Gran Turismo World Series Finals

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I think that in the current BoP, the BRZ will fly through during the race in Barcelona, while the MR cars, such as Lamborghini and Renault, will not have a chance in the race. Their rear tire wear is ridiculously high. AMG also has great chances, but it all depends on its drivers.
For Nations, I think Brazil and Spain are very strong
For Toyota Cup I voted for Adriano Carrazza. As he improved a lot this year. Lucas Bonelli, Serrano and Coque Lopez are also in top shape
I hope the race and the event in general are better than last year
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On today's episode of "Drivers with unfortunate names":

Whoops, forgot to make a pick on today's race. Thats okay, I don't need the 1M credits. I already have 85M of them.
You still have some time to top off the credits; we're not quite to the final-chance race. I wonder what happens if one is already at the cap (not that I'll ever know; I missed out on all the very-easy farming and won't do AFK).
How much of the stream do we need to watch to be eligible for the rewards?
Technically none; it's enough to just click the in-game button even if you immediately back out. When it changes from blue to grey and says "Entry Submitted" you've done enough.