F1 Shanghai tips in the light rain?

Discussion in 'F1 Championship Edition' started by mini1275, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. mini1275


    Hi, as the title suggests really. Can't get on with this track and i think i'm losing time on the first corner, any tips?. I'm using a G25.
  2. DonkeyFuzz


    United Kingdom
    My only theory would be to analyse the AI sector times in qualifying and see where your losing out and perhaps tweak the car so provides help for the slower parts for you and keep practicing.
  3. 0zzy


    There must be a flaw in the game somewhere because AI go to damned fast in light rain, I can beat them in heavy rain, but it seems in light rain they hardly slow down!

    For china;

    Medium downforce, around 55% front, 61% rear.

    First corner: throw the car in, let it run wide, when you spot the turn in/apex, break and pull it through. Let the car go wide, and keep it flat through 2.

    Turns 4 and 5 are quite hard, get wide/left for 4, and keep it flat through 5. 6 & 7 you need a slingshot exit out of 7, so break before 6, and keep a constant turning angle whilst keeping flat through 6 and 7.

    The final turn is also quite hard, get as far right and throw the car in when you spot the apex, and take as much kerb on the inside as possible and let the car use the kerbs on the outside. Do not touch the grass or you will spin, and dont run wide, if you run wide theres a bump that almost always sends your car spinning.

    In Light rain, imagine its dry and attack the corners how you would for a dry track. Also, if your doing a long race stint, use full wets, they dont wear out as fast and are only a tenth or 2 slower per lap.

    good luck!