Gran Turismo 7: Latest news and discussion thread

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Me just two minutes after the hour the trailer is supposed to drop:
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Hmmm…here’s to hoping a Track will come with the update. A trailer would’ve been uploaded at this point. 🤔 Maybe PD forgot the auto-upload on YouTube. :lol:
How did they typo with O instead of C? They're on the opposite sides of the keyboard!

I looked on the website and it seems correct. Does this typo show in-game?
I don't know about in-game, I literally screenshotted the website. I wonder if it's just my monitor.

As for the lack of trailers, a user on Twitter named Greeny told me that trailers have in the past been saved for the day of the update. So, this could be just one of those times.
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Maybe they didn't realize that it's a leap year, so they can't get away with calling it the March update lol.

But for real, perhaps February 29th has messed up their systems a bit for timing the trailer launches.
The content updates are always tied to maintenance.
Updates are always tied to maintenance, but maintenance isn't always tied to an update.

I mean, it probably has been so far in GT7, but server maintenance doesn't need an update to happen.

Not that it matters, we do know there's an update "at the end of February", and this is as late in February as it gets.