Gran Turismo World Series 2024 Begins 17 April

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Anyone know, or have an estimate based on previous seasons, when they'll drop the next series events?
I have a gut feeling it'll be today or tomorrow.

If you look at the TT listings page, there's a big gap in URL IDs between this new one and the Bathurst one. TTs, dailies and individual GTWS races all share the same ID pool there, so I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of that gap is for them to load the GTWS races into for the next exhibition season.
If you look at the TT listings page, there's a big gap in URL IDs between this new one and the Bathurst one.
From what I can tell, that is consistent with the announcements for the past few seasons of GTWS events. Earlier today, I was checking the days of the week of the last few announcements and there doesn't seem to be any discernable pattern to me. The last three were on different days: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Maybe 'late weekday' is the pattern? But I haven't seen any announcement today, so maybe we'll need to wait until Monday -- or later.
I’ll be shocked if they announce a new GTWS season before the the GR.4 Mazda nerf
I completely agree they should, but how many updates since the Mazda3 release have we had now where they haven't touched Gr.4 BoP? I'm starting to feel like this is the way they want it. Either that, or they are developing some new technique for balancing that group and it is just taking a long time to get it working and done.

The imbalance is part of the reason I drove for Mazda last season. I wanted to get a season in while the Mazda3 was still king. Now that I've got that out of the way, I'd really like to see a BoP update for that group. It's well past time to see some other cars in the group be competitive.
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Another member noticed that the manufacturer that showed who we were signed to, no longer shows your affiliation. It showed a coupled of days ago so maybe we are getting a new season soon.. hopefully I’m looking forward to it.

@Yard_Sale you rocking with Ferrari? I did really well in the Suzuka dailies last week.
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Barring significant BOP changes, with no tuning allowed and all high speed tracks with high tire-wear…I might have to stray from Ferrari for this Manu season 😑
Nations GT1
image001 (11).png

Nations GT2/3
image002 (4).png

Manu GT1
image003 (1).png

Manu GT2/3
image004 (1).png
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Feel like they've given up.
Gr.4 BoP hasn't changed in 11 months and isn't even used for GT1 leagues anymore, so that feels like its in the past for them - they haven't even tried.
Half the manu events are dupe combos to what we've gotten the other times we've had exhibitions, and Nations once again, barring one race, has had its variety sucked out of it in favour of racing us in the same cars they use in Manufacturers anyway.

Genuinely just poor. No reason to bother.
Despite initial reservations I will give it a go, the schedule means I only have to reactivate my PS Plus for 1 month.
Due to work shifts I can only do the Saturday races, so my 4 race schedule is Cappuccinos (I guess not engine-swapped) at RA (meh), Interlagos GR3 (aka divebomb alley), Deep Forest Gr4 (a good combo!) and NGP Enduro Gr3 (pray for rain).

I'm going to finish my American Trilogy for the manufacturers and run the Viper.
What is going on at PD?
Manufacturers is basically a repeat of track and cars. Nations is repeat too of some older races. Gr4 is broken so why are GT2/3 leagues been stuck with these? Nurburgring will have weather, but 3 laps for GT2/3 player? Not strategy for the races from the looks of it.

I don’t really have much interest in doing these rounds, plus I’m going to miss the Manufacturers last few rounds.
Of all the races, I am pretty stoked about GV and Nord. The others, meh. Generally interested in zero of the Nations races... again.

We just did Bathurst. Why are 75% of the Nations races Gr cars? Deep Forrest was just a daily; Suzuka was just a daily... why are the same tracks used over and over again? In fairness GV and Nord were just used too... I just love those tracks so I am not as bummed about those. Even GV is 1x/1x and 10 laps. WTF? Daily Cs are longer than that. All but one race per series is just RH tires only.

The more I look at the races the more disappointed I get. Like the, "I'm not even mad, just disappointed" and that hurt even more. So much potential, just not being used.

Anyway, time to over analyze my Manu pics for the two races I'll do.
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It seems I might be an outlier, but I'm liking what I'm seeing. Yes, some of the tracks are repeats, but I enjoyed them the first time around so I expect I'll enjoy them again.

It is an interesting choice to have so many Gr.X races in Nations. On the one hand, I'm glad that we'll be able to test different cars outside of the free practice mode. On the other, I feel that these races are going to turn into one-make races as everybody gravitates to whatever the meta is. At least in the Manu Cup -- for GT2/GT3 leagues, anyways -- you have to weigh the strengths and weakness of the Gr.3 and Gr.4 cars, so you end up with a decent variety in the races.

As usual, I'm disappointed that they have shortened many of the GT2/GT3 compared to the GT1 counterparts -- especially in the Nations Cup, where all the cars are the same. I really wish they'd stop with that.

There is one race in each series that requires multiple tire compounds, so at least those will have some element of strategy to them. It's not clear to me if the multipliers in the other races will be enough to warrant considering different strategies, though. I hope they don't all end up being no-pit sprints.

I am thankful that as a GT2 driver, I'll only have to deal with light damage. It doesn't seem like heavy damage is really helping things in the GT1 races.

Edit: I'm also happy that there isn't any tuning allowed for these. Given the compressed schedule, I don't think I'd have the time to tinker with that so I'm glad I won't have to.

The site has a lot better of a layout now. Wish we could see this in the future races and not just the next one...

View attachment 1330217
Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you meant, but there is a button that lets you see the details of all the rounds...
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Gran Turismo World Series Exhibition Seasons Return, Beginning February 28

The prelude for the anticipated 2024 Gran Turismo World Series will be getting underway later this month, with Polyphony Digital announcing the third season of the interim Exhibition Series...

For the Nations Cup races, it’d be nice if the Gr.4 and Gr.3 events had something special about the selection of cars instead of just letting you pick any car within the respective group. Like maybe the Gr.4 race could feature FF cars within the group, while the Gr.3 race has you using one of the JGTC-era GT500 cars.

EDIT: I could’ve also sworn we had a Gr.2 race at Sardegna Road Track A as part of the GTWS a year or two ago. I wonder if this one is any different as far as the regulations go?
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