasgow

    EAG Banner. Final.jpg

    Hello ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Elegance Automotive Guild. The latest addition to the small collection of GTPlanet's Replica Garages. The E.A.G is a joint-ownership established organisation, focused solely on the reproduction and restoration of the classic and unique cars available here. In Gran Turismo 6..

    Our Mission
    To restore classic cars according to the demands of our customers, using real-life parts specifications as much as possible. Each restoration/upgrade project will begin with a real photograph of the car and we will be using the real-life data available to restore or upgrade the cars to satisfy the demands of our customers.

    As you can see, we plan on doing this a little differently from the other Replica Garages. We will not be replicating real-life cars exactly (There may be the odd occasion.). But rather, using real-life specifications of readily available parts for the purposes of tuning our cars for driving pleasure, more than racing. Although, depending on the requests of our customers, racing set-ups may become available at a later date.

    We would also like to share our joint appreciation for the job that many, many automotive enthusiasts and professional restorers alike do all over the world. Keeping some of the most iconic, influential and beautiful classic cars on our roads. So we shall be publishing the tunes a little differently from what you are use to.

    The Cars.
    We shall be collaborating fully on every car, with each of us taking responsibility for certain aspects of the tuning process. These will differ from car to car so we will both be doing quite a bit of everything along the way. We will also be publishing short articles for each step of the process, documenting what work would have been carried out with regards to body and chassis repair, paint work, engine and transmission upgrades, drivetrain upgrades and suspension and brake upgrades. Not to mention wheel and tyre choice.

    *Final tunes will be published only when we have full agreement on the completion of the job. And the thrill of drive adds to the pleasure of the senses.*

    Staff Members and Fellow Contributors.

    Co-owner: @TurnLeft of Fly Me To The Moon Tuning Garage

    Founding Partner and Intellectual Property Owner. R'N'D Leader. Engineer. Fabricator. Bodywork and Paint Specialist. Administrator of the E.A.G Gallery Thread and Organiser of the E.A.G Grand Tour Events. And Public Relations Officer.

    Co owner: @Thorin Cain of Little Duckpond Under The Mountain.;

    Partner and Head of Public Relations. E.A.G Garage Administrator. R'N'D Partner. Engineer, Fabricator. Bodywork and Paint specialist. Contributor to the E.A.G Gallery. And E.A.G Grand Tour Marshal.

    Co owner: @Brewguy44 of Brewguys Tunes & Brews Garage

    E.A.G archive supervisor. Mechanic, Engineer, Bodywork and Paint specialist .R'N'D partner.
    E.A.G Race organiser. Refreshment co-ordinator and now owner of a fresh set of keys to the spray booth ;)

    Automotive Historian: @ALB123

    Historian and E.A.G Grand Tour participant.

    We would like to give special thanks to @Leoz96 for providing our new Garage Banner and look forward to more possible collaborations in the future.
    Link to Leoz96' GT6 Gallery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/75929409@N06/

    "If you are interested in joining us as a staff member or contributor please contact either @Thorin Cain or @TurnLeft by PM"


    Links to all tunes.

    E.A.G Grand Tour
    Participation Guide and results.


    Parts & Service
    Links to parts information/specs for reference and use on future projects.

    We thank you for visiting the Guild and look forward to seeing you again.
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  2. Thorin Cain

    Scotland Glasgow

    All tunes will be created using no aids. (Unless otherwise specified.)
    Click car name for link to tune.

    Chevrolet Corvette Convertible (C1) '54- Project leader - TL
    1954_Corvette-For_Sale_777.jpg Vette front left colour.jpg

    Mercedes 300SL Coupe '54 - Project leader - TC
    GUILD 300SL.jpg 300SL portrait.jpg

    Jaguar E-Type Coupe '61 - Project leader - TC
    GUILD E type 1.jpg

    Alfa Romeo Giullia Sprint Special '63 - Project leader - TL
    GUILD Alfa 2.jpg

    Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Coupe (Type-1) '68 - Project leader - TC.
    GUILD Karmann Ghia 2.jpg
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  3. TurnLeft

    Canada Laval, Canada

    PHOTO BY: @Leoz96

    Picture 11.png

    1. What is the EAG Grand Tour, it is simply an in house competition for those who try our restored cars. The rewards are the pleasure of driving and competing with others for the bragging rights of being the fastest.

