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Australian Supercars team, Brad Jones racing are running a livery competition. It’s open to anyone who lives in Australia (and using any method), but needs to feature Pizza Hut. If you’re an Aussie, get onto it!

The winning design will be put on the real V8 Supercar for the Vailo Adelaide 500 next month. Being my favourite race series, home event, and a once in a lifetime opportunity, I spent a while thinking about this livery.

I played around with a tribute livery, to one of team owner Brad Jones’ Bathurst podium cars, but believing it may be Pizza Hut themselves who judge it, I wasn’t sure they’d get the reference.

Instead I started from scratch. I made a quick replica of the current Pizza Hut race car, to get the secondary sponsors & their positioning right, then deleted everything Pizza related and looked at a blank canvas. If you haven’t seen the Macauley Jones #96, it looks like this:
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My car took 6 full iterations and different concepts before I found something I really liked. I call it a Half ‘n Half, with the red & black sides split by white. I’ve done cars with different colours (or sponsors) on each side before, and the transition is always difficult. By using the third colour and pin striping, I believe I’ve pulled it off in a really cohesive and flowing manner this time.

I certainly don’t expect to win the competition, but it was a great excuse to jump back into liveries after a long break, and I definitely submitted an entry I’m happy with :)

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Winner has been announced.

Team Reese's...


Gran Turismo 2 RM 400R...


Some randomness on the Challenger...


Several months later looks like these have been removed from the profile page - I used the 991 RSR chassis with that livery to import a GT Sport livery and I couldn't restore that livery anymore.


Edit :

GR Yaris RZ Toyota Gazoo Racing 2024
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Did quite a lot the past few days.

LEC 38 entry

Subway WRX

Coca Cola M3

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The tire gang

more pics in my personal livery thread
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