FIA Events '18 - World Finals Monaco Finished! Congrats to Team Lexus and Igor Fraga for Brazil!

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    8 reps (counting Zocky) qualifying is good going. Well done guys.
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    This time i made an effort, after all it is our Cookie Speed Monster

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    DUDE,i knew i wasn't going crazy,when Murray's voice gets high pitched he sounds exactly like Jimmy,that's probably the biggest compliment a Sports commentator could receive lol



    I think it's time to tell my experience about the world finals.
    It has been such an amazing experience and journey for me. Meeting so many great guys again as well as new guys i really wanted to meet with them before, then the slightseeing tour event in Monaco, the environment, the racing... I still can't believe it yet haha xD

    As for the races itself. Unfortunatly Polyphony Digital decided to take over the only qualifying we had as for the grid order for the first final race. Because of that i started at 10th unfortunatly but nevertheless my pace should have looked strong as i and Igor were doing equally fast laps. And by seeing that i thought that i can try to make up many positions as i need to survive the gr.3 race at interlagos tho with "NON-BLESSED" Audi R8 Gr3. But instead my pace was suddenly 2 sec slower for some reason which i didn't understand as i didn't change the way of driving this car. I couldn't even brake on the same heavy braking point like i used to before during the practise sessions. But still i tried to give it my best and trying to keep it clean which was ok. Maybe i should have done an undercut there but who knows if i could really have jumped them on the pits. Nevertheless i was still able to make 3 positions in total in that race so i started 7th for the interlagos one.

    Audi R8... Or in general MR cars (the 911 is fine...)... Why are they so dreadfull... I wasn't "allowed" to drive this car with the way i wanted to because of the tyre wear so i was kinda like 1,5-2 sec slower than the other guys using non MR cars (not the 911 xD) there which was awful. Me, Wong and kokubun had to go for the "safe" strategy there by using the mediums and hards instead of the softs and mediums. Fortunatly a lot of guys battled against each other in front of me so i was able to take advantage of that and somehow finishing 8th with that car. After finishing the interlagos race i was thinking that i hadn't had a chance of getting a Podium in the end because of the first 2 race results i had with those cars as well as with the grid position.

    But now entering into the 3rd race. My car was good at the straight line as well as on 1 lap pace tho but it really struggled with the tyre wear. Because of that i started with the mediums and tried to drive safely. But seeing the guys in front of battling against each other as well as doing mistakes i took advantage of that again and finished that race on 3rd place.

    After that race i didn't have the current rankings back then in my mind so i was still trying to give it my best but as well as having fun as i thought that i wouldn't have a chance for the race victory as well as getting a Podium too. I also struggled at le mans for some reason but i still wanted to try and give it my best with the "improved" ill conditions i was in.
    My strategy for this one was using softs, mediums and then hards as i started pretty much at the front row of the grid and trying to pull away with the guys in front of me. Entering the straight line i underestimated how powerful the slipstream really was. Maybe i should have used the mediums tyres there but who knows. After i overtook yamanaka san and nik, yamanaka san had a penalty somewhere so at this moment it was only me battling against nik for the victory by not knowing what Igor was doing for a strategy. I was really enjoying the battle against Nik as it reminded me of the glorious FGT Championship League on GT6 where i was having so much battle against Nik there :D. At the end of the race Igor managed to close the gap to us with the soft tyres so at this moment i was thinking that this is already over for me for getting a victory at least. After he overtook nik he overtook me on the last straight line too and he went for the victory.

    After we finished the race they told me that i finished 2nd overall which was really unexpected to me as i thought i wouldn't even have a chance for the race victory! So i was really happy about that till René the german commentator told to me that i could have become the champion in the end if i finished 1st and Igor 3rd. After hearing that i was really sad. Like for real as i really wanted to get the beautiful trophy at least for 1 time (unfortunatly we messed up our manufacturers cup race too). So yeah, i was kinda happy but more sad.

    I want to congratulate Igor for the very well deserved win and being the champion in the end as well as my friend Nik for getting a Podium there. You truly deserved it as well as Igor my friend!!!

