Gran Turismo 7 1.35 Update Now Available: Adds Aston Martin Valkyrie and New Music Rally Races

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Maybe they were complete games with no communication needed? Maybe the golden era of the studio is over? Whatever, I'm almost done with this series.
So just gonna ignore the part where GT5's whole nonsense with how long it took happened (with lazily reusing PS2 assets and DLC that included one time use Paints you paid real money for), GT6's poor output of post launch content AND axing of actual endurance events and GT Sport's credit limit only being able to be lifted by completing a series of time trials, that you pay for, and who's reward car is nothing more the a Mercedes VGT with worse wheels and a tacky rear wing. Why even wait? So you can join countless others and make another "I quit" thread that has as much meaningless effect as all the others did? Just do it already, you are only setting yourself up given this is PD we are talking here. They operate in their own way and it won't change at all.
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I quote! They put a 20 minute plus event at autopolis that is worth 240M credits. This is gonna be 4 one and done events. If they add a 550 pp events with a 300M payout, let’s say 15-18 minutes to complete it will revive the offline game.
I think the clean race bonus is bugged on that Autopolis event. I got it and I don't recall being gentle with the AI at all.

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