Gran Turismo 7: How Trial Mountain Has Changed

Look what they did to my boy!
I dreamed one day that Trial Mountain & Deep Forest were located on the same terrain and, in the future, both would comprise the option of a single route. Anyway, I even made a topic about this outline, in the Suggestions section.

But I just didn't like the decisions about visual concepts. Some decisions left the arcade racing game look. I think it can be fixed.

I am uncomfortable with the free margins of the opposite straight and of the other sections of the circuit (curves 5, 7, 10, 11 and 12), because they give the feeling of allowing the collision with the trees.

Otherwise, what will they do about it? The old invisible wall? Therefore, it would be more elegant to widen the edges and create small run-off areas and low walls, in the visual style of Dragon Trail (short wall), or appealing to a more radical concept, like Maggiore (short wall and fences).

Without abandoning the classic scenario, a raw and realistic visual of a professional race track would make the new TM more interesting, IHMO.
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The chicane at the end used to be great because of the speed of it, it challenged people, there were different lines and massive consequences for getting it wrong. The above just looks like a generic slow chicane, I hope to be proved wrong.

The extra length of the circuit is inevitable, no issue there.
Tilkedroming Trial Mountain's last chicane is a murder on the race track.

Lets add some DRS zones, shall we?

Also, i really mind the lenght of the back straight. This track used to be mid speed track. Now it has 2 very long straights :(
The length extension could have possibly been avoided if they moved the pit straight to the back straight? Silverstone did this to their circuit in real life. By doing so, they could also eliminate the forested hump on the straight. A tunnel start like Tokyo Expressway East would make an interesting map design too.

The iconic final chicane could've been saved and the old pit straight can exist as an alternate club level pit facility like in Silverstone, Motegi, Suzuka, and Spa. Or have it become a small tourist strip mall to fit in the theme of a circuit based on a public winding road. Have that building accessible, fit in a place to park cars, and it would make a great meeting point for online play and maybe a Coffee Break.

The longer straights would add more time taken to get to the other halve of the circuit. It reminds me of how long St. Croix's C layout straight. Regardless, I'm eager to try this version. And personally, the final chicane changes had it coming.
I would rather not. They'll get destroyed too. Deep Forest will no longer look like a clenched fist as the trial mountain doesnt look like a sprinting athlete anymore.
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I don't mind about PD changing it. In fact, I would prefer more changes to give a more realistic feel, like adding armco, fences, soft walls, sand traps, run off areas, etc.

Anyway, if this is the standard for GT7, I think the tracks continue a little sterile, it should had more dirt, animated track side elements. Think off DriveClub. Talking about nostalgia, GT4's track side detail was best in series, PD should look at that.
Is it safe to say the course changes are due to the FIA certification process? I do remember Polyphony stating that their tracks needed to be certified. I could see the FIA having some concerns with the original design.
No more final corner shortcuts then! The whole entire track might fit more cars than the previous iterations due to longer straights.
That final chicane in an eSports race = unnecessary pile-ups, also an unrealistically short and narrow pitlane is problematic

Totally agree the final chicane would have been used for dark arts, to such an extent that the penalty system wouldnt work for the track. The behaviour of gimps online is directly affecting the evolution of the game in many ways...
I watched the trailer again just now. I think... it is not "Trial Mountain" anymore. I'm not sure I'm upset or not, but the only thing I desperate to feel from the trailer is the cockpit and the graphics, so real. If in GTS I'm accustomed to play on cockpit mode without HUD, GT7 seems like perfecting the atmosphere being inside. Personally I don't want Trial Montain and Deep Forest to be changed even for the aspect of esport, I don't care too much.
If it's thought to be dangerous, people have to adapt to it. As simple as that. No point they will be returning back if the differences are too far.
Perhaps I'm way off base here. But I'm wondering if the chicane was changed to prevent less reputable players from yeeting across the grass and pile-driving into innocent players. I'd have preferred a ghosting system, but it makes some sense.