    I still think that i and Igor are pretty much equal, like really equal that even i cannot tell who's going to win a race. But after having the Red Bull race at le mans i need to improve my pace there somehow.

    My goal is to become the champion on the next season as i want to take my revenge on Igor :D of course the others will be practising more too so i need to consider them too.

    Nevertheless it was a fun season as i was able to travel into so many great countrys just because of Gran Turismo Sport and i want to thank Polyphony Digital for giving me and the other competitors the awesome opportunity!

    See you on the next season guys ^^
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    Congrats Alien! :cheers:
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    The future of the FIA GT championship looks great! And you are now a star, I've seen that Shawn Layden and Shuhei Yoshida congratulated you.

    "My goal is to become the champion on the next season as i want to take my revenge on Igor :D of course the others will be practising more too so i need to consider them too."

    Rocky 2.
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    First off, quite disappointed I didn't get a chance to meet you again in Finals. I now owe you two boxes of cookies, a bushel of apples or whatever other item you want to eat next season. :sly: :lol:

    It is disappointing that you and Igor never really got to battle on equal terms. I was so looking forward to it and we were denied that. Actually, I would rather not use that X2014 to decide anything ever again. I find that even aliens are not as adept with that car along with Gr1.

    As for the car feeling differently in the race compared to practice, welcome to my world. It could be dirty air effects but I can't shake the feeling there's someone putting vaseline on my tires or something.

    There are areas to improve, certainly, but that will come with experience. You've got a bright future ahead of you, my friend. :tup:

    PS: "....kinda happy but more sad"

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    For those who haven’t seen it. Eurogamer has a great article about the weekend’s events.
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    Put everyone in Fiat 500s,only the best will survive.


    High quality racing.
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    This is Gran Turismo. The obvious answer is:

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    Congrats everyone. What a great event! Glad to see the title at least go to the America's region.

    I was rooting for my compatriot @LLOYDZELITE69 but unfortunately he was taken out by Kokubun in race 1 of the Final and because of the way they did starting positions for the next races that's a tough uphill climb against the best.

    The thing I don't understand is the replays. I think it was the manufacturers race they were able to show replays of stuff that we did not see live, like if there was a incident "off camera" they would show us the replay later. But the other races they only showed replays of stuff we already saw live, and if there was an incident off camera we'd never see it.

    EDIT: Oh, and Suswillo lost because of his awful dab.
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    Words can not describe the feelings I had rooting for you throughout this whole tournament friend. You showed to the world just how talented you are but more importantly, how professional and poised you conducted yourself out there even though you continually got dealt bad cards but yet took it in stride and handled it with class.

    Only 1 person can win, and trust us when we tell you that your friends know, that if some things were kept on an even level, you could have easily been on the middle podium friend. We know this.

    You will be even faster and stronger next year and am looking forward to cheer you on again bud.

    @Nik_Makozi was an ace on a mission mate. I think all in all, there were 5 drivers from our FGT League that were in the final 16 in this tournament :eek::eek:.. You can't imagine how I felt watching you guys.. Truly, a surreal experience mate wow.
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    What an absolutely amazing week!
    Monaco is probably the best location in the world they could have picked to host the World Finals.

    This was my 2nd live event after going to the first world tour in Germany. Everything was a massive step up in Monaco. The whole event was ridiculously good. It was great to see everyone, some of them I met in Germany and some I was meeting for the first time (including the GT planet staff).

    I might be a bit biased since I was there but it felt like every race was super exciting with lots of good battles most of which were very clean (with a few exceptions which have already been mentioned).

    I still can't believe we (Team Aston Martin) finished on the podium. We were massive underdogs going into the race, no one really expected us to do well which I think made the result even more satisfying. Anyone who's been following the series since the final official season will know how close we got to not even qualifying for the world finals (Thanks for the help @mclarenLB).
    I think the adrenaline high from finishing 3rd lasted at least 24 hours. I couldn't even eat after the race since I think I would have been sick. I think I now know what sportsmen mean when they say winning is the best feeling in the world, and we only came 3rd. I've never experienced anything like it before.
    It was a very different feeling to the 2nd place in Germany after getting so close to winning. I'm very proud to now have 2 trophies but the 3rd place from this weekend means way more to me.


