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I think if this update adds anything of value outside of the cars it would have to be the Drag Zone PR Stunts, but... at this point, with it being Asphalt v. Off-Road-focused (how much you wanna bet they frame it as Alex and Alejandra feuding again, if they use the voiced intros?), I'm betting they got cut in favor of having Drag Racing events in general.

Of course, it'll be interesting to see what the immediate takeaway from Community Choice and Lunar New Year will be; apparently the Suggestions Hub really liked PG adding previous reward cars to the Autoshow, so if they do that this time, it'll indicate where the winds are blowing in regards to how imminent FH6 might be.
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One last prediction, now that I've thought about it some--I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that we're getting the new-model R8 too. Possibility that the theme might also be 'AWD Legends', specifically focused on AWD supercars and hypercars.
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I don't understand a single word spoken about the Horizon Race Off... switching off the broadcast, I have work to do anyways, I'll get the summary later.
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Mustang fans are gonna be absolutely pleased with this one, that's one Mustang from every era of the car pretty much, aside from the econobox and 1970s.
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Bit disappointing that another free car in FM23 has been added as paid content in FH5 in the Sabre but, c'est la vie

Rest of the cars for this update are fantastic
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