Game screenshot translations and some misc. screenshots (cars and misc.)

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    To make things neat and to make updating easier, I've created a new thread for all that.
    (If there is anything new from me, I'll edit this post)

    Cars Galleries (3 of them)

    Prize Cars (bonus cars after you accomplished something)

    New and Used Cars

    The file names are the translated names of the Japanese car names (may cause problem for some old browsers on Mac OS 9 since the file names may be longer than 63 characters)

    For other stuffs, e.g. Courses list shots, price cars shots, Photo mode pictures, check

    The big map (should have enough pics to make a big one)
    GT Mode big map 1 GT Mode big map 2 GT Mode big map 3
    GT Mode big map 4 GT Mode big map 5 GT Mode big map 6
    GT Mode big map 7 GT Mode big map 8 GT Mode big map 9
    GT Mode big map 10 GT Mode big map 11 GT Mode big map 12

    The 3 available driving views
    Driving view 1/3 Driving view 2/3 Driving view 3/3

    GT Auto screens (also available in )

    And here is the full song list in Music Theater

    Some (not all of them) of the translations that I've done.
    (or you can check the gallery at , but no classifications except the file name since it is a WIP thing)

    Halls and Event Races Translations
    Translation of most of the Event races in Halls thread

    Screenshot Translations
    Labelled all the links, hopefully easier for people to check the screens they want

    The first and foremost thing you will encounter : Save Data Creation
    First question
    Enter your name
    Confirm your name
    Continue with save creation
    Confirm use of free space
    Auto save message
    Icon blinking message
    Warning message
    Import message #1/4
    Import message #2/4
    Import message #3/4
    Import message #4/4
    Start game or read again

    If your memory card does not have enough free space, you will see this screen
    First question
    Retry or Start game

    You will then meet the main menu if you skip the opening movie
    Main menu
    Save at the Main menu

    The question when exiting GT Mode

    Car shop in GT mode

    Buying a car (the example is a used one)
    Confirm purchase
    Change to the new one ?
    Car labelled sold in shop

    Pause screen (should be applicable to all modes I suppose)
    Pause screen

    Replay Theater screens
    Replay Theater
    Play list creation question
    Play list creation space question
    Saving play list
    Saved play list
    Delete a replay question
    Replay Settings
    Play list Screen

    Data Logger Screens (available on many occassions)
    Data Logger
    Data Logger Analysing
    Data Logger Menu
    Data Logger Display Settings

    Arcade Mode (Single Player, 2 Players, Time Trial)
    Main Car Select
    Car Spec Screen (where you can add/remove cars from/to your favourites)
    Pop-up question when adding a car to favourites
    Pop-up question when Removing a car to favourites
    Car options
    Tyre in Car options
    Driving Assist in Car options
    Enemies settings in Car options
    Arcade Start Race Menu
    Quick Tune
    2 Players Select Car screen
    2 Players start race menu

    Arcade LAN mode network connections screens
    Network Connections
    Device settings in Network Connections
    Provider settings in Network Connections
    Network Connections Saving
    Network Connections Initializing
    Network Connections Host Waiting

    Main Options
    Options Page 1
    Options Page 2
    Exit Options ?

    Detail Options pages
    Race Settings
    Replay Settings
    Display Settings
    Display Settings (Output mode)
    Picture Settings
    Sound Settings
    Arcade Settings
    Tyre in Arcade Settings
    Penalty in Arcade Settings
    2 Players Battle Settings
    Tyre Damage in 2 Players Battle Settings
    Slow Car Boost in 2 Players Battle Settings
    LAN connect Settings
    Host in LAN connect Settings
    Style in LAN connect Settings
    Monitor position in LAN connect Settings
    Network Settings
    Course Registry
    Photo Mode Settings
    Quality in Photo Mode Settings
    Controller Settings
    Dual Shock 2 controller key config
    Steering Settings
    GT Force steering type in Steering Settings
    GT Force Pro force feedback strength in Steering Settings
    GT Force Pro (DFP) key config
    GT Force (DF) key config
    Other Settings

    License tests
    License tests start menu
    Failed the test

    Photo Mode translations
    Photo Mode Main screen
    Steering Angle
    Photo Filter
    Photo Mode Options
    Mode in Photo Mode Options
    Focus in Photo Mode Options
    Picture Quality in Photo Mode Options
    View just taken Photo screen
    Save Photo To
    Save Type
    About to save
    Photo Saved

    My Home, Garage and Gamestatus
    My Home
    Game Status

    Importing GT3 and GT4P saves
    Cannot found GT4P data at Slot 1
    Cannot found GT3 data at Slot 1
    Found GT4P data at Slot 2
    Done importing GT4P data at Slot 2
    Found GT3 data at Slot 2
    Done importing GT3 data at Slot 2
    Already imported GT4P data
    Already imported GT3 data

    Garage Sort/Search Options
    Filter by Country
    Filter by Manufacturer #1/2
    Filter by Manufacturer #2/2
    Sorting options list

    Garage Individual Car Screen
    Individual Car Screen

    Tuning shop
    Tuning Shop Main
    Transmission (page 1)

    Transmission (page 2)
    Turbine kit (Turbo)
    Tyre (page 1)
    Tyre (page 2)

    Buying a part in Tuning shop (the example is a free tyre)
    Confirm purchase

    Install the new one ?

