Forza Horizon 5 Rally Adventure Expansion

That's how I treat Forza Horizon 5, as a "chill pad-based game" vs the full cockpit experience in DiRT Rally 2.0.
It's not a full on rally sim but I sometimes wish the helicopter pilots added details like "tightens" or "rocks inside; don't cut" to their pace notes every now and then. Luckily, the rewind and mini map mitigate their absence, to an extent, for those of us who haven't turned them off.

Thanks to @PJ's cheat sheet, my B class Brat is tearing up the stages and races. Don't know why the PI is wrong in the results, though... it's not (quite) as meta a vehicle as it looks here.

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@PJ's posts also convinced me to splash out* on a copy of Dirt Rally 2.0 to extend my rally experience but it's had a noticeable impact on my Raptors stage times in Horizon as now I keep crawling around corners and slowing down to avoid breaking the car Samir-style. 😖

Fortunately the habit doesn't go in the other direction as driving like FH5 in DR2.0 would soon empty my team's bank account :lol:

*£14 on eBay for GOTY edition... bargain!
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Yay, I can afford to eat tonight! 😀
Secondhand MS Store code, I'm afraid... you already got paid :)

If it's any consolation, however, I would've paid full price had I known how enjoyable and addictive the game is. Maybe I should go and buy another copy so you can grab a pizza or something. It really works well with the Xbox controller. 👍🏽👍🏽
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This rally expansion sure has grown on me since it’s gotten released. I ranked it as my personal 3rd best FH expansion (after FH3 BM & FH3 HW) the day after release and I think it will stay there well ahead of everything behind it. It might even gain 1 or 2 places since those 1st and 2nd spots are all claimed due to nostalgia memory lane. If I were to play FH3BM and FH3HW again they might not feel so great anymore as they used to, and then FH5 Rally Adventure would even claim the top spot. Note that this is all based on the expansion itself, excluding the cars. FH5RA does have one of the weakest 10 DLC cars ever if you ask me, just because the pack lacks a lot of diversity. Of course if you look at it from the entire FH5 car roster, then these cars actually do bring more diversity. 😅

FH5RA highlights for me are :
  • continuation and often improvement of the lush tropical Mexican biomes. Fits the Mexican theme just perfect.
  • heavy focus on lower class tiers D, C and B (FH absolutely needed this for a change of pace).
  • this feels like the biggest expansion map we ever had (might be due to the above as well, as it takes longer to traverse 😅).
  • lots of races, plus all of them both in race and time trial format.
  • the audible rally pace notes are a bit gimmicky and calls are far too late, but it fits the game just right.
  • it includes a strong candidate of my new all-time favourite section of tarmac in Horizon, as marked in green on this map :


Other strong candidates in this “favourite tarmac” category would be :
1) Castelletto coastal road in FH2 (a large part of it is actually a replica of the Amalfi Coast in Italy)
2) Canyon road in FH5
3) A few iconic (for me at least) rainforest roads in FH3

The main downside of the expansion is perhaps the multitude of names it’s got: FH5 Rally expansion, FH5 Rally adventure, FH5 Badlands, Sierra Nueva, ... (maybe I’m forgetting a few here). Just give it a name and stick with it IMO.
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I'm a bit late, but I just finished Rally Adventures today, and I feel like I had waaay more fun than I should have. Maybe I was predisposed to like it anyway, being a big fan of Dirt 2/3 and having started off my whole rally game adventure with Colin McRae Rally 3 of all games, but regardless I had a great time with it. I wanted some sort of rally mode ever since FH4, so it was gratifying to see it actually made.

Almost everybody’s already said it at this point but routes were properly amazing. Screaming down the twisty road while pulling 60 MPH in D class cars has never been more fun, and even the high powered RWD trucks and buggies feel great to rally in a way they wouldn't be if twelve of them were hurtling down the two-cars wide road. Having the co-driver in helicopter seemed weird at first, but I think chasing the helicopter around did a nice job of showcasing arcady flair that wouldn't be present in serious rally sim quite as much.

And that arcady flair is what I really like about this personally, it's something I've wanted to see again for a long time. Like I'm legitimately happy to see a rally game that recognizes people who isn't a die hard rally nerd might want to play a rally game too. I wish there were more contents, but considering it's a 20 dollars expansion, I think I got more than money's worth of enjoyment out of it. Very satisfied.

But I do have a one serious complaint, and it's that I didn't get the Alpine A110 from the wheelspin until I was finished with the expansion. Talk about a rotten luck 😡