F1 Mercedes AMG assists

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Hey guys, just curious as to what assists others use when driving the mercedes amg F1 car. traction is at 0 for me but abs is really undriveable when set to off so I'm curious if anybody on here has any experience in that.

You need to use ABS default in GT Sport for max speed/consistency, there are a few who use ABS Weak or Off, but Default is the fastest way in every car except for the Go Kart, you want ABS Off for the Karts.

As for the other assists, the fastest way in GT Sport will be with everything off except ABS, but that’s only if you’re looking to get the fastest of fast lap times. You can be plenty fast by using some of the assists, and some people will have a lot more fun with them on, rather than fighting with the car all the time with everything off. So basically, use whatever let’s you have the most fun. :)


I dont think people replied to this because most people havent driven this car in a long time as it came out on DLC ages ago and PD never seemed to really follow up on their addtions. There was the league series but that hasnt been touch for like.... I like to say literally "years".

There was a bit of colourful discussion when it was released and people compared it to F1 2018 etc.

I have good memories of this car. For me it was driveable on just ABS. No TC, the car you could win races on a tune and final drive setting and ABS. That's it. NOw it wasnt easy. I do rememeber the heart problems Suzuka gave me because at the time I think Hamilton set a time of 1'27" on it and if you got close to that then you're doing well.

The car is nowhere near the pain of the F1500.

For me I put the W08 and the x2014 in one group with the x2019 trailing behind a little as its much more docile.

There's a bit jump to the SF19 (I really dont like these).

And then a GULF to the F1500.


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Thank you!

I feel like I can face the pain of Catalunya again tonight with this car to complete the AMG F1 championship! Wish me luck!