    GT Mode Halls and the races
    Races in GT Mode halls
    Individual Races Entrance screen

    Entering an event race which you have won already will a pop-up a question
    Clear old records or not ?

    GT Mode race screens
    GT Mode Start Race Screen
    GT Mode Session Results

    Pit in menu
    Pit In Menu Screen
    Pit in menu (and all selections at don't change anything)

    Parts Change/Settings (Tune) in a race
    Tune screen (page 1)
    Tune screen (page 2)

    Selections in main tune screen
    Muffler Selections
    Tuned ROM Selections
    NA Tune Selections
    Tyre Selections
    Normal Tyre Selections
    Sports Tyre Selections
    Racing Tyre Selections
    Nitro Selections
    Turbo Selections
    Intercooler Selections
    Supercharger Selections
    Brake Selections
    Brake Balance Controller Selections
    Suspension Selections
    Transmission Selections
    Clutch Selections
    Flywheel Selections
    Carbon Propeller Shaft Selections
    LSD Selections
    AYC Selections
    VCD Selections

    Detail tune screens
    Suspension Detail Tune
    Brake Balance Controller Detail Tune
    Nitro Detail Tune
    Gear Ratio Detail Tune
    Down Force Detail Tune
    LSD Detail Tune
    VCD Detail Tune
    Driving Assist Detail Tune
    Weight Balance Detail Tune

    After Race
    Race results
    Save Replay

    Race on the courses in the courses towns (Real Circuit, Dirt & Snow, ...)
    Courses Enter Modes
    Start Courses Race Menu
    Photo Drive Control Screen

    Join Family Cup popup

    GT Auto
    Wheel types
    The default wing on some cars cannot be changed
    The message tells you that you already have the selected wing installed
    Confirm the purchase and install of the select wing
    New wing installed
    Confirm reveting to the default wing
    Reverted to the default wing

    B-spec mode (pit in menu same as A-spec)
    B-spec race view
    B-spec race monitor

    If you exit a championship race, a question pop-up
    Exit or not ?

    On the big map, a message will blink
    Hey, you are still in a race

    Trying to access something that may affect the current championship race, a message pop-up
    Hey, you shouldn't access here

    And a question pop-up and ask if you want to continue the race
    On the big map, a message will blink
    Want to continue your race ?

    If you selected cancel, another confirmation question pop-up
    On the big map, a message will blink
    Are you sure you want to withdraw ?

    If you selected ok, your confirmation of withdrawl will pop-up
    On the big map, a message will blink
    Don't want to play again ? Ok, you are a free man now.

    Some GT4 FAQs

    1. What ? GT4 is released ?
    - Yes, GT4 was released in Japan and some Asian Countries.

    2. What versions are available ?
    - Japanese version SCPS-17001
    - Asian Japanese version SCAJ-30006
    - Asian Chinese version SCAJ-30007

    3. How many cars are there ?
    - Check the Master Car list thread.

    4. How many tracks are there ?
    - Check the Tracks list thread.

    5. Can it go online ?
    - Check the Xlink thread.

    6. How much initial credits do I have ?
    - 1M credits in Japanese version

    7. I heard that you can import saves from GT3 and GT4P, is that true ?
    - Yes, for Japanese version. Other versions don't seem to be able to do so.
    - You can import credits from GT3, in Japanese version, you can import a max. of 10M credits from your old save.
    - You can import license from GT4P, in Japanese version, if you have completed the Red and Green license in GT4P, you can exempt from Domestic A & B license test in GT4.
    - You can only import once each for GT3 and GT4P

    8. How about the grades in the license tests in GT4P ? Will they be carried over ?
    - No, you will just get a pass on the excempted tests, no grade, no cup.
    - If you want the prize cars from the tests, you have to take the tests.

    9. How do I import them ?
    - In your game status screen, press Start to start the sequence

    10. DO I have to do it when I first start the game ?
    - You can do it anytime, but you can only import once

    11. What can be changed/tuned ?
    - Muffler & Air Cleaner x 3
    - Brake and Brake balance controller
    - NA Tune x 3
    - Port polish
    - Engine balance tune
    - Soup Up (Increase displacement)
    - Tuned ROM
    - Nitro
    - Suspension
    - Gear box x 3
    - Clutch x 3
    - Fly wheel x 3
    - LSD x 4
    - AYC
    - Carbon propeller shaft
    - Turbo kit x 4
    - Intercooler x 2
    - Supercharger
    - Tyre (Normal x 3, Sport x 3, Racing x 5, Dirt, Snow)
    - VCD
    - Weight reduction x 3
    - Re-inforced body (roll cage, foam urethene, ...), increase stiffness
    - Body strength refresh plan