    2. For every car we tune we will have a time trial race on a given track.

    3. Each car will be given a selected track.

    4. To participate you have to use the car as tuned and post your time on this thread, everyones lap time will be compiled and entered on a score list which will be updates regularly below. You may enter as many times as you want.

    5. Only lap times that have no penalties are valid, we are counting on every participants honesty to forward their true lap time.

    6. You are to use Arcade Mode - Time Trial - Track Grip at Real.

    Picture 12.png
    Corvette C1 GT.png 300 SL GT.png

    I've added the replays from @RMan72 & @danbojte


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  4. TurnLeft

    Canada Laval, Canada

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  5. TurnLeft

    Canada Laval, Canada

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  6. Thorin Cain

    Scotland Glasgow

    Ladies and gentlemen, we apologise for the wait and thank you for your patience.

    We have recently finished and delivered our first restoration to our client. So the time has now come to let all you fine people here in GTPlanet see the end result of our inaugural project.

    As this is the first one we've been discussing the best way to present these tunes, and given the amount of information we wanted to include was HUGE we are going to try this way and see how it goes.

    Please feel free to give us any feedback or suggestions you may have. I'm sure @TurnLeft (aka. Moose.) and myself (aka. Sleepy.) will be glad to read them.:tup: Don't worry, we don't bite :lol:

    We would both also like to take a moment to thank @Ridox2JZGTE for all of the help and guidance he has given us with this project. From steering us in the right direction and helping us out with our research, to teaching us what most of what we found actually meant :cheers:.

    So without further ado....

    Chevrolet Corvette Convertible C1 '54
    B+W Vette rain.jpg
    Photo by @Leoz96

    Scenario by @TurnLeft
    Anybody who's opened up a shop will always remember their first customer, especially if you have a sweet classy 61 year old 5'4" blond women walk in the door who leaves you a blank check to restore her car.

    Sophia (last name omitted) has been recently widowed, her deceased spouse had bought a 1954 Chevrolet Corvette to restore it for her birthday, that being the year of her birth. She has decided to go on with the project in memory of her sweetheart.

    TL: How do you see yourself driving this car?

    Sophia: To tell you the truth Turn, I really don't like that color, I would like something classier, I do like being looked at and white is a bit out of fad, I don't know what color, why don't you surprise me.

    TL: And how would you like it to handle on the road?

    Sophia: Well I don't want it to feel like I am in a kitchen mixer and I certainly don't want it to feel like those sofa cars. I will be driving this everday on the country roads so it has to handle those kind of roads.

    TL: So something sporty that can handle well but won't give you a back ache.

    Sophia: Yes.

    TL: Do you have any objection if we use other parts than the original?

    Sophia: As long as it looks the same and performs like I want, I don't really care what you put in it, but it must be classy.

    TL: Well I'm sure we will be able to make this project turn out to your dreams. If you are ready I have the contract here, we will need a deposit of ..(she hands me a signed check)

    Sophia: Well you put the final payment on it and call me when it's ready, I do hope it will not be too long. (After taking the check her hand stays up, I figured it wasn't for a hand shake so I kissed it and watched her gracefully glide out the door.)

    Chevrolet Corvette Convertible - A History.

    The year was 1953. A year filled with many influential and historic events all across the globe.

    Dwight D. Eisenhower succeeded Harry S. Truman, to become the 34th President of the United States. There was the death of Joseph Stalin and the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

    In the Arts, the first colour television sets went on sale, Ian Fleming's first James Bond novel, Casino Royale was published, Walt Disney released Peter Pan and Arthur Miller's Drama “The Crucible” opened on Broadway.
    Also, the 25th Academy Awards Ceremony was held and for the first time, broadcast live.

    Mankind celebrated the achievement of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay as they became the first men to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

    In the motoring world. Alberto Ascari of Ferrari completed back to back Formula 1 World Drivers Championships and become the first man ever to win multiple titles.

