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EJC x GReddy Fugu Z

EJC x GReddy DAI33 400R
(& wide version)

EJC x GReddy DAI33 400R inverted


The "car" will be silver or yellow depending on the colour of the 400R you bought (6 more colours are supposed to come in the future appearances of the car at Hagerty. I'll do white version for the dark colours)

Updated Fugu Z initially made for GT Sport LEC #49 Wrap like a King

I don't remember who but I remember these decals were made here on GTP on someone else's request and I found them interesting.
So whoever you are, thank you again guys! :D

And for my friends from Sardegna :

(Bugatti pic is outdated sorry, the final livery in the link is a little bit reworked since then)
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Nissan Z32 Team Europe Group A




I just finished an Ilford Photo 80s' livery inspired, Ford Sierra 500. Still learning, but I'm quite pleased with it for my second attempt from scratch.


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I thought it was 100 brought over at a time and then you had to convert them before it would bring more over. Hopefully your right, since they'll shut down GTS now
Actually you might be right... 🤔
I noticed at the time I couldn't find every liveries I made in GT Sport but some of them seemed to be "appearing" without any GT Sport update.
And I've got so much liveries from GT Sport still waiting to be imported to GT7 that I thought everything was available but I might be wrong, my bad.

I may have a look at my GT Sport liveries before the end of the month...
I’m creating a grid of touring cars for some custom races against the AI. Most of the liveries are from the Swedish Touring Car Championship in the early 2000’s (but from other models and in some cases other makes as well). Some sponsor decals have been changed, since there aren’t many logos of small and obscure Swedish businesses available in the game.


These three liveries are all based on real ones from STCC. The M3 livery was on a BMW 330, the Honda livery was on an Accord and the Porsche livery was on a Volvo S60.


The Viper livery was actually created by Bing’s image generator AI. The BMW’s livery is more or less a copy from STCC, but I’ve replaced the flames with a red chequered flag pattern. The Ferrari livery is from a Westcoast Racing BMW.


The Audi livery is from the Audi factory team (I believe it’s from an Audi S4). The BMW is another one of Westcoast Racing. The Renault Clio livery is from a toy car I found online, no idea if it’s based on a real car, but it looked kind of cool.


A better view of the Volvo-based Porsche livery. I believe the team is Flash Engineering, but I think the Polestar team had a similar design.


A better view of the Honda livery. It took quite a long time to draw the flames, but I’m very happy with the result.
New to the game. Can you edit someone else’s helmet design from the showcase? I only see where I can apply that helmet but not edit it. ( I want to remove a few stickers on it )

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