Gran Turismo 7's Next Update is Coming Next Week, Adds Genesis and Bulgari Vision GTs

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@IngWeltschmer I'd still take the cheap Silvia, ID.R, two cars, any day over two VGTs and an off-roader. We don't talk about September's VGT.
I am pretty disappointed too about this update, but the three cars of this update in themselves are good imho, what is sad is that they packed them together in the first update after three months of nothing…

But I have to disagree with you, ID.R was useless (electric cars have no place in the game right now, plus it has no real competitors) and the facelift Silvia one month after its similar variant was too much to swallow. Added with another EV, that was a VGT and the double of an already present VGT, I was much more offended by that roster.

At least I can use the Genesis in Sardegna grinding and maybe the Bulgari in Le Mans or Tokyo, plus it’s something quite different from everything in the game as of now, I loved that ‘70s feeling.
And the Jimny, well, I’m not hyped, but that’s the kind of car GT should have, shame it comes now that we have finished the “career mode”, as that’s the typical car you should be using in the first races
complete and utter rubbish! No offence to anyone who likes their VGT's - you will be satisfied, but after a 3 month content drought other than an urgent update to stop people making their car acquisition a little easier, we get 3 cars that will never sit in my garage, nothing here that i can use in creating custom races... I hope we get some decent engine swaps, like something to bring the sierra up to GrpA power specs. We don't know what else is coming yet so my comment is specifically reserved for the 3 silhouettes.
I saw it coming. Not for this update though. :sly::lol::D
I've mentioned maybe SUVs make a return to the game. After this popped up in my feed and knowing GTs were pretty much game versions of Best Motoring, I'm still thinking we'll get some of these SUV/CUV models. This video is from 2017, mind you.

About the SUV/CUVs, for sure. We’ve had concept SUVs in past games. Don’t see why PD would exclude them from this new game.

Yeah, kinda noticed this. 🤔

I’m going way overboard, but unless PD are going to reach out and start a hybrid/EV/SUV heavy car list, its going to be hard to see a new generation of players. Seriously, to find anyone interested in automobiles.

PD would have to do those past collaborations with brands, by offering potential owners a virtual steer of cars at the dealership and/or a code DLC, to try at home.

Toyota GR cars, obviously and Hyundai N cars would be my first suggestions. Popular maninstream brands that could get the attention of a new generation. It’d be like GT Academy, where players didn’t need to own GT to play. Make the code also available on pc. That allows PD to test the waters of pc and open a door for potential new GT players and players that left the franchise.
Anyway, who knows? Could be a good marketing approach for Jimny owners to buy the game. Also, players that weren’t interested in a Jimny to maybe have a look at one in the real world.
Poli... please read:
Valkyrie AMR Pro
Bugatti Bolide (now you can be the first game to use the production version)
Lamborghini essenza scv12
Ford gt mk.II and mk. IV
Huayra R
And of course, your relationship with redbull is good so be the first to add the next RB17.
Oh, and call a man named Gordon Murray who has some interesting things being developed.

For God sake.
1. ~3 months after last update
2. Only 3 cars
3. No community requested cars

Any of the above being false, it would be OK, i.e. only 1 month passed from previous update OR 4/5 cars OR e.g. GT-One.
But all 3 of them is rough... I will test drive all the cars, sure, but I hope they add something to spice this update up.
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Not gonna happen.

I should remind you the "Red Bull love" is nothing but essentially Visions cooked up by Adrian Newey.
Wich can be used to say: "hey buddies! Hope everything's OK! Can we put your new car on our game? Fantastic!"... done.
Disappointing to say the least. But, as always, the main problem is the lack of events. Give us endurance races and/or high payout ones. We do have enough cars and track, but not enough events to enjoy them
Agree even I can only do Tokyo so many times.:lol:👍

On the cars Meh thankfully I don't have space in my garage for this cars cause the few remaining spaces are reserved.👍
For the Suzuki brand in the game, this is great. They’ve got the iconic Escudo, the oh slo blessed Cappuccino
(which should have given us a hint when it was, recently, in the UCD!), Gr.3 and Gr.4 Sport Mode representation. The classic SSS and new SSS.
Probably only need maybe a Wagon R or Alto Works, Suzuki looks done.

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