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Is Gran Turismo Sport a video game, yes or no?
GTS is both a game and a driving simulator, I think it’s a very good entry level into online racing and esports competition. The three daily races make online racing simple to enter and set up a car. You qualified and it puts you in a race of your peers. If you have a bad online race the turn around time for a new race is about 10 minutes or less. I get on the average of 3 to 4 starts in a hour.
To me the GTS software and the Sony console is fast and easy to use then a PC setup . The thing is if you do entry level with a DS4 game pad or the best FFB Wheel setup you can buy, the competition is good and fair as one would expect from to two different controllers.
I did and could control it better with the wheel. Funny story actually... My sister and her boyfriend were visiting and I was showing them my setup. They are big into gaming so wanted a go. I started her off in a slow car but she was like nah what's the fastest car. I chose the Merc F1 car for her first at Monza and she actually was kinda ok. Then the Tomahawk and again kinda ok. 8 mean still pretty bad but that way where you know there could be something to build on. On the other hand her boyfriend was absolutely terrible and laughable. So I jumped on to show them how it's done. First time driving the Merc with a wheel and I nailed it. Tomahawk was terrible but I at least got some clean laps out of it. Found it much easier on the wheel.
All you need to do to discover how much assist the game gives pad users is try driving the Tomahawk VGT with a wheel then a pad, the car is virtually undrivable with the wheel and a totally different experience on a pad