    There are definitely a few things they need to change/work on for future events but overall its been a brilliant experience and I hope I can qualify for another one at some point. I hope all the other competitors and viewers enjoyed the event as much as I did.

    P.S. I just wanted to explain the incident with @TRL LIGHTNING about 1/3 of the way through lap 3. Link to the incident (2:45 if the time stamp doesn't work):

    We were side by side going into the corner when he hit the bump on the outside which lifted the front tyres off the ground causing him to clip the grass on the outside and leading to him spinning, at no point did we make contact.

    I went off as well because I was looking in the radar and saw him spinning and was worried about being taken out. By the time I looked back at the track I had already missed my braking point, which as it turns out was probably lucky because I think if I braked at the correct point he would have smash in to me.
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    I was a little disappointed from the manufacturers tbh. Sure not from the race itself, but from the format. Only 1 race felt like a little to short. And for the players itself it must have felt really weird, traveling half around the world to race a 20min stint. Like a jump from 10 meters into the water, quite thrilling, but after climbing out of the pool, "what, its over already?"
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    On the whole "not showing incidents that happened at the back" thing, I can only remember one time they did a properly good replay of an incident with a good onboard view and that was the infamous punt in the manufacturer race, so they have the resources to do a good incident replay. Again I'll make mention that we are comparing to TV coverage of motorsport IRL, where they show just about every incident from the best possible angle available. Those races, depending on the series, usually might go between 1 and 2 hours, obviously more for endurance races and they can show replays of almost every single incident and even most of the good battles/overtakes. Given we have relatively short races, they can't show every incident, but hopefully PD get feedback on this to at least try to show more replays of incidents and even overtakes mid/back pack.

    Can't remember who said it (maybe @LLOYDZELITE69 this thread is quite long and rightfully so) but it does sting when the commentators say something like "must be having a poor performance". Happened to me at the beginning of the Aussie block race when I dropped a couple of seconds back in last. Assuming that what we saw on the stream was all they could see while commentating, @Jimmy B and Chris did an amazing job, which I forgot to mention in my previous post, and who knows what kind of stuff they had to put up with coming in on their headsets.
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    I couldn't watch the live stream of the final, so have just finished, and caught up on this thread. ;)

    I watched the first three races, and then had to come back to watch the final race. When I tried to find the stream again on the TV I went to the Gran Turismo channel which had large thumbnails of Igor Fraga. :confused: I tried not to read it the title, but he was in the lower half of the field, how could he win it! When the race started, and I saw he was on hard tyres, I was thinking did I mistake why he was in the thumbnail. :confused: Then the race started, OMG :eek:, to cut through the field like that on hard tyres was unbelievable. Even so far in the race though Yamanaka looked like he had it, and I saw a thumbnail of him as well. Maybe Fraga didn't win it. But then what an ending. :eek: :bowdown: Igor Fraga, a very deserving champion for that race alone, nevermind the rest of the weekend. People were asking for a one make race, and he just showed the class.

    I've seen very few real life racing that have been as exciting as some of the GT Regional's and World Finals.

    General stuff from the weekend.

    1. The lack of an audience there was disappointing for a final compared to some of the regional's. If it is too expensive, or there isn't a venue in Monaco for an audience, then don't go to Monaco. They couldn't have it in the UK of course because Louis may be in danger of paying some Tax here. ;) :lol:

    2. I thought the stewarding over this weekend was not as good as previous rounds. And the drivers coming on here and saying as much too sort of backs that up. When it comes to stewardng there has to be consistency for people to have confidence in it.

    3. I thought the race coverage was better in the regional's, and by that I mean the in race editing/coverage, and replays of incidents.