    And on June 30th in Flint, Michigan U.S.A, A car was built and a legend was born as the Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company, built the first Corvette.

    Manufacturer: Chevrolet Divisionof General Motors.
    Production: 1953–1962
    Model years: 1953–1962
    Assembly: Flint Michigan United States (1953–early 1954)
    St.Louis, Missouri United States (early 1954–1962)

    Wheelbase: 102 in (2,591 mm)
    Length: 177.2 in (4,501 mm) (MY1959)
    Width: 72.8 in (1,849 mm)
    Height: 52.4 in (1,331 mm)

    Originally designed by Harley Earl, the first model, a convertible was built as a concept show car for the GM Motorama display at the 1953 New York Auto Show. The two-seater FR sports car generated enough interest that GM were inclined to make a production model. In 1953, 300 hand-built cars were released. All in Polo White with a Black soft-top. After planning 10,000 units a year GM managers almost shelved the programme in 1955 but the Corvette was saved by the production of a 265 cubic inch “Small Block” V8, ( Chevrolet's first V8 since 1919) with an output of 195 bhp and a 3-speed Manual Transmission coupled with a 3.55:1 rear axel ratio. Also by the influence of Belgian born American engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov, who personally wrote to the Chief Engineer at Chevrolet after being so “Disappointed” at what lay beneath the “Visually Superb” body. He began working for Chevrolet on May 1st 1953 and became known later as the “Father of the Corvette”

    1954 Chevrolet Corvette 235 Blue-Flame Powerglide[​IMG]
      • Chevrolet Corvette 235 Blue-Flame Powerglide, model year 1954, version for North America U.S. (up to October)
      • 2-door convertible body type
      • RWD (rear-wheel drive), automatic 2-speed gearbox
      • Petrol (gasoline) engine with displacement: 3859 cm3 / 235.5 cui, advertised power: 112 kW / 150 hp / 152 PS ( SAE ), Torque net: 302 Nm / 223 lb-ft
      • Characteristic dimensions: outside length: 4249 mm / 167.3 in, wheelbase: 2591 mm / 102 in
      • Reference weights: shipping weight 1227 kg / 2705 lbs estimated curb weight: 1290 kg / 2840 lbs
      • How fast is this car ? Top speed: 164 km/h (102 mph) (theoretical);
      • Accelerations: 0- 60 mph 11 s, 0- 100 km/h 11.5 s (declared by factory), 1/4 mile drag time (402 m) 18.1 s (a-c simulation)
    In 1954 production was moved from a makeshift assembly line in an old truck plant in Flint, Michigan to St. Louis, Missouri and a larger factory, more suitable for mass production. Chevrolet produced 3640 Corvette Convertibles in 1954 and a third of them were unsold by the end of the year.

    The chassis and suspension design from the 1949–1954 Chevrolet passenger vehicles was used and as mandated by GM Executive Robert F McLean, off the shelf mechanical components were also used to keep costs down. The passenger compartment and Drivetrain were moved rearwards to achieve a 53:47 Front/Rear Weight Distribution. The engine was the same 235 cubic inch in-line six “Blue Flame” that powered all other Chevrolet models, but with a higher-compression ratio, Three Carter side-draft carburettors, and a more aggressive cam were used to increase the output to 150 bhp. Because there was no manual transmission available to Chevrolet rated to handle 150 HP, a two-speed Powerglide automatic was used and the Corvette could achieve a 0-60 mph time of 11.5 seconds.

    The body was engineered by Ellis James Premo and was made of Glass Reinforced Plastic (Fibreglass.) The windscreen had a 55 degree rake and was made of safety glass and the licence plate was set into the body and covered with a plastic window. In addition to Polo White (3,230) another three colours were added Pennant Blue (300), Sportsman Red (100) and Black (4) and the Soft Top was changed from Black to Beige.

    What followed was 60 years of being recognised the world over. As one of the iconic car names in history. A history which now spans 7 generations and more than 1.5 million cars sold World-wide.

