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  1. SrRd RacinG


    E3 Gran Turismo 5 Release Date
    November 2nd, 2010​

    E3 Gran Turismo 5 Official Trailer


    E3 GT5 New Features List

    -Day to night cycling. (See Video Here)

    -Headlight toggling. (See Clip Here)
    (See Another Clip Here)

    -Working Reverse Lights. (See Clip Here)

    -- Two types of cars: Premium and Standard --

    -Over 800 standard cars (mostly gathered from the franchise’s previous four editions.)
    -Over 200 premium cars.
    -Total cars available: 1000-plus (final amount has yet to be determined)

    -- Premium cars get --
    - Full interior recreation
    - Physics damage (affects car performance)
    - Scratches, dents, dirt accumulation
    - Deformation and separation of body panels
    -Vehicular roll over
    -Headlights: High/low beams

    -- Standard cars get --
    - Physics damage (affects car performance)
    - Scratches, dents, dirt accumulation
    -Headlights: Standard lights only

    -- Online --
    - Community connectivity allowed
    - Each user gets a “My Lounge” to connect with fellow racers
    - Once in lounge, users can chat, watch racing, race each other
    - Lounge can be password protected for certain friends
    - Every user gets a viewable profile that shows game progress, status, and ability

    -- Photo Mode --

    - 2 Modes: Race Photo and Photo Travel
    - Race -
    - Take photos of cars racing
    - Photo Travel -
    - Situate vehicles at prescribed locations
    - E3 demo includes: Kyoto, Japan; Italian countryside; Red Bull Hangar 7
    - Full replication of real world wind, weather, and sounds
    - Allows for Full Manual and AUTO mode usage, just as with professional DSLR cameras
    - White Balance, focal length, shutter speed, F stop, etc.

    -- Visual Effects --
    - Night, day, shadows, sunset, sunrise all simulated
    - low/high beams
    - lights will illuminate dust, fog, smoke
    - Collision sparks
    - Kicking up debris
    - Horn

    -- 3D/ Face Tracking --

    - Two technologies combined for first time in video game
    - Gives full perspective of vehicle interior for an immersed experience

    -- NASCAR --
    - 9 cars revealed at E3 demo
    - More are currently under development ahead of release
    - Ability to race NASCAR racers on numerous world circuits (i.e., Nurburgring, Le Mans, etc.)

    Yamauchi-san also mentioned:
    -- Users will be able to race a full 24 Hours of Le Mans or Nurburgring.
    -- Full NASCAR races available
    -- There will be an available virtual driving school for GT beginners
    -- In addition to Ferrari, more Formula 1 teams are expected
    -- GT5 will be produced in 12 languages


    E3 New Cars/Manufacturers List
    -[​IMG]-Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione 09' (See Image Here)
    -[​IMG]- Chevrolet Camaro SS 10' (See Image Here)-
    -[​IMG]-Dodge Challenger SRT-8 09' (See Image Here)
    -[​IMG]- Ford Fusion 10'- Carl Edwards #99 (NASCAR) (See Image Here)
    -[​IMG]- Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 07' (See Image Here)
    -[​IMG]- Maserati GranTurismo S 08' (See Image Here)
    -[​IMG]- Tesla Roadster 08' (See Image Here)
    -[​IMG]- Toyota Camry 10'- Kyle Busch #18 (NASCAR) (See Image Here)

    Toyota Camry 10'- Brian Vickers #83 (NASCAR) See Image Here)


    E3 New/Returning Tracks List

    -[Returning!] Circuit de la Sarthe (See Image Here)
    -[NEW!] Madrid (Curso Del Sol) (See Image Here)

    -[NEW!] Nurburgring 24H (See Image Here)

    -[NEW!] Nurburgring GP/F (See Image Here)

    -[New!] Rome Circuit (See Image Here)

    -[NEW!] Top Gear Test Track (See Image Here)

    -[NEW!] Toscana (See Image Here)

    E3 GT5 New Demo Footage List
    Racing @ Toscana​

    -1. Click here to view day/night transition @ Toscana.

    -2.Click here to view night racing @ Toscana. NO SOUND.

    -3.Click here to view high quality rallying day/night @ Toscana. NO SOUND.

    -4.Click here to view high quality rallying (cock-pit view) day/night @ Toscana.

    -5.Click here to view high quality replay @ Toscana & Nurburgring.