    4. For me the Gr.1 cars don't give good racing with such disparity with the cars.

    5. A Tokyo expressway, even a new track, shouldn't be in a final when the spectacle is people passing each other.

    6. The races should be longer. The Nurgurgring was great over the hour. And what an exciting finish!

    That all sounds like I feel quite negative about it, but the contrary is true. :) I wouldn't watch about 10 hours of coverage over the weekend if it was rubbish.

    There needs to be improvements, and hopefully the competitors in the finals will be asked for their feedback, and be listened to. ;)
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    I saved up the races to watch in a large block on Sunday. Below is my write up of impressions and great moments in the races as I write at varying levels of non linear inebriation.

    Before I start, congrats to every driver who made it this far, and thank you to everyone involved who attended, reported, presented, and made it what it was. I will miss these races, and need more.

    Day 1 - Nations

    10.39 - That reaction was brilliant, can someone GIF it?

    Shake hands with Lewis - sweet!

    Good work building hype before races. Plenty of clips to use now after all the action. Julia as always is a great choice of host. They still need to find the right co host to really get a great rapport, as friendly banter seems to catch them off guard.

    This series of world events with exhibition races has got me right back into spectating motorsport, which I had almost stopped doing aside from one off things ().

    Semi Final A - Lake Maggiore

    Fraga just left everyone else behind, and on the first lap by Turn 5 had already broken the slipstream tow and into clear air. The other drivers in the top 6 were mostly too busy fighting to make the most of the soft.

    27:53- A massive bunch of TMNT are waiting for Igor in the pits, is this a devious plan to scupper his chances?

    After his pit stop Fraga was straight past Brooks, off camera. They need to work on live editing because there is so much going on. Not totally the fault of the directors.

    29:23 - 3 into 1 does not go. Surprised that didn't end with all 3 off, Yamanaka very agressive just grabbing 2 places into vital 6th place.

    39:12 - There was an unseen battle on stream between Brooks and Blazsan which the commentators could see, then a couple of minutes later between Blazsan and Suswilo. *Camera cuts to Fraga 8 seconds ahead*. Nnngh. Thank you so much @Jimmy B for expressing what we are all feeling!

    Happy @LLOYDZELITE69 got through. Congrats to Fraga. Phenomenal performance so far in the Regional and here. As football people say (always after the fact) "never in doubt". Can't wait to see Fraga, Hizal and Kokubun all in the same race.

    Semi Final B - Dragon Trail Seaside II

    And in the life imitating GT AI stakes Yoshida decided to be the rabbit out in front on softs.
    Kokubun and Rubilar ever a threat, and both swapping places frequently.

    The first pit stop shook everything up, with Rubilar taking a chance and staying out a lap longer than anyone else, but losing a second and a half of his lead to come out of the pits to see 4 cars passing him into T1.

    Lap 6 - Kokubun's exit out of the chicane of death and overtaking Carazza into the chicane was absolutely beautiful to watch. Amazing how well the Aston handles on softs...with a regional champ at the wheel.

    Then the next lap having Hizal vs Kokubun.

    Just when you thought the chance had past, they go and save the Soft's till last. And it's all back on now.

    The one thing I could not believe, and took me by total surprise was @Tidgney Martin Grady being knocked out at this stage. Totally gutted for you mate. They didn't show any of that part of the race, so impossible to know what happened. I guess you will talk about it on your channel, and on here, really want to know your perspective especially since they mentioned an incident under investigation that never amounted to anything.

    Red Bull Ring again and Group 4 is to me an odd choice, but I guess not as odd as Group B. Just that the drivetrains will factor a fair bit due to the lack of power at this level, but the F150 house racing went down a treat so I'm open minded. PD will have done a lot of testing of these race scenarios before deploying them live (you hope).

    Suswilo's second chance, Rubilar also deserves a place after the DT performance, also odd to see so many big names in this race, and only 4 places up for grabs.

    Feel sorry for the guys who were in a Repechage just a month or so ago. But I like the idea of having a second chance race.

    Lap 2 - Brooks taking a line very familiar to daily racers on RBR.

    Lap 4 - Nice reclaim of 4th from Suswilo after taking a penalty and losing 3rd.

