GR.2 Bi-Weekly Monday Nights: Next Race 8/17/20 Sardegna B II

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Race day roll call. Please respond below if you would like to race in the season finale.
I will compile a grid as responses come in.
Thank you
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if you guys would accept another Canadian i'd love to try it. What do i need to do or know - other than show up at 8pm est with a gr2 car....(original posts refer to filling out a form!?)
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Still time to get on the grid for the season finale!

ROOM OPENS 8 PM Central / 9PM Eastern
QUALIFYING 8:10-8:25 / 9:10-9:25PM Eastern
BREAK 8:25-8:30 / 9:25 / 9:30PM Eastern
RACE 8:30-10 / 9:30 / 11PM Eastern

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@IDreamInGT3 do you NOT understand blue flag rules when getting lapped by both p1 and p2?

Inunderstand that it is the responsibility of the faster drivers to negotiate the slower ones. I was P3 and the two of you plowed your through @Nick Cannella and I Into turn one. Not the best spots to overtake. I lapped @Nick Cannella a number of times and not once did I ever expect him to pull over and let me by. Nor did he. I give plenty of room for you to pass me clean. I wasnt even trying to race either of you, nor was I defending. However, you two caused your own issues by trying to pass two people going into turn 1 and 2. Blue flag does not mean pull over and stop.

Here is a direct qutoe from our rules:

"Flag Rules: We have a video in place to clear up flag rules but one thing it does not go over is blocking. If you are being lapped by a driver we ask that you hold your line and allow them to pass cleanly but not block them."

I did neither. But if you have an issue, please fill out an IR form.
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All you have to do is let off the throttle for 1 or 2 seconds at most, but you just HAD to race us INTO the turn. There were plenty of people in the chat that saw it and agreed you were well in the wrong....twice at that
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Easy fellas...Lets try and be decent to each other on the forums. If there was an issue please file an IR and appropriate actions will be taken.

I know its easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment. I'm guilty of this myself. (I tried to murder a driver who I thought wronged me at Laguna Seca) But at the end of the day we have to remember that its a game and the only thing really on the line is our pride.
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Someone share the replay and I will look into this. Let the IR system do its job and have fun on track.