Forza Motorsport 7: Gamertag Sharing Thread

  • Thread starter PJTierney

Clean racing, preferably with slower cars (A,B,C) and loving some variety.

I'll mostly be online on weekday evenings (European evenings, that is).

I quickly turned away from FM6 public lobbies, so I hope to have some more fun with you guys this time around :cheers:
hetoft - Racer

I'm new to Forza (and Xbox), but I love everything about it so far. Not the fastest guy on track, but I try to always race fair and clean. I'm from Denmark btw.

Feel free to add me, as I don't have many XBOX friends yet!

Look forward to seeing you on track!
swirdles79 - bog standard racer (clean), will be on when my job allows, want to get into online racing but sick of the dirty racers so being able to race with clean racers is key for me
I am mostly very clean and respectful, but at least with a pad I tend to accidentally be rude or bump other cars.
Work in progress here. :)
NuttyLittleBoy - racer
Not an alien, I'll do my best to race as clean as possible and I prefer racing (driving) slower cars.
PiotrGT - Racer
I try to be as clean as I can but I'm not a very good driver. If I crash into you (which happens often online and then I'm very nervous that the guy is hating me for crashing into him lol) It's propably by accident, I often brake too late as well. I just need more practice. I guess I'm Launchpad McQuack but with cars for now. :D (I love cartoons btw. especially Disney's so we can talk about those if you would like) I don't use mic. (but when I use headphones it displays that I have one even though the headphones don't have it).
Hi all!

F1R Amackin - Racer

I've been playing Forza for years, and always preferred clean racing, with some endurance racing added into the mix!

Seems to be a bit of a niche, but I'm looking for other racers who like the same type of racing. Whether its clean casual racing or an endurance tournament, (I've ran a few in the past) add me and hopefully we can get a good group of us together!

I'm UK based, play in the evenings and weekends and have a mic


I don't play online much, but it's always nice to have more friends on my rivals list.
xXMegaJoshhXx (Sorry I made it years ago :nervous:)

Play on pc with a controller. I don't really play online, I just like to compare my times throughout the campaign :D
Ninjit5uEvolved, happy to race online if I'm free or just smash my drivatar if you want. ;) :cheers: