Forza Motorsport 7: Gamertag Sharing Thread

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After months of waiting Forza Motorsport 7 is here and I'm sure we are all eager to get to the grid :cheers:

In this thread you'll find a list of Gamertags to help you find people to race with, or Paints & Tunes you can download. Check user's posts for details on how they play and if they want to be messaged before you add them.
Post your tag below and I'll try to keep this list updated. :gtpflag:

:gtplanet: Racers

:gtplanet: Painters

:gtplanet: Tuners


How do I add somebody to my Friends List?
  • On Xbox One press the Guide button, then head to [Friends & Clubs]. Select [Find Someone] and type in the name. Finally, select [Add Friend] and choose your preference.
  • On Windows 10 open the Xbox App head to the right-hand sidebar, type a name in the search box and select [Add Friend] once their Gamertag screen shows up.

What happens when I have somebody on my Friends List?
  • That player will show up in your [Friends & Clubs] area. When you select them you can select [Join] and join their Party or their Lobby if they're in Multiplayer.
  • Friends also show up on the Friends Leaderboard for Rivals events in Forza Motorsport 7.
  • Designs and Tunes created by Friends will be among the first of those recommended to you whenever you buy a new car.

Does the other person have to accept a Friend Request before we can be connected?
  • No. If you Friend them and they don't do the same in return, you will become a Follower of their profile. All of the features work the same as if you were Friends.

Do I need Xbox Live Gold in order to race against my Friends?

  • On Xbox One, yes.
  • On Windows 10, no.

Can Windows 10 players play with Xbox One players?
  • Yes, unless a player specifically disables it in their in-game Settings.

Do I need Xbox Live Gold in order to download Paints and Tunes?
  • No.

Is there a :gtplanet: Club?

  • There are no in-game Clubs in Forza Motorsport 7.
  • There is a :gtplanet: Xbox Club, @SlipZtrEm owns it and can help you out with joining.
  • You can also join Casual Racing Mondays, a Club that I own. We do racing sessions every Monday at 20.00 UTC.

Note: I'm no longer actively updating this. Please check the latest posts in the thread to find new players :)
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racer (clean racer)
very basic painting
some tuning
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Here's mine:


I am both a Painter and a Racer, and you'll often find me in the Multiplayer Hoppers.

I focus on being a clean and competitive racer, so if you join any Hopper I am racing in that's at least 1 clean racer out of 24 :lol:

I'll typically be playing during UK-time evenings, though if I'm painting at that time I won't be accepting any Game Invites :sly:

Mainly a racer although I do occasionally make some race car liveries, although I rarely put them on the storefront due to them using other people's layer groups.
WhitemanLS1 - Racer, clean racer and know that accidents happen. Spend most my time in Multiclass.

Tuner/Painter but not much, usually simple retro stuff.
Nukedogger racer, give it time an I'm sure I will come up with a slow car club like I did got gt6. So if you like 20ish minute races with slower cars, lemme know. But I want to get thru some career mode first :)

If you add me, please send a note that you found me on GTP. Thanks :)
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UnshavenYapper Racer/hotlapper/Tuner, might try some painting this time to try and get that achievement ;)

In FM6 i was mostly doing D, C and B class. will try and get even seattime in most classes/hoppers this time.
LImarobotL - Racer

Yes, those are L's. I didn't want to use X's :lol: If anyone happens to add me, please if you can just send me a message letting me know who you are on GTP. It's been very hard lately to find out whos who on my list lol.
itrfred2 - Racer. Not the fastest guy around, but I'll race you clean.
Quattro Saltire - Racer/Occasional Painter (mostly anime liveries)
NikuTheDriver - Racer

This marks the first time I will have ownership of a Motorsport title (started my Forza run with Horizon 3), so I'll be learning the ropes for a bit before joining online racing. Plus I need to renew my Live membership, which will add to the delay... My aim is to have fun racing, regardless of result.
ClydeYellow - Painter (mostly race liveries) / Racer (occasionally enjoying things more structured than the Pubs and League hoppers)

If you hmu with a FR or an invite, please let me know you're from GTPlanet!
IceMan PJN

I mainly race, though rarely multiplayer. I upload tuning setups and liveries, but they're not particularly remarkable. I'm mainly just somebody for Drivatars and leaderboard times.

I add everyone that adds me.

Mostly race, will be on as soon as I can start the game (~2 hours as of posting time).