    The Tune
    Vette front left colour.jpg
    Photo by @Leoz96

    Performance Points: 414pp
    Max. power: 230 bhp
    Weight: 1283 kg
    Weight Distribution: 53:47
    Drivetrain: FR

    Parts Fitted:

    Body Paint: Black Cherry Metallic (Chevy Nova)
    Wheels - Size up 2" - Boyd Coddington wheels, Legecy F-09
    Wheel Paint: GT JAPANESE 002-C

    Fully customizable Suspension
    Fully Customizable Transmission
    Fully Customizable Limited-Slip Differential

    Engine Tuning Stage 2
    Semi-Racing Exhaust
    Sports Catalytic Converter

    Weight Reduction Stage 2
    Window Weight Reduction
    Tyres: For road use - Comfort Medium. For sports performance - Comfort Soft.

    Suspension settings:
    Ride Height: 95/95
    Spring Rate: 7.60/4.03
    Dampers(Com): 5/4
    Dampers(Ext): 5/6
    Anti-Roll Bars: 5/4
    Camber: 0.5/0.0
    Toe Angle: 0.06/0.00
    Brake Balance: 5/7 (For ABS=1, feel free to use higher values.)

    Initial Torque: 40
    Acceleration Sensitivity: 36
    Braking Sensitivity: 5

    Power Limiter: 98.7%

    Aerodynamics: Stock
    Ballast Amount: 155 kg
    Ballast Position: 40

    Set Final Gear@: Stock
    Set top Speed @: 124 mph
    Set Individual ratios to:
    1: 3.280
    2: 2.120
    3: 1.570
    4: 1.250
    5: 1.000
    Set final gear to: 3.360
    Top Speed: 138 mph (Tested)

    Due to the current Transmission bug, this method will no longer give you the correct results. Thanks to @danbojte and @ALB123 for providing an alternative method. :cheers:

    Set final gear to: 3.360
    Set top Speed @: 130 or 137 mph
    Set Individual ratios to:
    1: 3.280
    2: 2.120
    3: 1.570
    4: 1.250
    5: 1.000

    Below are PDF files with the work carried out and parts used on the car to achieve the values we have used in the tune. Please feel free to have a look through them and also check out the Parts and services post below for more information if you fancy.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit us. We are glad to see you as always and welcome you back any time.
    Back to Index.

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  7. TurnLeft

    Canada Laval, Canada

    Picture 1.png
    Post Card.jpg
    Photos by: @TurnLeft

    Welcome to the Corvette Convertible (C1) ’54 EAG Grand Tour at Circuito de la Sierra. To participate all you have to do is run some clean laps and post your best time in this thread. You may also post a couple of your best pics with this car at Sierra, we will add them to our gallery.

    The rules are simple,

    1. Car tuned as per spec sheet with CS (Comfort Soft tires)

    2. Use Circuito de la Sierra in Arcade Mode - Single Player - Time Trial - Track grip set to real.

    3. ABS=0, TC=0, SRF=Off, Active Steering=Off, ASM=Off, you can use the AT but to get the true feel of this I recommend using MT (Manual Transmission). For those not familiar with ABS set to zero, it really doesn’t take long to get the hang of it with this car, when going fast down a slope hit the brakes hard for about 1 second then release and reapply the brakes gradually, also using MT helps to slow down by down shifting.

    4. Post your best lap time and we will add it to our score board. This should be a clean lap, time counter turning to red disqualifies you.

    5. You may post your new lap records as many times as you succeed in doing them.

    6. Comments are always appreciated, even if you didn’t like it.

    7. You may post a couple of pictures taken on your best lap time so we can put them in our Corvette Gallery.

    8. Have fun and enjoy the ride, that's what all this is about.

    Photo by: @Leoz96

    Picture 19.png
    This will be where we will put all the in game victories that people will realize with this car, tire changes will be accepted.

    First we would like to thank all of you who have contributed in making this a special event.
    Plaque Pic.png

    I got this idea from a comment @RMan72 said, "After driving with the CH's I thought she might be ok at a bit of drifting, took her to Tokyo and managed to get gold in the seasonal, another trophy for her cabinet", thought it would be cool to actually have a trophy cabinet, so here it is. Anytime someone posts a victory with this car, they will be awarded a trophy, mind you I may run out of different models at some point :lol:.

