First bike!

My gf rear ended my truck tonight. Her truck is totalled, mine needs a bumper, tag light and new exhaust tips...

Which means I'll be getting the money for all new stuff on the truck. Why does that pertain to this thread? Because I can't decide whether to get new stuff for the truck, or take the money and put it towards my next bike... And get the "new" bumper from a junk yard...

Help me decide!
Not at all! In the last 3 weeks (crunch time for tuition) I've had a rear tire blowout, my rear brakes on the truck become less than functional, been rear ended, and my front is bald on ole Suzi...

On the plus side, I'll make tuition :lol:
Hard times are gone! In the last little bit I (still haven't fixed the truck... it just stopped leaking fluid :lol:) have fixed the bad o-ring under the gas tank, got the carbs synched, cleaned the carbs, about to search for my vacuum leak, fixed my left cylinder running too rich, and ordered a new fork brace and fender! Oh and I have new tires all around on it too :drool:

All that's left is a valve adjustment and it's 100% finally
Congrats man! Feels good when you get large amounts of tasks like that accomplished. I really hope I get my next 3 wheeler soon, but man that baby needs a LOT of work lol
And it's time to chop the back and make a new seat....

Bike bike looks great next to the truck.

Also, off topic but is there a dent in your passenger mirror? Kind of looks like it.
Yeah... Bought the truck with it there, don't know where it came from lol.

Bike is back to annoyance. Still having issues with the left cylinder. And to believe I was all good until the mechanic told me something was up. Now I just have to find it and it's bogging down under any real throttle
I've been busy trying to sort this damn bike out. Choke is all proper, float height is right now, but it's still bogging like hell. I'm starting to get stumped
^^^My first thought exactly. If that still doesn't work I'd rebuild them. If it's bogging down the pilot jet might not be set right. Wind it up without any load. Does it stutter at WOD? If not then your main is set right. If it bogs down you've probably got the pilot set wrong or your air/fuel mixture is off.
Carbs were off today to set the float heights. Just in the past 4 days it's gone from starting up and kinda bogging when I rev it for 3 seconds then fine - to now not being able to make power. Carbs look clean, but I cleaned 'em out a bit too. Bike regained some power with some.

I just rebuilt the carbs last August, both of them. Had them professionally cleaned and tuned at that point too. All I've done since then was have them balanced a week ago. Bike ran phenomenal for 3 days, then the beginnings of all this started. I'm about to go take it on a 20 mile ride and read the plugs again. My last 2 miles tell me it's not pig rich, but I'm still unsure.

I've had a clogged pilot before... and this is completely different. Feels backwards to the pilot. Almost like a main is clogged. I'm about to go drop the float bowls and clean out the mains. Maybe I'll see a difference :)
Yeah I'd mess with the float bowls and see if it makes a difference. You sure the float heights are right? Maybe you got a bad batch of gas. The floats getting stuck? I had that problem once before.
I'm really starting to wonder about bad gas. Because it was fine until this tank. I'm really tempted to drain it and re-fill. Seems weird a problem so serious would just happen right away.

And floats are set right for sure. Checked and re-checked. Left cylinder was out of spec before but fixed now. Right side is all good

I think I'll head for the gas station right now. The farther away one so I burn more of this possibly crap gas
Yeah I'd think about that. Did you fill it up after the first incident? Because if it was fine then went bad after your next fill up that might be what caused it to gum up.
I filled it up about 80 miles before I started having issues. Which would put it firmly in the gas I put in last time. So I'll go throw some Chevron gas in it and ride around a bit, see if it gets better
Yeah I would ride it around a bit and see it if clears up.
Filled up, put 40 miles on it. It's getting better. Like it'll actually pull in first gear then it starts sputtering around 30mph (1st ends at 40). But it's still making the normal low growl or combustion not working how it should
If it's stuttering in the high RPMs the main jet is wrong
It's always pulled great before, I don't see why the main jet would be wrong now. Dirty maybe somehow, but not wrong lol. I'm gonna pull the plugs and regap again. I think it's a spark issue. The bike was noticeably better after I wire brushed off the old plug... So I need a multimeter to check the wires going to the coils and see if they're fit in where they should
I'm headed out there today to start chasing wires. Un-doing and re-connecting all the grounds, scraping paint so they contact better, etc. I'm tired of not being able to ride. I love my truck to death and all, but my wallet wants me to park it lol
Found what could have been my issue. Torn carb diaphragm on the left carb. I've siliconed it :lol:

Yes, I have ordered a new one, but I wanted to ride lol it's drying right now
I'm headed out there today to start chasing wires. Un-doing and re-connecting all the grounds, scraping paint so they contact better, etc. I'm tired of not being able to ride. I love my truck to death and all, but my wallet wants me to park it lol

That's one of the things stopping me from buying another truck. Granted, if I do get one, I'll probably either get one with a 300 6 again or swap in a 300 6 and build up a V8 for gas mileage until I can afford something better.
Feel free to laugh at my temporary fix.

Found the hole in the diaphragm, so I took some 1 minute instant gasket black RTV to seal it up while the new one is in transport. Bike runs amazing now. It idles, and there's no idle surging, or hanging revs!
Well got the valves checked, intakes are in spec, exhausts are too tight. Just ordered the shim bucket tool, better feeler gauges. Diaphragm and new intake boot will be ordered tomorrow if the dealership doesn't try to screw me again and not return phone calls. Hopefully they'll do a shim trade with me, but I'll ask about that on the phone tomorrow. New foot pegs will show up tomorrow.

And I got the old grips off Mikes GSXR1000 drag bike... definately have to add some power :lol: