Gran Turismo 5 Day/Night Transition Video (GTPlanet Exclusive)

Exclusive video from the E3 2010 GT5 demo – thanks to our man Sage for capturing this!

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    I Wish Today is November 1 i can’t wait!!!!!!! finally the long wait is getting ovah!!! 11.2.10

  2. Danny

    Can’t wait to race the Green Hell in a GT-R or a Evo X!!!
    Just one thing: at the start there is blowing sand/gravel behind the 1st car, so they race on sand/gravel, just like they should. Then why do I hear tyre screeches in sharp corners?
    Anything else? Hell no!!!

    1. funrun

      lol… to those we say turn the sun back on and stop whining. I mean does anybody really think PD are gonna spend all this time developing night racing and not go for true replication, this is simply how it is and how we true fans want it!

  3. brettjr25

    It reminds me of Grid, those cars need better headlights because they barely illuminate much track ahead of you and only illuminate the ground and not the sky. It sorta feels like a pain because when you’re racing it’s like you’re starring at the ground the entire time.

    1. alwaysoffboost

      For those of you unsatisfied with the lights: Check out the Top Gear episode where they run a 24hr race in the BMW 335d. It makes you realize how difficult and dark night racing really is. No street lights or ambient lights to illuminate nearby objects. I find the night racing video in GT5 to be extremely realistic.

    2. Wiretap

      I have to say I totally agree with this, you cpuld hardly see a thing during the 24hr race on Top Gear.

      GT5 is shaping up to be f**king fantastic!!

    3. mad082

      did you guys ever think that maybe you couldn’t see that well on the topgear episode because of the settings on the camera? i don’t know about you but i’ve dont plenty of driving out in the middle of no-where where there are no street lights, and even with low beams on you could stt better than what you could on that gt5 demo. here’s a youtube video of what rallying at night is really like

  4. GMW

    Loss for words! Total and Utter Amazement!! This is by far the very best day/night cycle quality I have ever witnessed in a video game. I’m sure they will have an option to control the speed so those that want it to exactly mimic the clock can get it to do so and those that want it every 1 hour or ever 10 minutes can do so. I mean if they can do it like we have seen I’m sure there is a setting control for it. After all, some of us who mainly play at night don’t want only night races all the time! :-))

    I can only pray they give us a demo to play with till November 2nd. Pretty Please!!!!

  5. Mula

    It looks very good and all, but I have to say that it doesn’t sound like driving on dirt, it rather sounded like driving on regular asphalt, and I have to point out that the dirt spray looked poor. Besides that, damn it looked great!
    There’s still time for improvement.

  6. Chris

    Yep, they certainly are TD…
    …you give em some new vids and a new trailor and they still complain!!

    Game looks absolutely beautiful though!!!


    To all the GT fans who suffered through the last 2-3 years – heaven ain’t far away!

    And to everyone who bagged Gran Turismo and slagged off PD – who’s comin’ in their panties now?

  8. owaldock

    notice that the shadows dont get any longer. seems they just turn down the ambient lighting, mid day shadows still visible during the night animation looks a bit odd.

  9. S3 Racer

    <Who's the men?? Who's the man??

    You are, yyeah Kaz-san, i'm talking to you

    If you see him at e3 give him a clap on the ass and scream yeah baby!!

    1. S3 Racer

      hahaha, and your comment doesn’t impress neither do you
      Forza fanboys go on your site and have fun with forza3.5 and an invisible steering wheel

  10. Yui-San

    Look great! Day/Night cycle looks pretty smooth.
    I wonder if there’s still that annoying invisible wall.

  11. idlestation

    Headlights are awesome.. I love the realism. I think its well worth the wait, the game keeps getting better and better.

  12. [The Stig]

    jordan , if there will be any info about cockpits please let us know…
    i’m so nervous right now… :/

  13. Hampus_dh

    Not even Forza 307 will be on par with GT5.

    MS Fanboys, you bought the wrong console and the wrong game suckers!

  14. jz

    On the menu screen of GT5P, they featured a city with their weather and time. It’ll be nice if they match the time of day to the track you’re driving on. Only problem is the fictional courses, but I guess they can just match your local time.

  15. JBO!

    i cant wait to tune a 700 hp supra and stomp the pedal down the le mans straight at night….with the high beams on..from the trailer it looks like u can turn on the light s…(as shown on the ford gt)…hopefully that speculation is true….man n ive heard u r gonna be able to ad diffusers n lips on cars…n maybe bodykits…or have a 300 hp honda tearing down deep forest at dawn…man nov 3 is gonna be a good day..need to invest on a 3d tv n racing pod

  16. #LOTU5#

    I was loosing my confidence to GT5 after release date announced. Thanks to your hype, I am back in business :)

  17. David

    Excellent video but pity it was captured with the worst modern camera phone quality out there (iPhone 3GS). Any digital camera with video functionality would have been better… oh well, at least we got a chance to see it first on GTPlanet.

    1. Bernd

      I bet, it won’t be long before we have better footage. For me it’s more than good enough to get a first impression of our long awaited baby !

  18. AMG

    I dont wait for gt5 its the first release date dont expect much ther will be a delay like gt4 i expect gt5 Q1 2011

  19. Mr. Premium

    Damn, they’ve actually been listening.. Hopefully there’s more surprises.

    My birthday is November the 5th, I’ll have to get meself a little gift :p

  20. Mike

    Can I get an opinion on the dirt rooster tails when he gets passed at 0:27. Is it just me or do those look pretty bad?

    1. RE515TANT

      Eh, I think the dust cloud fades too quickly. It’s possible that this is more gravel than dirt and it’s just supposed to be road spray form that, but I dunno.

      It probably does need some tweaking though imo.

  21. CanAm1968

    My only concern is that on a long endurance race…I would like to think the sun wont turn into the moon in just 2 laps….lmao!

    1. Denz

      They made it fast so you could see that there actually is a transition in the short demo that is timed. Im sure gt5 will have a good timing cycle.

  22. :O

    omg omg omg im gonna have a good nights sleep with all the gt5 ness in my eye balls!!! but 2nd is just for usa? or is that a worldwide release date?!

  23. ElieTheBear

    cockpit view
    day/night cycle
    more cars (1000)
    new tracks (top gear, toscana etc.)
    replay to youtube
    roll overs
    kazunori yamauchi gives us oll !

    just miss rain and skidmarks etc .. lol
    n personnaly i dont care .. with all we have now in
    this man furismo jive …. we dont have anything
    negative to say .. even for sounds etc .. we got oll !

  24. Sam__NY

    Does anyone know if Sage will have any new demo footage of NASCAR for us? It’s the only cars we haven’t seen true gameplay footage of yet, and I’m dying to know what it looks like.

  25. Jackc_2001

    ahhh… for me i guess the dynamic day/night cycle came way too late… i remember 5 years ago I was driving the ring 16 hrs by myself (and when I was sleeping I let the PS2 do all the job)…. after 5 years, I’m no longer a student and I need to work 5 days a week…. I guess I will not really have a chance to drive the ring or the Le Mans circut 16 hours and see the dynamic day/night changing :(

  26. mad082

    the lights don’t shine far enough ahead. whether it be a road car or a rally car (especially a rally car actually) you can see more than a car length in front of the car. on that demo you can’t really see the corner until you are at it. in real life you can see the corner from probably 80m away (further with high beam on), and not just from the sign posts.

  27. guy

    Fantastic video.

    I hope the online will be also completely overhauled.

    We need to be to race ANY type of race, at any time of day, on any track and using any spec car fully configurable, and with private race lobbies.

    The system in place in GT5P where PD dictates what people can race was a _really_ bad idea and I hope PD realizes that. People now best what they want to play!

