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I'm all for the old school fighting games. The new outlook on them doesn't really excite me much at all. I still haven't picked up MvC3 and really don't see that changing any time soon.

Now if you'll excuse me I've got some CvSNK2 to get back to; need to know if I've still got it with God Rugal and Shin Gouki. :D
There was one on XBLA was like Contra. I should get it...

Shadow Complex?

And the answer to my query is 'No'. A resounding one at that, I can still do the moves but I can't string together combos for jack spit anymore. Made it to the tournament round though...
Great. Now I need to buy this and Shadow Complex, that just looks like bowls of fun.

The soundtrack reminds me of Guilty Gear.
Wow what a waste of a wicked juggle opportunity there. after the FADC, I'd have box dashed in with an BBC j.BBC into shinryuken :sly:
Do any of you guys think Virtua Fighter 4 Evo PS2 is worth a buy?
My uncle has been playing Tekken longer than I have, and a ton of others, and he says it isn't good at all for a Tekken player.
VF is a very different game from Tekken. Probably fun and alot of people think that it is worth the buy. Though I wonder where the scene went off to..
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nk, get Hard's pretty good. Just played the demo and I'm certain I'm going to unlock the full game. I need to get used to the controls and how much is going on at one time though...haven't even made it past the first stage.
I know...let me finish MK first..:lol: I was suppose to get it so I have something else to play.
anyone on here play tekken 6?
i play alot of that as whell as King of fighters 12 ( slowdown and all) and super street fighter
^ Post Count Grinder :lol:

I stopped playing Tekken after 5. Too much of a back-and-Forth "take turns hitting each other" rhythm. I'm probably not playing this the way I could be playing it, but that's how I've been playing it *shrugs*
I am looking for the GTP trophy for most posts in a single day.
After T5, it is like that though it felt like a footsies game after TT. If you drop your combo, there goes your life.
Steve's a tricky mix-up guy isn't he?

Bryan is just a weird hard-hitter iirc

Don't worry I know where you're coming from, no pun intended :lol:

So much freakin damage.....though I heard they had to dumb down Bryan some notches.
I have...for years....Its why I joined Tekken Zaibatsu before SRK. NOOOO!!!! It was on SRK also...
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Tons and tons of play with some training BnB's. I think Juicebox said something like that for training mode.

Looks like AE, you can pick who comes into your room. for ST
5 vs 5
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When I make my trip to Japan later on this year I'm going to have get some time with this one, it looks like pure comedy.


Publisher: AquaPlus
Developer: AquaPlus, Examu
Platform: Arcade
Genre: 2D Fighting
Origin: Japan
Release: Q2 2011