    Picture 1.png Picture 2.png Picture 3.png Picture 4.png Picture 7.png Picture 6.png RMan72-3.png Alb123.png Brewguy44 -3.png Rman-Matterhorn ST.png lilcat89-cape ring south.png lilcat89-grandvalley.png lilcat89.png ALB123 3.png danbojte 3.png lilcat89 3.png RMan72 3.png Picture 4.png RMan72-SE-DT-Nurb.png RMan72-SE-BLNRC-HSR-C1.png BrewGuy44-SE-ELF-E-RWD (C1)-Big Willow.png Brewguy44-1979PNRC-DT -C1.png RMan72-C1-BLNRC.png RMan72-C1-SE-DT-Tsukuba.png Gyro1780-Silver Beauty Pageant.png
    Just for the fun of playing & the pleasure of driving.

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  8. TurnLeft

    Canada Laval, Canada

    Parts & Services.png

    Photo by: @Leoz96

    You'll find here all the sources we used to upgrade this car.

    Car Specs.png

    Old Engine
    New Engine



    http://www.artmorrison.com/53-62vette.php General information
    http://www.strangeengineering.net/high-performance-street/shocks-struts-springs/springs.html?p=2 Fronr & Rear Springs
    http://www.strangeengineering.net/h...t/shocks-struts-springs/coil-over-shocks.html Front & Rear Coilover Kit



    Body & Paint Shop.png
    http://www.theplatinghouseofcanada.ca/ chromes
    http://www.zip-corvette.com/ parts
    https://www.sandersreproglass.com/ windows


    http://www.lucasclassictires.com/650-16-Firestone-3-WW-f650164.htm Bias Ply (CM)
    http://www.lucasclassictires.com/650R16-Coker-3-1-4WW-Radial-650R16C.htm Radial (CS)

    Photo by @Leoz96

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  9. Ridox2JZGTE


    OMG, :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::crazy: Simply the best garage ever :O With dedication, hard work and attention to detail :drool: I really like the presentation, the separate posts for each aspect of the garage, the detailed history, links for sources and parts of the car :tup: Any driver would have pleasure driving the car, knowing the little details that brings forth the end result driving experience and how much work put into it. Once again, both of you have set a new level awesomeness. I will surely build the C1 and drive it when I play next time.
  10. danbojte

    Romania Milky Way, Earth

    Wow! Finally, it is alive! Great work, my friends, excellent presentation. :tup:

    I can't wait to borrow the car from Sophia (I know her very well :sly:).

    Good luck with the project! :cheers:

    Edit: Oh, but it's Standard... :grumpy:
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  11. Thorin Cain

    Scotland Glasgow

    I don't know what to say. :O (Not the answer you would expect from the head of the head of P.R.:lol:)

    Thank you for your most kind and gracious words. It honours us both that you would swing by for a look at the new place. And to have such compliments from your esteemed self, even more so.:cheers:

    We hope that you enjoy the drive and look forward to any feedback you would be so kind as to give. I can speak for both of us by saying that your opinions mean a great deal to us :tup: and we would really gain a lot from your comments.:)
    Sorry for the wait :crazy: We hope your patience is rewarded with some good old-fashioned fun :D Thank you too for your kind words my friend.:cheers: And sorry, you'll have to wait so long for the second one but I'm sure you'll find plenty of choices for your driving pleasure in the meantime.:tup: (can't possibly think where though :p :lol:)

    Be sure to give Sophia our regards. :sly:
  12. danbojte

    Romania Milky Way, Earth

    There is not any hurry, no worries. :tup: Just see my signature. ;)
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  13. TurnLeft

    Canada Laval, Canada

    That is very touching of you my friend :), but you are a very big part of this project :bowdown:, this would never have happened without you. I don't even want to try to count the times that I asked you for information and this is not counting how many times my partner @Thorin Cain did the same. You've always been very kind of your time and of sharing your knowledge with us and others, and it's a great privilege to have you try our first replica creation. I'm going to take the week off from this project and start doing some filing :lol:, I've only have 1 car and I need a secretary, imagine you :lol:.