  28. BP G@mer

    Is there only this rally track??
    On E3 09 it said WRC and that mean point-to-point races not circuit races just like on GT4 I’m getting a little disappointed… (Yes I love the rally races)

  29. robert

    All i can say is “Bend over Forza, put your head between your knees…….AND KISS YOUR ASS GOODBYE”

    But to quote someone else here, THE KING IS BACK

  30. Riad

    i agree, but im starting to notice concerns here and there, yet to see 16 cars on tracks on recent builds too.. lol just paraniod for noting i guess but hey most of us here have been following the progress of this game that we almost feel connected to the outcome.. .. hahh im just worryin for no reason. all i need is a bunch of cars, a nice track and the gt driving magic.. everyting else is a nice bonus .. lol

  31. iucidium

    kaz wouldn’t do that Riad, he’s a racer. he wants to convey all aspects to us including night driving

  32. Spazza

    Stunning, just stunning. GT5 will be worth the 5 year production time, because no other driving sim will come close to it for at least the next 5 years! :D

  33. scandisk


    Thanks Sage and Jordan!

    GTP does it again!

    now wheres amar :> c’mon dude spill the beans!

  34. Riad

    looks great, i have a gut feeling the rally races have these extra day night cycle aspect or with races with low amount of track cars .. similar to past wet races.. i hope im wrong

    1. Luke

      It`s still only a demo. The feature is there, so i`m sure they will be using it for the other racing series as well. Maybe they will link the day/night feature to the actual time in your country or your PS3. So if play at night, you drive at night, that would be great.
      It wouldn`t make sense if it suddenly would turn to night in a race with 5 laps.

  35. RPR101

    this is simply aw inspiring!! i pre-ordered today and im going to upgrade to the collectors edition pre-order as soon as its available at gamestop cant wait =)

  36. fade

    I’m going to retire to a Nuclear bunker until November. Is it November in europe? If not i’m importing.

  37. Mickle Pickle


    that would be such a big step backward… i would rather give up damage…

    1. omseti

      me too, iv gotta have some kind of racing field. i keep reading up 16 cars, but in some conditions it may be 8 because damage is an option. idk. hope 16 cars too. and i know the ai seems smart, but does the ai race you? Gt4 was you vs ur last lap time, thats old news or olds. either way im appreciative of every1 for their footage and im appreciative of pd

  38. Devedander

    Assuming that this can be a little more smooth and drawn out where appropriate, very nicely done! Reminds me of the races in 24 hour le mans on Dreamcast.

    Was that one of the rally courses though? If so it doesn’t look too… rally… to me.

    1. marcus

      I don’t think there is proper point to point rallyin:(. Just the same old rallycross stylee racing we’ve grown accustomed to. Shame.

  39. SEIDO463

    I hope this day/night transition is with all tracks, ecspecially the Nordschleife and Le Man…. endurance racing will be awesome

  40. SEIDO463

    I hope this day/night transition is with all tracks, ecspecially the Nordschleife and Le Man…. endurancing racing will be awesome

  41. John Marine

    Nothing short of impressive. Even here on GTPlanet and in my blog, I always speculated on Polyphony Digital experimenting with some sort of environmental system allowing for time and weather cycles. One half of this equation was clearly proven in this video. The biggest benefactor of this will be the endurance races and even some of the races held in the late afternoon or early evening. I know of the people who complained of “24 Hours of Daylight” in GT4 for Le Mans and the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Crafty use of these time cycles will make races fun for GT5 and add a little more realism to certain longer races. This big bad wolf huffed, puffed, and blown me the heck away this video as well as the E3 2010 video.

  42. Detroitbb

    Frankly, I’m impressed that the person was able to hold the camera phone so steady while trying to drive!

  43. TTownEP

    Was there someone there to kick you off when the time ran out? Sounded like it, haha. Looks AWESOME! Can’t wait!!!

