Gran Turismo Sport delayed to 2017

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by Pophead, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. Pophead

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    Just posted on the Playstation blog (

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  2. Chameleon

    Australia Brisbane, Australia

    What a surprise!
  3. Chikane

    United States Home

    PD Gonna PD :lol:
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  4. syntex123

    Norway Nøtterøy

    Continue to be shown? Where? It hasn't been shown much at all..
  5. Ameer67

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  6. Fabr_123


    I was really excited to play GT this year... really disappointing
  7. Samus

    United Kingdom UK

    Shocker. Worrying that they don't even have a date in 2017 either, just 2017. Could be March, could be June..or later.
  8. sems4arsenal

    Egypt Cairo, Egypt

    Told you.
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  9. What ever happened to that promised beta test as well? This news doesn't even surprise me though, it wouldn't be a Gran Turismo release without at least a few delays.
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  10. Samus

    United Kingdom UK

    Well they said they cut that so they can make the November date for the full game. So much for that.

    This really is quite a shambles. PS4 released November 2013, PD are not going to have a game over three years later. It could end up being closer to 4.
  11. syntex123

    Norway Nøtterøy

    We deserve a beta after this disaster.
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  12. patriotzero

    Turkey At HOME!

    Without delay GT unthinkable
  13. Samus

    United Kingdom UK

    @Zlork, you REALLY need a new crystal ball. :p
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  14. I can't... I miss the glory days of GT... I will buy today Forza 6.

    It's not even GT7!!!!!!
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  15. No beta and this?? WTF Yamauchi
  16. Viper224


    I'm shocked...honestly what is with Polyphony? I've never been one to criticize them, but it's getting rediculous. Is the team too small? I just don't get how Forza can put out 3 games before 1 GT game. I feel like it's because Polyphony focuses on little features and tie ins, which most people won't use in the first place. Is it too much to ask for just cars, tracks, good graphics and good sound? Maybe if Sony started cutting some funding they would focus on the core elements of a racing game and get it out the door...
  17. sems4arsenal

    Egypt Cairo, Egypt

    No show at PSX, E3 conference, cancelled beta, an underwhelming launch event. Writing was on the wall.

    Also this is more laughable since the excuse given to PD during the PS3 days was the CELL architecture was hard to code for, we'll it's been 4 years and we ain't playing any GTgame soon :lol: .
  18. Scuderia Paul

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    This is a pity as I am really looking forward to GTS as I do every GT launch. However, it is not surprising in the slightest. Hopefully this delay will mean we do not have to wait for features like we did with GT6. I will still purchase GTS but I do not mind waiting although I do feel for those who were counting down the days to it.

    With Assetto Corsa having just launched and my new wheel set-up on the way I will be more than content on the racing front.

    I have never been one to criticise PD but you really must question the structure and productivity within. When a GT launches it is not exactly the mother of all racing games with perfect sound, damage and a feature-complete state. A glut of new personnel or a real look at studio efficiency is required.
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  19. jontikis

    Greece Athens

    Oh my God that was totally unexpected!!


    It wasn't at all...
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  20. j0nny0093


    PD, you're always the same... well, I think that I'll buy this game when I'll get married :D
  21. It's REALLY normal for PD, but I thought it won't happen this time! :lol:


    The lack of new release date is the most worrying thing here.

    Other than that, it's business as usual. I was kinda expecting a delay and that's not even because of PD. Every single racing sim (or hell, even every game this generation) seems to get delayed these days.

    Now can we not do a No Man's Sky and send Kaz death threats? Cheers.
  23. Gogga

    South Africa Johannesburg

    Glad I have Assetto Corsa and Dirt Rally to keep me going.
  24. Samus

    United Kingdom UK

    As long as they don't send them by fax he probably won't read them anyway.
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  25. JC_Dude



    So is the beta coming then?
  26. Toblakai99


    This sucks but I would rather have a delay than a half finished game.Now they can add a sp campaign.
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  27. I'm disappointed.

    When I played it at Gamescom, I was optimistic but obviously PoDi seems to need more time. What worries me is the new date. 2017 is very vague.


    I suppose that's the upside of having little to no social media presence. No angry fans to deal with directly.
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  29. doblocruiser

    France Nantes

    Well somewhere we all knew this was going to happen didn't we?

    But boy it really never changes does it....:lol:
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