Forza Horizon 2 General Discussion Thread

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Question how do i join clubs? I have unlocked nice but still no sign will i get it soon? Also is there a club i can join looking to get the online achievments.

You'll gain the ability to access Clubs upon finishing the first Grand Tour.
Having done a digital pre-order on Forza 6 I got three lots of DLC for this that I hadn't purchased (bought the Season Pass). The only DLC I don't have now is the Fast and Furious Pack which I find the least appealling of any of the packs. The only car I would be slightly interested in would be the Maserati Ghibli. Hopefully the pack will be on special at half price sometime.

At least I have more than 300 cars now, so my Forza 6 bonus currently stands at 21 million credits!

I am currently working through some of the Porsche Achievements.
I'm hoping for another storm island personally. The expansions (plural) tab still only has storm island.

Hopefully it will be mountains.
It's a bit meh. As mentioned, the Juke is the only real oddball and even then, its hardly the most interesting car in the world. Do quite like the addition of the S1 though, I hate to admit.
You guys all probably know that I'll buy it. There's no way I wouldn't buy this; Ferrari 575M, Nismo Juke RS, Audi S1, Aston Martin V12 Vantage S, & the Plymouth GTX. The only car here I don't care much for is the Lotus Evora. Aside from that; this pack is great! :D

EDIT: Though, I can't believe I'm even excited about a Juke. Heck, I still can't believe Nissan decided to put a GT-R engine in it and also have Nismo tune it. Seriously, when I first saw this car; I just thought it was stupid. Now though, it actually has me intrigued a bit.
I quite like this Car Pack personally :)

Looking forward to driving the Duke and the A1 (Suppose to be a free car in Project Cars but still no sign)

I see the Evora and 575m are the latest 360 exclusives to jump over to the 1..

Unless I'm mistaken, there are now only 4 Cars left in the 360 version that have not yet made it to the Xbone version..

I will definitely be buying this pack, I have to say Horizon 2 has a really awesome Car Roster.. DLC has helped it be even more so.
I love the Evora, and I'm glad they haven't gone with the new, ugly 400hp model.

Heh, the S1 was on my wishlist for FM6, so I imagine this means it's in. Also noticed the GTX and V12VS on the FM6 list, so I guess this should've been expected too. It means there will be even less surprises on FM6's list, though...

Still, there's no other title on this generation that offers the diversity either FH2 does (or FM6 will).
Thank god we're getting the Juke in non-pringle form. It makes sense, actually. That promo ran until June 30th I believe.
I'm so happy to see the Juke finally being able to be driven once you by it separately or the whole pack. Other than that, this is really awesome pack. :)
Evora... too much want... (I really like the evora and Audi)
Now how to convince dad to splash the credit card... (I normally pay him back, but still its hard to get a sale off him).
So only 4 cars remain 360 exclusive for now.

1969 Dodge Charger Daytona Hemi
1964 Ferrari 250 GTO
2009 Ford Fiesta Zetec S
1986 Honda Civic SI

Out of the 4 I think the Dodge is the one I would fancy most.

The Fiesta is the least Interesting.

Either way, no doubt next month the 360 will be down to just 2 exclusives
I gotta say that charging us for a car that it is possible to get for free is a bit low... although at least they aren't charging us for a car that is the same bar a livery *cough* Halo Raptor *cough*
I find this game very un-fun to play. The main reason why is because of the physics. Everything feels like it's on ice.

How does this game feel to everyone else?

For example: The driving feels similar to the GTA V Slidey Cars cheat.
Ice? Everything feels glued to the road to me, except for 1000hp cars.
Yeah, everything just felt off. I sat down and played it on my buddy's XB1. I sat down with it for a few minutes, so I didn't get a chance to try the simulation modes. Do the modes change the handling in the game drastically?
That's strange. Unless I have a car with a lot of horsepower or if I'm racing in a rainy enivornment; the cars don't feel slippery when driving. The driving physics as far as I'm concerned are fine and honestly are a lot better than most other free roam, street racing games I played.
Yeah, the physics/handling models are pretty solid in FH2 in my opinion. They're not too sim-like but aren't very arcadey either. I guess it's one of those games were it'll take a bit for you to adapt to it.
Play it like you're driving a real car on real roads and with no aids and sim steering and it doesn't feel at all arcadey.