  44. noname

    Do i have to mention 24 hour endurance race guys?! with 16 cars.. beautiful headlights at night.. I might shit my pants !! Gotta buy some new underwear ;)

  45. Gamer GT5

    On 1:42 The other car on the right looks so real i’m so amazed! Also how the sun fades away. I never seen other racing games like this before. It looks too real!

  46. Jack_uk

    This does look outstandingly incredible. Thank you Jordan and Sage for uploading this to GTPlanet.

  47. Paulo

    True love! I would kill to play this demo right now, please put it on PS network for us to download. My year is starting to look a lot brighter.

  48. Turbo_3800

    Looks real and it’ll look even better on my screen at home. So the day/night transition time depends on how long the race is?

    1. Shokz

      I can’t imagine it’s usually that quick a change – maybe it’s sped up in the E3 demo just to show it off?

    2. Gamer GT5

      I also think it’s probably just to show off the day/night transition to the e3. Even if it’s not it’s still awesome!

    3. psn id: Astro_BS-AS

      For sure it depends on the lenght of the race. If not, you will be racing 2 laps on “day” and 30 at “night”.
      And, seeing how these insane programmers work, hope that the 24 hours races have the day-night cicle as real as it can be.

    1. Sage

      Hahaha yeah I was hugely surprised I didn’t crash more or completely lose the video framing. I waited an hour+ for somebody to play Toscana , but everybody kept trying out Tokyo and Rome for whatever reason so I finally had to do it myself.

  49. Erik

    Wow, it looks good! It also looks like a very fast transition, not exactly real-time. Is is a feature that is meant to be used in the 24h races or is this just a demo to show that it can be done? I’m kind of hoping for long sunsets / sunrises in the finished game…

    1. RE515TANT

      I would imagine that this is accelerated so you can see what the game engine is capable of in a 2-minute demo. I would imagine real time changes would be in effect, especially for the 24hr races.

      Like other ppl said, dynamic weather would be a freaking sweet addition to this. Even if it is only moving clouds and the overall weather pattern does not change, it would be very very cool.

  50. greekwarrior1978

    awesome gameplay!!!!!please yamachi,,,,give us the demo when november comes,,,its a long time….please,,please…

  51. iwantaporsche

    Spectacular! I am so freaking excited right now.

    That only leaves 4 items on my GT5 perfection wishlist:

    1) Spa
    2) The return of Trial Mountain and Deep Forrest
    2) Porsches (unlikely, but I can still dream)
    3) Dynamic skid marks (I know. I know.)

    1. psn id: Astro_BS-AS

      1) No idea if the track is going to be in the game

      2) Those two incredible tracks are included in GT PSP. There´s no way that those won´t be included in the final game

      3) You have RUF. Much More than a “normal” Porsche, by the way, although they never touch the Carrera GT, and that is to be missed…

      4) Dreaming the same…. Drawing my name in Nurburing and taking a photo…

    2. marcus

      1)all f1 circuits
      2)point to point rallying
      3)interior colour choice (like tdu)
      4)A mode to do full seasons in a particuar motorsport e.g. nascar wrc super gt etc

    3. kekke2000

      1) Ashtrays that can be open
      2) Headlight failure
      3) Being able to roll the windows down/up
      4) Heated seats!!

      Fix this and GT will finally be a game worth buying.

  52. worstdriver1393

    AWESOME, looks like you’re having fun sage, you lucky guy. :P

    Can’t wait to play it with my G27 :D

    1. lado

      I agree, if we have such a ultra amaziiiinng :D day n night system and such i hope a good weather system i just need the Blu Ray to put in my PS3 :D damage then is unnecessary.

  53. Vada

    Wow! They got the headlights / beam just right imho.

    Can’t see anything more than a few feet in front once the darkness sets in!
    Nice! Roll on November!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. viejaloca

      And we though it wouldn’t be in the game…
      I can’t blame PD for not giving us all the info. Sometimes it’s just better to wait and see. Am I right?

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