Forza Horizon - Post your latest pics

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Take a Ford Supervan , chuck in every single hop up part you can find , add a silly paint job from someones storefront , test its top speed , drift it , jump it an , oh yeah erm wreck it but have fun .

Oh yeah add a Paint Job to the Dodge thingy coz flames are cool


first Complete Livery , done it for a laugh .

Coz I loved the Original Mad Max I did this for another laugh

Got a bit sort of serious an then did this one , needs a few tweaks to make it better though .

I should Imagine this is the sort of pic a speed camera will get when you go past it at over 260mph

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I am finally back playing Horizon 2 and could not be more happier cause Porsches!

First up being back is a replica of my 944 :D (somewhat at least)
GetPhoto (4).jpg
GetPhoto (2).jpg
GetPhoto (1).jpg
GetPhoto (3).jpg

Had to use ATS wheels though wish i could swap the wheels from this to make it more exact with Fuchs wheels.

GetPhoto (5).jpg

Also i joined the GTP Club.
I've always liked the Mitsubishi Eclipse but the only one in this game comes with the horrid F&F paint scheme. So I slapped a black wrap around it and gave it some gold BBS-ey spiderwebby HRE Vintage 501s, and now it looks darn near perfect.


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