    Sophia just called me, she's waiting for you :sly:. Better bring flowers and chocolate :D.

    Yesterday for the first time I put on a pair of headphones to play the game, it was with the BRZ I've been tuning forever. Lord behold a new game came to life, I then switched on to the cockpit view, that was amazing. I can understand why someone who drives as much as you will want to use premium cars only :), it's really a far more exhilarating experience :tup:. Thanks for dropping by mate, you are always the most welcomed.:cheers:
  14. danbojte

    Romania Milky Way, Earth

    Yeah, thanks, she called me too. ;)

    Now you know too. :sly: :cheers:
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  15. Ridox2JZGTE


    It feels good there are more replica garage here so people can experience more realistic cars :) I didn't do much other than answering questions, both of you made the garage and build the car :tup: I'll spare credits and time to build the car and drive it :D
  16. danbojte

    Romania Milky Way, Earth

    Could you please, name an equivalent color for the wheels? I don't own that one. :rolleyes: :)

    Edit: I've used GT GUNMETAL 002-C which seems to be OK. :tup:

    Edit: It is now GT JAPANESE 002-C. :tup:
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  17. TurnLeft

    Canada Laval, Canada

    I`m at work right now and they won`t let me bring my PS3 :mad:, so I can`t help you for now, but @Thorin Cain should be getting up soon, and I believe that was his department :sly:, I think that the GT GUNMETAL 002-C should be fine, I trust your taste, how could I argue with that when Sophia lends you her keys.
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  18. Thorin Cain

    Scotland Glasgow

    Sorry, these days I even sleep through the dinner bell :lol: GT Gunmetal 002-C should do fine:tup: I had a little check. Now I'm going to have to add it to my list "For future use" how come I've not looked closely at that one before, looks nice on the body too, just not really a good match for the tan roof....now if this was a '53 model :p
    Scientia potentia est, my friend. :bowdown:
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  19. danbojte

    Romania Milky Way, Earth

    I've used a wild card to buy and build this Standard car. :sly:
    But guys, what did you do with this car? It is, it is, oh man... a... hmm...
    Did I got you? :lol:

    I met with Sophia after a long, long time... and I forgot how crazy this lady is. :crazy:
    She first took me to a ride at Sierra to taste the car's potential. OMG!

    Look how the women drives at her age. Here's an evidence how the numbers don't count, referring to the age, and what is important is the clean, pure spirit of a human been. :tup:

    Circuito de la Sierra.jpg

    You can't see me in the car, in the picture, because I was so scared as I had to made myself very small in the right seat. :scared: :lol:

    She ran the Sierra in 11:26.115. She forgot the decimals :lol: but has promised that will update this, after checking her on-board cam. :cool:

    After I saw what she can do with the car, I've bought the necessary tickets to fly to Rome and get Sophia in the middle of a real race. After a few seconds of thinking, she gave me the car's keys and encouraged me to participate in 500 PP Clubman Cup (600 PP and SS tyres maximum allowed).

    And guys, I won! I won! :D (The paint has to be retouched here and there - not my fault)

    Circuito di Roma_1.jpg

    Settings used:
    Cockpit view, No Aids, No ABS, G27
    Comfort Soft Tyres
    Brake Balance: 5/10
    Specs unchanged (414 PP).