    By the end though, wow if I was Salazar I would be pretty fed up to put it lightly. I felt Suswilos driving was treading the thin line between defending and blocking and forgive me if I am wrong, but when he turned into Salazar (perhaps oversteer and correction?) it looked very bad.

    But LMAO at Holland spinning over the line. :D Chutzpa!

    Honourable mention - McCabe (@Doodle) - Must be disapointing going home after racing so hard.

    Day 2 - Manufacturers

    Thanks to the video in my stream called "Lexus do it - How the Manufacturers title was won" (Amended the next morning)
    I already knew the outcome before I began. Cheers PD. They made it very difficult to avoid for anyone not watching the live stream as it's on the channel itself and your feed. Still, there is a race to be enjoyed. It is not about the end but the journey. And how did the rest do?

    Poor Ferrari in last.
    Nissan only in 7th.
    My favourites are not doing well.

    Qualifying was quite sedate as they had space. No chance for slower drivers to hold up a flying lap so for fairness great, but not that interesting to watchuntil the end when the lap times came in, but even so they are all already on the front three rows so it felt like there was little at stake.

    Endurance Race - Nobuggering (Because for non aliens theres no buggering place to overtake for most of the lap)

    Lap 1

    I think the BMW strat was to go Medium tyres and try and hold off the attack until the Nord proper but Lexus managed to get through just a few corners before that, Lexus driver also knowing it was the best and last chance for a while.

    43:48 - OMG! I have never seen such a fall from grace aside from my own replays, from 1st to last! Didn't look like contact made but loss of traction.
    From the replay a minute later it is obviously contact and a penalty. 5 seconds is a joke. Nissan got more than that automatically for probably nothing along with Chevrolet and Citroen. I would expect something harsh like a 15 second penalty but BMW are out regardless. Banished to the shadow realm by Subaru. Bad karma.

    48:44 - Blimey, that makes for one hell of a still!

    Lap 2

    End of lap 2 the Toyota/Lexus battle - Isn't it basically Toyota Vs Toyota really?

    Lap 3

    1:01:25 - Nissan go off, even with Hizal behind the wheel Nissan just seem to be suddenly cursed this race. It's not even spinning off right, looks really artificial.

    Lap 4

    1:06:55 - BMW pushing the track limits and hot on Nissans tail. Those right tyres are actually on the gravel at that timecode. Have to say BMW are not going down without a fight though, total respect - I always stick with races even if I am at the back, and you never know you can sometimes pull back a surprising amount of places. Never surrender! Do not go gentle into that good night. Because it's cold out there and GT is on the telly. Rage, rage against the cameraman's poor choices.

    1:11:00 BMW eventually make it stick and then get past Aston, but they have that penalty which is only 0.8s but will bork them for the straight, which will surely undo all that good work. They need to make the soft tyres work to create enough of a gap. Damn this is a good race!

    1:13:10 - Whoa, hold on, I love seeing more Julia Hardy but the actual race is a TERRIBLE time for an interview, there is so much going on so the commentary is essential.

    Lap 5
    1:20:25 - BMW comeback in progress, great save then an amazing move past dodge and VW and a battle down the straight. What an amazing drive from Nico Rubilar in the BMW.

    Lap 6
    1:25:50 - Go Nissan!
    1:28:34 - Go Nissan!
    1:30:37 - Go Nissan!

    Lap 7
    1:31:21 - No Nissan!
    Bloody hell, this battle between Toyota and Nissan is brilliant, Yamanaka vs Fraga is remarkably close here, only Yamanaka is has a tyre disadvantage.

    And most of the time the ToySan battle raged on they are both catching the Porsche, and by this point there is a very real chance of Nissan overtaking Porsche by the end of the lap, Perhaps Toyota too, and maybe Toyota overtaking Nissan. Aston are right behind Toyota, only .2 of a second. Mitsubishi follow with even less of a gap. If anything goes wrong, they could easily be podium finishers. To be this close on the final lap is great racing.

    1:38:09 - The battle through this last section was amazing, and right here 3rd place is anyones guess.

    Finish. Wow, Nissan lost it in the end, but Yamanaka deserved that second place with an absolutely lethal drive.

