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Hamilton was all over him for a few laps. There wouldn't have been too much time lost making the switch. Hamilton seemed like he had more pace at the end.
It would have been better for Mercedes as Hamilton was the faster driver today. But it would have been unfair on Russell. I like that Mercedes always give their drivers equal fairness unlike a certain team.
Nice win for Carlos and 2nd for Lando!

I feel bad for George. Dude drove well all day.

Solid points for Piastri! I'm fairly pleased with McLaren today. Now just put some paint on the damn car.

Points for Lawson? Points for Lawson!

Weird not seeing Red Bull up there, but can't win em all.
Awesome job Sainz!!! Working with Norris to keep the Merc at bay....George was a complete waste. I don't feel for him here because he should have been more aggressive with that strategy. If that was Lewis, Max or Alonso in his place, either of them would have won that race.


Edit: This has been the race of the seasons for me so far cause that was exciting...heck my hands are shaking typing this lol!!!
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Ahhh the cycle has been broken. It'll probably go back to normal next race but it won't be a full house for the year.
Good lord, wtf did I just watch?? :eek: I was swearing and clapping when Sainz pulled off that 5D chess move against the Mercs, and it paid off! Russell binned it on the last lap! Seriously, where did he get that? Maybe from his childhood hero Alonso :lol: it's crazy how he and Norris still have a sense of chemistry and teamwork even when they're on different teams. That was one hell of a race!

EDIT: Fantastic work from Lawson. 3rd race as a reserve driver and already bagged points. He's earned a full-time race seat.
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When's the last time we had a 4-way fight for the win?
So is Leclerc still Ferraris #1 driver or has Sainz been promoted to #1
There was never a #1 driver this season...although given Sainz's recent form, I'd say he's earned the #1 bragging rights.
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Mercedes powered car works with a Ferrari to beat both factory Mercs.;)
Sainz keeping Norris in DRS range on purpose against the two Mercs was pretty smart. Even led to Russell cracking under pressure not being able to fully focus on Norris with Hamilton on his gearbox.
A banger of a race with a crazy finish.

I was wholeheartedly expecting Lando or Sainz to get swarmed at the end. George just sort of got impatient and started going to failed overtakes, keeping him on the back foot for way longer than needed.

Then the crash happened. The pressure got to him. Even if you couldn't predict exactly what was going to happen, you could feel that something catastrophic was going to occur just based on the way he was driving.

It was in Sainz's best interest to keep Lando backed up or used as a defender against him. A better opportunity would have came up eventually. He needed to stay calm until that very decisive moment.
Im happy Ferrari took the win other than Redbull in an awful season for Ferrari. A win makes my day regardless of how trash the season is.

Ferrari and Mclaren on the podium just like the good old times.
Was definitely one of the better races this season, if not the best. Lots going on, intense battling between 4 cars at the end, massive tyre differentials at various phases, very good.
I had a laugh when I understood Russell's crash. Nothing against George (quite the opposite in fact, I like the guy a lot) but in the post race replays I realized that what happened to him is the same that happens often to me in online racing. Car in front makes a mistake, I make exactly he same with equal or worse consequences.

In this case, Norris brushed the wall, Russell was following him and did the same, but with heavier contact. After that he couldn't do anything.
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Car in front makes a mistake, I make exactly he same with equal or worse consequences.
I've often done this as well. It's because when you're following someone directly from behind, you're not looking at the apex or anything else - you're looking at the car in front and using it as a reference for your trajectory.

Sometimes though it might not even be about making a mistake yourself - the dirty air just causes you to understeer, thus following the leading car's trajectory.
Having only seen the highlights, a plonker's mistake from Russell. At least that's a street circuit punishing a driver. This is a far better track than Monaco.
I don't expect Ricciardo to return to the grid now honestly. Lawson is a seriously impressive driver, and AT's best bet to score more vital points for the remainder of the season. He'll probably get shafted by RBR like Gasly and Albon though...
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Incredible that it wasn't even looked at haha....then again it's Red Bull. He hit Tsunoda on the opening lap too, ruinined 2 drivers races. Was extremely aggressive defending against the Mercs as well.