    -6.Click here to view cockpit rally racing @ Toscana.
    Racing @ Rome Circuit​
    -1.Click here to view racing at Rome Cicruit. NO SOUND.

    -2.Click here to view LP 560-4 racing @ Rome Circuit.

    -3.Click here to view high quality replay @ Rome Circuit.

    -4.Click here to view ASL Gayraia racing @ Rome Circuit.

    -5.Click here to view racing @ Rome Circuit and Tokyo.

    -6.Click here to view 458 Italia racing @ Rome Circuit. Gameplay @ 1:18 (pardon the Italian).

    -7.Click here to view Camaro SS cock-pit racing @ Rome Circuit.

    Racing @ Madrid​

    -1.Click Here to view cock-pit racing @ Madrid. NO SOUND.

    -2.Click Here to view very high quality Enzo racing @ Madrid. NO SOUND.

    -3.Click Here to view R8 racing @ Madrid. Hood cam view.

    Racing @ Circuit de la Sarthe​
    -1.Click here to view high quality replay @ Circuit de la Sarthe
    Racing @ Top Gear Test Track​
    -1.Click here to view stock car replay @ Top Gear Test Track

    -2.Click here to view Ford GT @ Top Gear Test Track
    Racing @ Indianapolis Motor Speedway​
    -1.Click here to view cock-pit NASCAR racing.
    Racing @ Nürburgring​
    -1.Click here to view R8 racing.
    Miscellaneous Videos​
    -1.Click here to view all cars available in E3's demo.

    -2.Click here to view special effects scenes.

    -3.Click here to view montage of standard cars.

    -4.Click here to view clips from photo mode.

    E3 GT5 New Interviews List

    -1.Click here -Eurogamer meets Kazunori Yamauchi. New insight about GT5.

    -2.Click here -IGN's impression of demo. News details about GT5.

    -3.Click here -Gamespot talks to Kaznuori Yamauchi. News details about GT5.

    -4.Click here -Gamespot reflects on closed door conference. News details.

    -5.Click here -Kotaku reports GT5 news. News details about GT5.

    -6.Click here -Motor Trend reports GT5 news. News details about GT5.

    -7.Click here -G4TV video interview with Kaznunori Yamauchi.

    -8.Click here -IGN video interview with Sony’s associate Gran Turismo 5 producer Chris Hinojosa-Miranda.

    -9.Click here -Gamestradamusvideo interview with Sony’s associate Gran Turismo 5 producer Chris Hinojosa-Miranda.

    -10.Click here -Video interview with Sony’s Gran Turismo 5 U.S. producer Taku Imasaki.

    -11.Click here - Interview with president of SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida.

    -12.Click here - GTchannel video interview with Kazunori Yamauchi.

    -13.Click here - racesimcentral video interview and review of GT5.
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  2. fasj6418

    Brazil Camboriu - Braz

    Hopefully it will be more like the last E3 before GT4. We had tons of info back then:)

    April and May will be loooong months.

    The good thing is, it can't possibly get any worse, so i think our wait is almost over.
  3. eSZee

    United States Chicago, iLL

    How bored are you?
  4. Touchingcloth76

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    How's this for sad: I had a dream a few weeks ago that it'll be released on June 14th. Even sadder: I still have hope in my dream...(what a:censored: I am)
  5. CarBastard

    Colombia Bogota,Colombia

    Very, I'd say taking in account there's plenty of time before E3. But still, I appreciate very much this threads. Thanks to SrRd to keep the forums organized, I'm sure that when the day comes this thread will be 100 pages long with a ton of info on the first post :tup:. Can't wait for E3!
  6. SrRd RacinG


    Not too bored. I just had class and I have work soon. But to make this topic, it takes about an hour and change. And I don't want to make it on June 14th. I'm a procrastinator by heart. It looks like it should take ten minutes, but it doesn't. You should see how it looks if I edit it. It's so confusing. But it's all good. We now got something to look forward to. Time will fly.
  7. cletus 669


    Thanks SrRd RacinG!:tup: This thread will be very helpful very soon, sooner than you think! Haha!
  8. Moglet

    United Kingdom Cambridgeshire

    76 days and you've already started a thread about it? Right. So in the mean time it'll just get clogged up with information already found on the front page or other threads? I can't see this ending well.
  9. Lain

    United States Seabrook, TX

    Thread looks nice. Can't wait for the content to pour in. :)
  10. SrRd RacinG


    I don't follow this too well.

