Gran Turismo 7's Next Update is Coming Next Week, Adds Genesis and Bulgari Vision GTs

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ahh stock! Yeah I went max out on tuning parts minus the tyres in that video
I admit,at first I was complaining. But,after I played GT7 yesterday, trying to prove my point about the suspension of the Jimny,it started to grow on me. Really handles like my Sports 800(the old Toyota) and my ST.
Edit:It's really good. Slow,but good. It's more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow.
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Yea, nice surprised to get another Genney (said like Forrest Gump) VGT; verified I could change the livery and it would stick. Sold the original for 560k. I'll take it!!
So true! Probably the thing I love most about GT7 is the range of fun slow cars. Moar pls!
I must say, I think my vision of it was blurred. I'm a track/rp guy(In other words,I care about numbers) since this is a simulator. But, only some cars feel...real. The Jimny is one of them. I got 300 miles on it now(at least my upgraded one).

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