    Nice that Aston got 3rd.

    Nissan ran out of fuel. We've all done that. But timing. Painful.

    Damn good race though. Well done to team Lexus!

    Day 3 - Nations Final

    Julia Hardy arriving in a green Gran Turismo livery Porsche. Spectacular, worked perfectly, must have been difficult to pull off.

    28:06 - I swear he has a Freudian slip and says "Hard-on" here. He is standing next to Julia after all.

    FIA "Fouling Is Alright" Certified races to commence.

    Race 1 - New Narrow Nightmare Wall Track
    Wow, Brazil dominating early on, and the F50 looking gorgeous. Can't wait to drive it.
    By lap 2 Mangano up to 10th, incredible surge there, much respect, and regional champ Kokubun in last!

    Fraga reaches 5 laps and chooses to stay out on softs with a 7 second lead.

    So, lap 6/7 and the top 6 all on soft and not pitted yet. Wow, it really shows how unbalanced tyre system is if you can basically do a whole race on softs (they were not struggling after 6 laps here, but pit mandatory). Of course highways are designed for ease of use so a lot of this lap required long sweeping corners and straights.

    Also rather than trying to keep things close they give the winners more of an advantage. So, the lower placed drivers are disadvantaged.

    53:28 - Oh wow, Frago got to quiz Hamilton - "Never give up" - YES! I agree.

    The new circuit looks good, more interesting than I anticipated though it must have been a pretty cheap track for PD to make as they already have the assets from the previous Tokyo tracks, so I hope this is a sign there will also be alternative layouts for Barcelona and maybe even Suzuka. Having an update that introduces a few variations would actually be quite nice.

    Race 2 - Interlagos (Go Latrines!)
    IOF out in front at his home circuit. See you at the end of the race.
    Carazza having a terrible race.

    Lap 6 - After the first stop the Yamanaka vs Fraga battle was tense. Igor making up so much time on the guys who hadn't pitted, but still letting Yamanaka who had catch up in the meantime.

    Lap 8 - 150BPM for Fraga, who appeared unflappable, yet here he is in danger of being flapped.

    Lap 9 - Wow, was not expecting THREE cars to get past Fraga. After going off Fragas tyres would have been dirty, it was obviously no longer planted. Just when it was looking like a foregone conclusion the table levels out.
    Great efforts from Yamanaka, Lopez and Latkovski.

    Race 3 - Monza no Chicane
    Group 1 - woohoo, love seeing aliens in the fastest GT class. The right version of Monza to give the Group C's a chance to shine with their top speed.

    Lap 1 - It all kicks off at the first corner, Lopez hot on Yamanakas tail but looked like the angle was pretty tight. Then at Lesmo Fraga and Suswilo off to varying degrees.

    Lap 2 - Hizal in that beautiful Nissan passing Yoshida like he was standing still.
    Lap 4 - On board with Fraga "wow, these aliens brake way later than I even..." and then he cuts the chicane. Ah. I did think that was a bit last of the late brakers.

    Lap 5 - Everyone is falling apart! Blasjan making a rare mistake in the Audi Vision GT.

    Lap 8 - Carazza trying to muscle through in the prototype Chiron. Well done Wong for holding off the challenge.

    Lap 9 - Wow, Mangano up into 5th and past Wong! That Hyundai having some straight line speed I wasn't expecting. Been a while since I drove one, need to change that. Wong reclaimed the place quickly and then put distance, hybrid power to the rescue!

    Congrats Yamanaka, and brilliant drives from Latkovski, Hizal, Wong, Mangano among others. One of the more action packed races in the final as we go into the final race with everything to play for as Fraga finished 10th.

    Race 4 - FINAL (Countdown, do do doo do)
    At LeMans, in the Red Bull x2014 which promises close racing.

    Lap 1 - Hizals move on the second chicane on the straight was incredible.

    Lap 2 - Fraga making a comeback. Yamanaka penalty ruining his lap, would not be 3 seconds behind Hizal otherwise.

