Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix 2023Formula 1 

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Well if we're getting to technicalities, the strip is not actually in Las Vegas but in Paradise
😲 But that's a whole 7 miles away from downtown Las Vegas! How dare they call it the Las Vegas GP, what a con.

Miami was decent, better than Baku by a long way, better than last year. Was watchable. The problem with F1 right now is the tyres.
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If Lewis wasn't stuck in that DRS train for so many laps at the start, he would have finished ahead of Sainz and possibly beat Russel too. That Hard - Medium strategy was definitely the way to go.
Surprisingly incident-free race.

Expected more fireworks between Max and Checo, but ah well.

Alonso's been so solid.

It was very entertaining watching KMag and Charles giving each other the business multiple times. Fun stuff.

McLaren! C'mon! Gawd!

True, but at least the race is going to be right on the strip and not 30km away in the suburbs.
Are people actually complaining about this? It’s racing around the stadium where the Miami Dolphins play.