Gran Turismo 7 - Trailers, Videos and Screenshots

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I finally decided to dive in & do some Sport mode races after leaving it so long without doing them! Here is how I got on!


Despite the difficulties I had in getting a run with the Mono, its a good learning experience overall.
It was a nice day for an update especially with the increase of cars on the Legendary Car Dealer and Used Car Dealer as the BMW McLaren F1 GTR showed up and thankfully I still had enough money to buy one.

As usual I took it around the Nords and it was a fun ride.

The Murciélago bull run. Absolutely the best driving experience so far! The car is in its stock form.

My testing grounds where my 300 kg (661 lbs) lighter Scuderia spec F430 with sport softs lose two tenths to this marvelous machine.

Drift drifting insanely

My best rarest and most visually appealing one yet

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It was a pleasant drive with the Shigeno AE86 around the Nords although I had a moment where I almost oofed my run.