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Seriously, though, confectionery related wordplay is all well and good but shouldn't we be discussing the game? I think it's about Daim as I just can't keep up when it comes to the Crunch.
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I'd Truss I would be able to get the '10 Clio eventually during the weekend, if I'm not so busy playing those truck sim games (read: my frequently-changing avatars of licensed trucks). And that car detailing game I've been playing lately.
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I agree, but it's hard to get the tire pressure right on those buses. Too much and they tend to Breakaway too easily.
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I think I already downloaded that livery for my Raptor. Not sure if it's from @ClydeYellow, you or someone else. Perhaps whoever created it can step up and create paint jobs for some of the new cars?

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I knew this thread was Bounty feature a few choccy bar jokes but I didn't expect it to turn into a Marathon. If this continues for much longer, I'm going to need some kind of a Boost.
It’s mine.

Let me Wispa a tip to you: Whenever you see that numberboard style it’s one of my cars.

Up to 87 or so now 🙂
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It’s mine.

Let me Wispa a tip to you: Whenever you see that numberboard style it’s one of my cars.

Up to 87 or so now 🙂
Sorry I didn't check for the creator earlier @PJ. I follow you in-game already and always make sure to check out the racing liveries which have actual numberboards as they look more professional. Your style is very clean and I wish the game did them more justice instead of pixellating those uncluttered lines.

Have to admit I feel like a complete Wonka now.
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Someone built the Great Wall of China in Mexico. So maybe it should be called La Gran Muralla de México? Anyway, it's spectacular. They didn't just slap up a few raised platforms and said "Nailed it." No, they built an accurate five and a half mile long representation of the Great Wall, stretching from the southwest coast to the center of the map. The first mile is filled with pagodas, parks, ramps, alleys, tunnels, even an escape down to the beach. Then it settles down and snakes across the map. They cleverly used the natural ridges in the map to build their wall, just as the Chinese did. Take your time and really explore the map, especially that first section. There are tons of great photo opportunities. And as a race track, it's quite challenging. I included my best time in my B700 Wuling (of course I used a car from the People's Republic) in case anyone wanted to put me in my place. A word of caution: bring a narrow car.

Oh, and for people who find the game a grind or simply boring, I suggest trying out the eventlab creations made by the players themselves. Most are pretty crappy, but when you find a good one, it's worth the search. Follow the creator. Try their other creations. Maybe even try to build something yourself. It might get your Horizon mojo back.










I decided to try several different cars on the Great Wall track. There was only one failure. The Unimog was too large. I had to abandon at 81%. It’s hard to get any real speed out of the higher level cars because the track has so many little elevation changes that keep unsettling the cars, making it almost impossible to put the power down. Lighter, more nimble cars seem to have the advantage.










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