Sony Executive Jim Ryan Confident in GT Sport Release Date

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As you know by now, Gran Turismo Sport was announced at last night’s Paris Games Week PlayStation Press Conference and is currently earmarked for a 2016 release, confirmed on the official PlayStation Blog, with a public beta expected to make way next Spring.

Gran Turismo isn’t the most reliable when it comes to scheduling as evidenced by delays affecting virtually every installment in the franchise in some way or another, and with the aforementioned confirmation that GT Sport will release some time next year, is Sony confident the game can be released on time without any trouble?

Jim Ryan, Sony Europe’s President and CEO is confident GT Sport will be delivered on time as he told Eurogamer:

“Yeah, we’re confident,” said Ryan. “There’s nothing at this stage to suggest that he won’t deliver on what was said. He’s obviously been working on this for a while now, it’s been a while since GT6 released, so we’re confident.”

Be sure to stop by GTPlanet’s new Gran Turismo Sport forum to discuss today’s and all future GT Sport announcements with the rest of the community.

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  1. HarVee

    All I taste is salt. Ryan was confident that GT6 would have a “Quantum Leap” in DLC. So where is it?

    Exactly. His statements are unreliable.

    1. karelpipa

      Well, there are some sources telling that EA and Porsche exclusivity may end by the end of this year, but where did you see Porsches in the trailer?

    2. HarVee

      The theme of the trailer was the history and evolution of motorsports. It seems only natural to feature a clip of the 917K, considering its impact at Le Mans. However, in no way does featuring a real-world clip of a Porsche car signify that the bran will make an appearance.

  2. BrunetPaquet

    I *LOVE* testing beta’s… count me in!

    I grew with Gran Turismo being my favorite racing game since End-1997.

  3. mickoafna

    The above picture of new MX-5 looks like a picture from GT6.
    I’m guessing we will get all those cars for GT6 as well.

  4. SZRT Ice

    Kaz must be a stressed out guy, the way everyone puts their complaints and expectations on him. I’m sure he knows enough about delays and development troubles to not have to be constantly reminded about them. I really hope the game is a shining success so his fanbase can chill the heck out…

    Funny how it’s the people who love the franchise the most are the ones to complain the most. A bit of understanding goes a long way.

    1. Johnnypenso

      All VGT’s were supposed to be ready in the first year and the FIA Project was supposed to be delivered by the spring of 2015 into GT6. So no, it isn’t finished, and with this news, likely never will be.

    2. spsajewski

      Probably shouldn’t have put any time into GT6 as opposed to stronger GT5 updates and putting more focus on GT7. Personally, I think all PD’s effort ought to be put towards the new game. If lack of GT6 support means a truly quality current gen GT game, then I’m fine with it.

    3. Aussie_HSV

      GT5 updates provide a profit for PD and Sony I guess.
      If GT6 hadn’t happened you’ld be here complaining about no new GT games.

      And what ‘lack of support’ exactly.
      I see 21 updates from 21 months … a hell of a lot better than GT5 offered due to most updates were ‘fixes’.

      I do agree though, that the majority of PD’s efforts should be targetted towards the new game.
      But that doesn’t excuse the following 12 months being full of neglect of GT6.
      And I doubt that will be the case.
      Sure it’s going to slow down, but I doubt that small updates won’t continue.

      It’s a long time between now and a GT Sport release.

  5. GTracer125

    Here we go, with the release dates and such, hopefully it won’t be delay-plague like 5 suffered back then, and hopefully we get more info at PSX in december

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