    But thanks to the other posters!
  11. Moglet

    United Kingdom Cambridgeshire

    It basically means; What are you going to do with this thread for those 76 days before E3?
  12. SrRd RacinG


    Whatever one chooses! If it's dead by then, I'll give it a bump a few days before or whatnot. But the idea is to have something to chat about. Nothing more. Once the information comes in, it'll all be clearer.
  13. How desperate can you be to have the E3 info all posted under your own thread?

    I'm gonna start an 'Official E3 Information Thread" the day before E3 just to render this thread pointless :tup:
  14. 6ix


    Can I start a GT5 bugs thread already?
  15. Dan_

    Brazil Desert Island

    Well done, at least this will prevent threads like "Nissan PAO '89 confirmed in GT5 E3 2010 Trailer!!!! OMG!!!"

    I'll just make an objection to the blinding colors you used to describe E3, but in life, nothing is really perfect. I guess that's not the way the sensei think...thanks for that KY. :D

    After the first wave of rage by the new thread haters class of these forums, here we go. I'm expecting to get a release date and a complete showcase of the final build of the game, I'm tired of seeing video "A" paddle animations, video "B" paddle animations and try to guess what ****ing animation will be in the final build, same goes for physics, wheelspin glitches and all stuff we've seen in these forums in the last months. One video, six minutes of ininterrupt show of menus, screens, garage and WRC, damn the race replays, I'm bored of them, in game footage! Now! errrhm, sorry... In game footage, At E3!!!. ;)
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2010
  16. Lucas

    Argentina Buenos Aires

    Nothing. Any other answer than that one would be a lie. Which is why I find this thread funny.
  17. SrRd RacinG


    Wow@ the reactions. I almost feel silly, but not quite.:ouch:


    The idea is to have a source of information and a place to view all of the facts without skipping around to various discussions like mad men. Now, if someone makes a thread about ONE E3 idea, so be it. It'll make it a lot easier to focus on JUST that idea in that ONE topic. For example, the confirmation of X or the confirmation of Y (if it warrants its own discussion).

    Is that clearer for anyone?:idea:
  18. cletus 669


    Jealous? Can we all stop the hating, it is getting out of control. Go ahead and start your own thread and see what happens... You will just get told to use the search function because there is already an existing thread on this topic.:dunce:
  19. Yes. I'm jealous.

  20. SrRd RacinG


    You should have been there for TGS 2009. My God, it was a mad house. There were like 10 topics about damage. 5 about Lamborghini. 7 about the SLS AMG and the 458 Italia. It was funny but bad at the same time. I'm just looking for organization like with TGS 2009.. And I can guarantee it that I'll be here to update information like the time before.
  21. Tomaz


    Hehe yeah, there were like 20 posts in 1 minute for sure.

    Tnx for this thread and updates that will come next!
  22. Strittan

    Sweden Sweden

    Here we go... already two pages and E3 is over two months away. How briliant. :tup:
  23. I can't believe that trailer is 9 months old already. It feels like yesterday to me. In fact, I can't believe we're on the cusp of E3 again. Where the hell has time gone?
  24. Lain

    United States Seabrook, TX

    Guys, it doesn't matter if there's 50 pages of irrelevant posts before E3 even starts, so long as the first post is kept up to date when E3 does start. :tup:

    Heh, yeah... I still watch that trailer every now and then whenever GT is on my mind.
  25. Interpol-007


    I hope PD doesn't see this thread, cuz they will think that we don't want any info in April And Mayo.
  26. paulpg87

    Italy Milan, Italy

    we'll get nothing new.
  27. Terronium-12

    Online Now!
    United States Brooklyn, NY

    I take it you're from the future then?
  28. GTjazzabrandy


    I don't think this thread will do anything to stop that. I think this thread has been made far too early just so that you have the thread instead of anyone else.
  29. Lain

    United States Seabrook, TX

    GT5's gonna have a media blow-out someday, and there's only so many days in the target release year of 2010.

    So... I think we'll get either the blow-out at E3, or a decent tease. Release date perhaps?
  30. TokyoDrift


    Agreed. We know so little really, yet so much has been said. It's only a matter of time before they are ready to show their hand, and what better time to do so than at E3?
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