    Great car and work! Big pleasure!
    P.S. : Next time when Sophia will return with the car to you, please decorate the car's interior too. All is so black... :p
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  20. Thorin Cain

    Scotland Glasgow

    It's good to hear from you my friend. I'm happy you got over to visit Sophia OK :) And thank you for sharing your memories of your trip. It seems you two had a blast. :cheers:

    She certainly is a wild one. She must have been giving the loud pedal plenty of attention to have scared you so badly :lol:
    I'm impressed by her speed too, she really got round there :eek: :bowdown: My demo run for her was about 3 seconds slower. She must have studied my on-board footage to see what not to do :lol:

    It's also good to hear of your race win :tup: Nicely done! I'm sure I'll be able to catch the replay on Motors T.V, should be good to watch :p
    I hope you found the brake-bias adjustments easy enough, ;) I had been using it around Silverstone with the same settings in the recent Seasonal A-spec race, definitely the way to go on the flat stuff :tup:

    (Do you know I must be going crazy...er.:crazy: I'm sure I saw a review about that somewhere:odd::lol:;) Private joke don't worry:tup:)

    .....:idea: I do hope you remembered to return the rod back to it's original position before you left her. Her pit guy's not the sharpest tool in the box and the higher rear brake's not all that good coming to the bottom of some of those hills when the load's further forward:scared:

    :eek:...:dopey: Yup, you got me!:lol: and sorry about that...
    I really don't understand...I swear, it was fine when we delivered it.:confused: @TurnLeft did a great job on those seats, nice carpeting, all the...here....I'll show you...


    I'm sure there will be some nice interiors to look at in the future. :tup: I know of a few people with some special cars needing done but they're shopping around to see who will give them the best estimates :yuck:...Why can't every customer be just like Sophia :lol:
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  21. danbojte

    Romania Milky Way, Earth

    @Thorin Cain :lol: :cheers: :tup:

    Edit: Great scenario! I love it. This is the point, having fun and enjoyment. :)
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  22. TurnLeft

    Canada Laval, Canada

    I saw this post as I was waking up, and I'm sure glad it was there :tup: , helped me start my day on a cheerful note :lol:. Thanks so much for that .:bowdown:.... a day in the life of Dan. I had to rush off to work and didn't have the time to post a proper answer this morning, I'm just rereading it and I'm still smiling :tup:. You know I was going to put down Sophia's time as 1:26.XXX :drool:, something suggestive about that, you know, you and her taking a ride and you not being able to read that lap time counter ? :odd:, hmm why is that :D? As for the car interior :cool: , take the shades off :lol:.

    Nice win :bowdown:, so now I want to try it :nervous:, damn the list of things I want is always getting bigger :ouch:.

    Thank you for sharing your time and your humor with us :tup:, if we all made someone smile everyday this world would be the brightest light in the "Milky Way", and by far. :cheers:

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  23. TurnLeft

    Canada Laval, Canada

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  24. Thorin Cain

    Scotland Glasgow

    Oh goodie:) Guess I'll be bringing up the rear then :( I'll.get my film developed in a day or two and send some pics. What's that? Use a digital camera? No thanks, I'll stick with my old Mamiya, less electronics means less to go wrong :lol: Plus the smell of the developer solution gets me nice and happy :D
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  25. danbojte

    Romania Milky Way, Earth

    :lol: :sly: Only the memories came alive. You made her 61. :p :lol:

    Now, she sent to me yesterday her updated result with a photo taken with her old Kodak (I think :odd: ).

    Circuito de la Sierra_1.jpg

    1:22.103 :D

    Sophia said that she loves the car and running it at Sierra is a pleasure too. Oh, by the way, she went even to Suzuka to win the Beginner A-Spec Seasonal and did it. Now the money invested in the car's restoration, started coming back. :)

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  26. TurnLeft

    Canada Laval, Canada

    Just updated the scoreboard, I've decided to put you as copilot :lol:. BTW that carrot I'm chasing sure seems very very small :tup:.
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  27. TurnLeft

    Canada Laval, Canada

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  28. danbojte

    Romania Milky Way, Earth

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  29. Gyro1780


    Really like the look of your new garage. So much detail & plenty of info to read about the tune. Really hope PD fix the recent transmission issue so i can build this car & give it a good testing :tup: :D :tup:
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  30. Thorin Cain

    Scotland Glasgow

    Thanks for stopping by @Gyro1780, I'm happy to hear you like our new place :) I do hope PD fix the transmission bug soon and you get to try the car out.

    Please feel free to pop back once you get a chance, we'd love to hear if you enjoyed the car and would be really honoured if you'd join in the Grand Tour too :tup:

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