    12. I am in Arcade mode but there is only Quick Tune, how can I access the Settings screen like the one in GT Mode ?
    - You only have Quick Tune in Arcade mode

    13. Can I use my garage cars in 2-players mode or LAN mode ?
    - No

    14. I have seen some in race photo mode pictures, how to do that ?
    - Press Select during a replay for Photo Drive option in the Courses in GT mode
    - Press Select while playing a saved replay in replay theater

    15. I heard that there are 24hours Endurance races, can I save during the race ?
    - No

    16. What is B-spec mode ?
    - The AI drive, you give commands and do the setups of the cars

    17. How fast can the simulation speed of B-spec mode go ?
    - 3x, in race monitor view
  2. What is the 'Wheel Of The Day' option in this picture: Link
  3. maskrider


    Used wheels.
  4. Cosmic

    Cosmic (Banned)

    Hey Maskrider! I've a question...Can you only buy used cars in the beggining in GT Mode?
  5. TGL


    I didnt see the translation page for each manufacturer. It shows a couple of icons and boxes with dots in them and I do not understand this menu at all. What does it mean?

  6. maskrider


    This had been answered somewhere, anyway. With the GT3 save import, you get a max. of 10M more credits and can buy new cars, but without that save import, you only have 1M credits and I guess you already know the answer since you have checked those available cars.

    edit: I think it is the credit from your GT3 save.

    edit2: I supposed this has been very well know but people still keep asking on it.

    You start with 1M credit from scratch.

    Importing from an old GT3 save may get you a maximum of 10M extra credits (I suppose it is the credits on your GT3 save), i.e. 11M credits.
  7. Cosmic

    Cosmic (Banned)

    Does your GT3 save have to be 100%? :indiff:
    Edit : Nevermind abut this post. I just noticed that I've got GT4 Prologue and all gold :dunce:
  8. ALPHA


    I'm converting my GT4 video links thread into a general media thread with videos and image galleries. Would you mind if I put some of your galleries and a link to this thread there?
  9. evilgnome


    Yeah I also would like to know what each one does.
  10. maskrider


    Certainly no problem.
  11. XspudX


    Ya know, I really appreciate what you've done for us MR :) It's really easing the pain of not having the game yet. Can't believe all the used cars! Lemme know if you stumble upon any 89-93 Turbo Legacy's ok? :dopey:

    Thanks a bunch again! :drool:
  12. vipersan

    vipersan Premium

    I think that there are options for new cars and classic cars of that mark ... and perhaps something else :).

    I have one question also -> maskrider: can we have screens of all "resort". You've allready done 8 of them, that cover the bottom right corner of the GT4 World. Can you include some more, so I can complete the whole big image of the GT4 world.

    At the moment it looks something like that (will improve it) (the picture will be online in few minutes)
  13. T5-R


    Love the steel wheels on the Evo :D

    Hmm think I'll have a few 'copies' of my fave cars, 1 knackered/unwashed/steel wheels, 1 nice one thats relatively unused & a tuned one. :)
  14. What about this picture of the resort?

  15. maskrider


    Check the first post for updates.
  16. vipersan

    vipersan Premium

    edieturner2002: ah ... tnx a lot :) I must have been blind so far ... :)
  17. Ryosuke_Gumna


    Thanks, it should be sticky!
  18. evilgnome


    Great job there Maskrider. It will be easier for me to learn everything in your translation before my copy arrives at my doorstep.

    Someone should sticky this.
  19. civicgsir

    civicgsir Premium


    In this OPTIONS 1 screen, it says "LAN" & then next to it "NETWORK".

    what is the difference?....thanks
  20. As no-one who has the game is active in the massive thread anymore...

    Maskrider do you have the ability to back-up your game saves to the pc via Xport etc. If you do can you post it up on GTP, I would like to look at what's contained within the save.

    EDIT: Or PM it to me if you don't want people snatching it up and using it as there game save.
  21. Div is back

    Div is back

    With how much Cr do you start? And what car did you chose?
  22. 10,000cr and 1,000,000cr on different versions.
  23. maskrider


    One is LAN mode game options, the other is the networking options.
  24. dan0h


    maskrider: Many thanks for all your hard work in grabbing and translating all these screens, true dedication! Thank you :)
  25. Div is back

    Div is back

    What was your first car?
  26. maskrider


    The one that shows in GT Auto screens, LAN EVO VIII RS '03, ha ha !
  27. Div is back

    Div is back

    You had enough money for that! Woah!
  28. shirakawaa

    shirakawaa Premium

    Hi maskrider! If you have time, can you do some screens of parts/car setup menus prior to race? (where you set up gears, suspensions, equip parts, etc)
  29. maskrider


    Got the extra 10M from my old GT3 save.
  30. king jame II

    king jame II

    Many thanks for the pictures and information. Its really great work. I was impressed to see that the Callaway Vette seems to be the tuned version of the C6. Its dead sexy.