    Lap 3 - Some great racing up front, Fraga now back in contention and doing it on Hards.

    Lap 4 - Latkovski stays out? Risky!

    Lap 5 - And it cost him 2.5 seconds.
    Hizal now in the lead. Fraga working with Carrazza bump drafting them both to Yamanakas back door.

    Lap 6 - Top drivers pit.

    Lap 7 - Cool award goes to Hizal @TRL LIGHTNING, waves at the camera like he's driving to the shops!

    Lap 8 - Fantastic move from Fraga on Latkovski to put him in a championship winning positon! Will he take Hizal too?

    Lap 9 - Yes he does, congrats @Igor Fraga, well deserved win after a spectacular drive. What a joy to watch these races.

    Final Thoughts
    The softs last too long.

    The racing was a dirty in a few places but on the whole very clean, in particular the final race which was a great ending.

    Latkovski did well didn't he? Great work.

    The presentation and show was brilliant, well edited with only one or two odd choices (interview during a race).

    Anyone would have thought Yamanaka was the Asia/Oceania champion, not Kokubun.

    It is nice that there are 3 regions represented on the podium.

    I really want more races, more competitions and World Tour events. In the last few months we have had this world final, 3 regionals, Salzburg, the Nissan Spain and Toyota Japan sponsored races. I hope they have much more planned for next year. The English stream of the final currently has over 45k views!

    If you have made it this far, thank you for reading!
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    As a Portuguese, i was cheering for Igor and I think his title is fair as he was, by far, the most complete player maybe thanks to the fact that he races F3 in real life but..... Hizal started this finals in a huge handicap starting in 10th in the first race. The German would keep Fraga on his toes until the last second.
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    I rewatched the final race and i think if Hizal started on Mediums and saved the Softs for last we would have a battle between him and Fraga but there was no way he could predict slipstream being so good in this track for him to use Mediums first.Although Fraga against all odds started on Hards and was outpacing everyone else...but it's Fraga so physics doesn't apply to him.
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  21. Deafsun


    I saw many posts from competitors of the world finals who wanted to shed light on their own experience of the event, so I figured I might as well post my own. The messages from fellow members of Turismo-Racing and just online friends in general has been overwhelming and heartwarming. I definitely felt like an unknown newcomer entering the world finals this week, especially among some of the big names that have been known and respected in Gran Turismo over the years. I knew from the online championships that I had potential to contend for the podium, or at least a top 8 finish, and try to solidify myself among the fastest drivers of this game. Unfortunately for me, in my usual fashion, I managed to choke at just about every opportunity I was given, and failed to show the potential that I had built up in the online portion of the championship.

    After clocking a 3:17.8 on one of the first few laps in the x2014 practice session, i knew i'd have the chance at a strong qualifying position considering i hadn't pushed the car to its limits and was simply "testing the waters". I knew that through later turn in and trail braking that I could achieve a time that was at least a second faster, as high downforce cars are one of my strengths. Come the actual 20 min qualifying session, I somehow managed to acquire a penalty on ALL 4 of my attempts at a flying lap, meaning I had to settle for a 3:18.0, which was even slower than my test "banker" lap in the practice session.

    Come the semi-final race, I was possibly in the best position of anyone in the race at the end of lap 3. I chose hard tires due to my under-performance in the aforementioned qualifying. Leading the pack of hard tire runners, I was only 2.4 seconds behind Yamanaka on softs and the rest of the pack of soft tire runners, with Blazsan about 1.5 seconds behind me, also on hards. It all looked very promising. Blazsan would enter the pits on lap 3 to ditch the hard tires for mediums. In what might be the singe worst 'strategic' move in the whole tournament, I decided to stay on those hard tires for 5 laps. I made a simple math error, forgetting the race was 10 laps, and ended up running a ridiculous 5 Hard- 2 Medium- 3 Soft strategy which made absolutely no sense whatsoever. When i exited the pits on lap 6, Blazsan was now more than 5 seconds in front of me. Despite the fail, I didn't give up until the end, finishing just 5 seconds behind second place, and just 1 second behind Blazsan in 6th, who deservedly claimed the last spot in the finals. Despite my effort, the outlandish tire strategy had sealed my fate in this race. This simple mistake which cost me my spot in the final 16 was the toughest pill to swallow of them all.

    Given that I had started 4th place in the repechage race, I have absolutely no excuses for my incredibly sloppy performance at Redbullring. Not only did I lose my spot among the top 4 when I misjudged the braking boards into the second last corner on lap 1, but I also regrettably ruined the race of fellow competitor @GumballCGT , in what was a very risky move up the inside of the tight last corner a few laps later where I simply braked too late and did not leave him enough room on the outside.

    Despite the fact that I did not reach the target that I wanted, I gained much confidence in confirming to myself that I had the pace to be competitive in the top 16. I also got to watch the action of the top 16 unfold, where I was able to support my fellow countryman @LLOYDZELITE69, who had successfully made it through to the final 16. But unfortunately as you may have read from his own post, he did not have the best of luck once he had reached this stage. On the other hand, I was very happy to see @Didico15 finish very strongly in 5th place overall, given that we always managed such great battles and clean racing in the online portion of the championship!

    On the Manufacturers side of things, @mthomas_95 and I confirmed that the 458 was at least 5 seconds per lap slower than the lead cars, or at least according to our own testing on the practice rigs at the venue. The stability just wasn't there for a track like this. As a result, I am extremely proud of our Ferrari team (Mthomas, Yukiku, and myself) for climbing 3 positions from our qualifier thanks to an effective fuel strategy and great overall pace and consistency, or at least as great as the pace of the 458 gr3 at the Nurburgring was ever going to be xD.

    The trip itself was an experience of a lifetime, and I am so grateful to have shared it with dozens of other passionate Gran Turismo drivers. I hadn't really had the opportunity to travel outside of Canada before this, so purchasing GT sport a year ago was arguably the best decision I have ever made considering it has led me here and has opened doors to so many new opportunities that I never even knew existed. I have never felt more at home among a group of people besides my actual family, and while I may appear unenthusiastic on the face of things (That is just my mannerism, lol), I could not be more happy to have been apart of something so special. You guys all help to complete me, and I hope we will meet again in a future event!
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  22. FUNanywhere


    Where was gtp_aderrn?? He was way ahead before the finals. Anyone point out where he went out or any link?
  23. Famine

    Famine Administrator

    United Kingdom
    He was 16th of 16 going into the final day - he finished 7th in his race, with Blaszan passing him into the final complex on the last lap, and then finished 4th in the repechage.

    And then he dabbed in his walk-on and the universe rightfully decided to punish him for it :lol:
  24. Loverson


  25. Stephan

    Stephan Premium

    You really made me inspired. :)

    I'm so glad I got to watch your driving during the season from start to finish.
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  26. RX-7_FD3S


    I had fun watching the top guys battling it out. Not really happy with the Stewarts standard and felt like we missed a lot of action because race are a bit too short so they dont have time to show replay.
    The system was really unfair, too much difference between cars in the class choosen. Nevertheless I had a blast watching everyone fight for the title.

    Congrats to anyone who participate, looks likes you guys had fun.
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  27. kilesa4568


    A dream come true to see the top drivers go head to head in the Nations, only to see half of them hampered by an ill thought out race agenda.

    Can we have a serious Nations championship next time around please? Maybe with race stewards who give due punishments for poor race craft to set a strong precedent early on and a qualifying session for each of the different car/track combos? Make it more realistic.

    Yes, the races were entertaining, in an elbows out BTCC or V8 Supercars sort of way. Just with less warnings and punishments. Not what I expected or wanted to see but it is what it is.

    Too many names I want to see do well at these events so I'll tune into the next one. I just hope they all get a fair crack of the whip at it otherwise I'll never be able to take it seriously.
  28. Adam41


    Some of you know this already but it was a bet from work. All a bit of fun!

    Anyway, here's my reward :D

  29. Famine

    Famine Administrator

    United Kingdom
    I'll offer you £15 to floss next year.
  30. AlanH49



    Any update on this?
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