FITT Heart and Seoul Challenge

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    United States
    Final Results
    Due to the clear gap between the Spirra and the Genesis, I am breaking the Time podium into separate ones for each car.

    Time - Spirra
    1st: @sinof1337 - 1.22.0678
    2nd: @787bcgr - 1.22.3546
    3rd: @Ridox2JZGTE - 1.22.698

    Time - Genesis Coupe
    1st: @Lionheart2113 - 1.23.1972
    2nd: @fordlaser777 - 1.23.3684
    3rd: @xande1959 - 1.23.6142

    Drivers' Choice
    1st: @Lionheart2113 - 91
    2nd: @sinof1337 - 80
    3rd: @Ridox2JZGTE - 79

    Thoughts and Comments
    In hindsight, I probably should have split the cars up from the beginning. I tried to account for the performance difference by giving the Genesis a PP bump, but that clearly wasn't enough. I'm glad that a lot of people chose the Genesis anyways though.

    I'm also thrilled that everyone who signed up managed to post a tune or review. Obviously, life has a nasty habit of getting in the way, but I'm happy that the first FITT event that I've hosted managed to not have any dropouts.

    Congrats to the winners, and thank you to everyone who participated. I have a few ideas for events, so since PD has been so kind as to extend the life of GT6 by delaying GTS :rolleyes:, hopefully you guys will stick around for a bit.​
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    Congrats to all, and now let's have some beers !! :cheers:
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    Congrats to winners :) :cheers:
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    Broken promises.. Got into flow of tuning with my S13 and time went by, tomorrow it will happen.

    Check this and you understand why didn't have time, I may ask: how much hp drift car needs?
    It's done in every way real-world setup, don't read Mike Kojima's Basic Drift Setup Guide, or prepare to be hooked.. :cool:
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    So analysed more this, and tried to keep as much as original but eliminate liftoff oversteer problem, next example setups aren't more than just guideline for you.
    Car was prone to react radically on throttle liftoff, car breaks traction on rear in several ways, entry, mid and exit are vulnerable on rear traction loss, why? LSD locks both wheels heavily on edging å engine brake, difference on acceleration and deceleration locks are so big at it forces unwanted locking changes if throttle movement direction changes in any way, only place where lock works fine is straight line on both acceleration and braking. Soft front damper compression softens bit braking entry on corner and allows little bit this locked rear wheels slide to be on "control".

    So targeted my tweaking to get rear wheels roll on ground instead of slide, redo LSD and keep heavy traction on rear wheels, coz whole tune is build to rely on heavy rear control, even it utilises too much force on rear.
    First taking out unnecessary lock on brake, trusting at acceleration side is quite fine, 10/10/10 and rear has too less grip on rear, but that's true grip problem, not LSD locking over, so needed more grip and easiest way is scrub tires more, but rolling then separately is add more TOE-IN on rear.
    Then repeating this on few different amount LSD locking rates and proper TOE amount with them resulted following setups.
    LSD - Rear Toe
    A) 10/10/10 - +0.29
    B) 10/15/15 - +0.21
    C) 10/20/20 - +0.18

    After testing those you might figure out what type is fastest and smoothest.
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