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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by GT_Alex74, Jan 13, 2018.

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    Thank you but nothing would have happened without you guys. Its a community achievement.
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  2. Dbl A Ron77

    Dbl A Ron77


    Get your popcorn ready guys

    I have no other way to get my point across than to bore you with this novel I’m about to painstakingly post.
    So get comfortable and put your phones on silent lol

    Hi guys i know this is a new year and all. But the only reason for my post is that I wanted to get to the bottom of a situation in online game play that defied belief

    On two separate occasions this week. I witnessed this same very thing as in this post It was competing in two seperate daily races (same event) Monday 25-03-2019 till Monday 01-04-2019 Race B gr4 Dragontrail seaside (reverse format) the suspected players involved used same vehicle (Audi TT) if this information helps

    After the first so called superhuman interface with the game software i had witnessed (sorry but stupid me did not save this replay) It actually prompted me to question the offender in the post race lobby (funnily enough my fellow countryman was showboating/flaunting his deliberate abuse of this same or new found glitch and must have been not paying attention on last lap through the fast essess before the end of sector two and straightlined off track and i end up getting the W in the end only just from a high speed collision and a flat spin he then recovered and pulled me in and I literally pipped him at the post) Race time was a respectable mid 7.16
    I thought WTF
    How can this be
    His line through chicane lap after lap
    The on rails warp like ability i watched
    In the spastically brutal power oversteering Audi TT
    A Last lap brainfart high speed incident that would normally cost anyone else at least 6-7 seconds to be back up to speed closing in for the win
    Longer as it’s a steep up hill recovery
    One sector from the end

    The whole race was literally toying with me and my inability to stay with him. I put ten/tenths into that race and what I was witnessing defied my understanding of what a quick sim racer is capable of
    For a second I considered i had been slipped some lsd or something after noticing what I would only describe as supernatural levels of grip and the lines that this player was using made a mockery of the laws of physics

    So I asked him to “hold on” ( the generic lobby command ) while I typed my message
    I complimented him about his obvious speed advantage over myself.
    I said I was struggling to even hang with him and that he “Bradbury’d me the win”So i tiptoed around what I really wanted to ask and then asked how it was that he had such an amazing ability with car control and that it looked almost supernatural especially through that chicane sector 1? Before answering i added “to the point were was as if it was a bad or smoothlike connection issue (if that makes sense) living in Australia playing GTSport online i have seen this whole teleportation connection thing and it wasn’t that
    he responded “every1 looks like that to him” then left immediately. I went to save reply but that session timed out. Still scratching my head and like most entered into the next event. To see said players name on pole again. Lobby opens and warm up starts. I said good to see you again good luck and then he left. Next race again in lobby but this race I never said anything. Halfway through warm up he left again. This really arroused my suspicions as to this matrix like ability make his car do things i have spent 4 hours today trying to emulate

    Side note: For those of you around the world not familiar with the correlation between winning and the name “Bradbury”. He was an Australian Winter olympian speedskater who (i think) won Australia’s first ever winter olympic gold. It was from out of nowhere was literally the last man standing after a massive incident involving the the other three competitors (who were miles crashed each other out of contention just before the finish line and Steven Bradbury just pipped the entangled trio to claim victory (YouTube it. It’s a freak of a race) Anyhoo

    I had the dumbfounded awareness to save the next time I witnessed this spooky car control. Same car same event only this germ was from Japan (No names). I call this player a germ because of previous witnessing and being victim to his ridiculously unsportsmanlike inherent need to push and brake check his way to victory. His fastest laptime was stupid quick for what i was observing
    I started questioning my ability as a valid adversary for the elite because of my physical limitations i have been left with post major spinal surgery after surviving a near fatal mva. I’ve had to reteach myself how to walk, hold a pen and wipe my own arse again and had spent 9 months in recovery/rehabilitation to get get to the level i have. But it’s my fine motor skills that have failed to come back to me and i suffer from the lack of sensation of touch and believe me my friends when I say I put soooooooo much effort and concentration into getting the qualy laps that I do at the start of each and every week. Lap after lap, restart after restart. Lol
    So for a physically impaired player who lacks the ability of a minimum plus 90odd% of my rivals I can hold my head high with how far I’ve come from almost being spoon fed every meal and round the clock care till the end of my days

    I saved this replay I will make it available to these amazing few that had (for all of us) in the spirit of competitive and FairPlay for all navigated this issue previously so methodically and diligently originally. I saved it Just so i could study as to how I could get better myself as I thought I was achieving not only a decent standard of qualy lap time but I also have consistent race pace most events. But what I saw was next level ridiculously incomprehensible

    See it’s a Novel already and I still don’t feel like I’ve layed it all out there adequately yet. Lol

    Please I would dearly love it if you (the authorsof this thread) either, any or all of these pioneers 3-4 players (advocates of fair play for all) make contact with me by sending my playstation online ID a friend request please?
    It is.


