First bike!

Nice bike,dude! I like the vintage look. Heres my bike. 02' GSX-R1000 Some mild work. Made 152whp when I had it dynoed at Marcus Dairy a while back. Perfect wheelie bike. I can ride sitdowns up to 150mph (sitdowns tend to shake the back tire when I kick it into 4th and reach 150mph), standups to atleast 160mph. I think I spend more time on one wheel than 2 when I'm on the highway.
Oh god, I hope you don't normally ride wearing jeans.
And 140mph on a public road is kinda dumb aswell, if you want to go fast you should look into doing a track day.

It'll greatly increase your skill after you actually attempt to push to bike.
I don't know where the picture of the gixxer went from 2 posts up, but I want to see it!

Update on ole Suzi Q: I put ethanol free 90 octane in her last thursday... Did not like that at all. Bike ran lean as all hell, no power anywhere, popped and sputtered, needed constant idle adjustment, just overall felt like a piece of junk. Ran down into the reserve yesterday, filled it up with premium and every issue is now gone. I also lost over 10mpg running the ethanol free fuel.

In other news, my birthday yielded me a reallll nice Drag Specialties mechanical speedometer, now I'm just waiting for my new speedo cable to show up before I can install it, and clubman bars are about to get ordered

I seriously hope that when you crash doing that stuff that you don't take any bystanders with you. Don't give me any of that "It's just me at risk when I ride" crap either. The roads are not your private playground, other people use them all the time, and at 150 mph that 400-pound bike will go right through any car or bike that happens to get in your way, even if they didn't intend to be in your way.

And when you do crash, I just hope that you keep enough skin for the grafts you're going to need, and that your insurance will pay for it. Otherwise you're gonna be in a world of hurt outside the actual hurting. Assuming, of course, that you survive.
First mods are on the bike! (well aside from the exhaust work)

Drag Specialties 2.4" speedometer with odometer, and Clubman bars. She feels like quite the crotch rocket now :dopey:


Now I need new rear sets haha the pegs need to go backwards! I find myself riding with my feet on the passenger foot pegs anytime I'm not shifting or braking :lol:
You got yourself a nice little cafe racer there now. 👍
Are you going to put a fairing on it or leave it naked?
Thanks! 👍

I'm gonna worry about that after I figure out my forks. I feel like they are slightly tweaked but I don't really know. Something just feels slightly off up front. Right now I'm just catching up all the maintenence and keeping the miles from racking up on my truck. While making sure not to get attached seeing as I want a 600 after I get more experience
Bought a new helmet today! Icon Alliance. This thing is like wearing ear plugs compared the old one I was using. Or like stepping up from a 20 year old hyundai to a brand new flagship mercedes!

I don't think anything goes with this bike yet :lol: Frame will get painted very soon, I'm growing annoyed with the purple again.. I want it to almost look decent!
I can't believe I actually did what I said I would do in such a timely fashion. Painted the frame yesterday! All that is left purple is the passenger handle, the swing arm, and the plate the handle bars mount to

Thanks :)

Oh yeah, and I took the front fender off lol. Soon this bike will get a street fighter headlight fairing and some HIDs as well. I can't take this not being able to see at night garbage.

Now for a real question... how would I go about removing the headlight brackets? It seems like I'm going to have to cut them off
Well the kicker is I don't want to put money into this thing because I know I'm going to ditch it after christmas for most likely a Bandit 600 or SV650. I'm really torn between those two bikes... Like them both, love V-twin sound, love 4 cylinder sound, love the prices on them, etc lol. They're 2 of the best bikes in the price range I've seen. Range will be under 2500
Rode my happy ass 20 miles south this morning to go pick up a new jacket. It's one of the mesh ones, with the CE foam in the important areas. Hello summer jacket! Practically new, $20
Bike has been given 2 new spark plugs, a new horn and a whole new airbox assembly in the past week. Horn and airbox/filter were free from forums!

Next up are new tires.... My front is going bald just left of center and the rear is bald in the center
Blew out the back tire last week hitting an onramp at about 45 leaned over pretty good. Saved it and never hit the ground or anything else. Got a new back tire.

Fast forward 2 days I drop the thing :( In slow mo, I didn't get the kickstand all the way down and it went down so slow with me on it.

2 days later, snapped off the clutch lever. It bent in the drop... Guess it cracked too. so I can't ride it for a couple days till my new lever comes.

And the brakes on my truck are out right now... Not good
I put the new clutch lever on and rode down there. Ended up getting stood up. Whatever. My day was made when me and a buddy ended up lighting his '91 gsxr750 on fire cause of a fuel leak :lol:

I saved the day by sprinting around the house for the hose and getting back to save everything
Guy called me yesterday... in theory I'll be seeing that Katana 650 today and if it all works out, riding it home!