    Or at a minimum could you please help me ascertain whether;

    1. Yes. I should just be thankful that someone slipped me lsd without expecting payment


    2. I hate to say it buuuuuuut. I think that there are players that are knowingly exploiting another (if not the same) bug/glitch/cheat at present. ( Now whether or not it was the latest update opened “Pandora’s Vag” again I don’t know. But something really does smell fishy (pun totally intended)

    Ok. So before anyone decides to go on a witch hunt or gang up myself or even the players exploiting what I honestly believe to be the deliberate and intentional exploitation of a glitch/bug for an unfair unsportsmanlike advantage over their fellow racers for online races For GT sportmode. DONT BOTHER
    It is not worth the time it takes you to post the unneeded drivel.

    But trolls will be just that so I feel compelled to justify myself to the masses as a person who is capable of understanding what fast is
    I offer complete transparency to my in game achievements (which I am very proud of considering that I am legally recognised with having a permanent physical impairment being P.C but for the not so P.C savy. I’m Handicapped)
    I will reluctantly admit that my DR and SR are at present quite embarrassing to say the least. I put it down to a few factors. 1 is the region that I am in (Oceania/Asiana). For those who don’t have to experience this level of absolute “win at all costs” mentality by (and I wont say any specific nationality) Because even my fellow countrymen are as guilty as the main offenders at times) even at the heights of the upper A’s in DR and S in SR. You should thank your lucky data that you don’t. My region is ruthless and unapologetic about their behaviour (almost to the point where innocent victims (not just me) being targeted. Which brings me to the other factor as to my lower than ability position. The penalty algorithm is an absolute joke.
    Disclaimer; like most) can accept rammers will be rammers and these online players who feel it’s their god given right to just “throw it up the inside” when in reality if they had to bare the consequences of these fluckwit impulsive, irrational, unethical unsportsmanlike divebomb/ tagging of inside rears and ******** parking it mid corner (brake checking) moves Like the cost of such actions the whole “risk and reward”

    Risk = life (their own/competitors/spectators and race officials) replacement of mechanical parts. these plebs would soon lose their seat to a legitimate racer who has not just the glory of the W in mind. But the crew that fix them the owner that pays for them. If they funded their own team they would not see out a season

    Reward = the only reward here is not even that. It a hollow victory that was only achieved by dirty tactics and that to me not a win at all.

    But what’s hard to accept is how the innocent are penalised (sometimes solely) for the crap and effects not only their race but their hard fought legitimate attempts to progress in the game. Personally it’s (mostly) an easy fix. Once involved in a racing incident so as not to make the situation worse for themselves oranyone within the near vacinity of these coming togethers or off track excursions. Why in gods name are these “not at race pace players“ not ghosted until they are back up to speed? It then stems the bleeding of SR due to the unfortunate domino like effect being put square in the path of a potential unavoidable incident with a completely new innocent competitor. Yes that race is in most circumstances out the window but it’s not as soul destroying as it has been for me. literally the Friday morning before the first event of the now current FIA season opener. In one single race i had gone from DR A. (36,000 odd points according to Kudosprime) And SR A to almost crying when I refreshed the kudosprime page after the worst online race experience I had since playing GT Sport online to be penalised so ridiculously bad I went down to The very bottom of DR B 15,000 and SR Dropped to D and I literally tried to avoid every incident, touch or deliberate act of unsportsmanlike racing around me
    Specifically it was an event at Tokyo expressway Gr4 Race C last week

    So I believe my stats are a better indication of what I am capable of achieving and at present stand at (from memory) 770 competed Sportmode Races (50 FIA) 253 Fastest Laps (Sport/FIA combined) 438 Pole positions (FIA/Smode) and out of a total of 820 races i can hold my head high with 296 Victories considering what impairments i have.

    In conclusion. I believe i have a level of achievement and understanding of what it is to be reasonably fast. But What I saw with my own eyes. What I have proof of in the manner of a replay saved. It’s cheating. And is in no way in the spirit of fair play. Especially when you can see the world and one day with hard work and persistence be competing on the world stage against the best in the world

    I do apologise if I have over stepped this wonderfully informative post. It was the motivating factor to speak up. But I have copied and pasted this post onto a word document and if I am to start a new post I’m happy to do so. Again my apologies if I have diluted or tarnished this great thread


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    United Kingdom
    Just to check, a guy was faster than you think possible in a race, and when you asked him after the race he said he won because everyone else fell over, but you didn't get to save the replay.

    Then, in another race, there was another guy who was also faster than you think possible, but you saved the replay for that one (but haven't posted it).

    Is that right?
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    I just think this guy has put too much effort into his April's fool :lol:

    The "power oversteering Audi TT" is what gave it away :D
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    @Famine can you please close this thread as this specific problem is solved a year ago. Todays posting doesnt belong in here imo. Thanks
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