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Here's the summary of this week


Ferrari F40: 1:21.053
Toyota S-FR RC: 1:20.727

This is an interesting (and silly) duel between the last Enzo Ferrari approved car... And a not-so Gr.4 jellybean.

First off, the F40 is a driver's passion and joy for both the road and the track. The car's styling, sound, and handling signature are the car's key features. Being an 80's car, it has pop-up headlights and a 5-Speed H-Gater manual transmission with a heavy clutch, which meant slower shifts that can hamper a potentially fast lap.

On the other end of the spectrum, we've got the S-FR, or more specifically, the Racing Concept shown in the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon. As said in the first paragraph, this specific S-FR is essentially a Gr.4 car masquerading as an N400 car on it's stock specs (despite the downforce levels telling you otherwise). Because of that, this angry looking jellybean will easily outpace the beautiful F40 once you are in sync with the car. Plus, the car has all that modern racing technology offers to it. One major problem with other drivers is obviously the styling, as well as the fact that it doesn't have an interior. AND, it's essentially in a wrong category (although it has some friends like the X-Bow and the Vulcan) to where it can easily be put into Gr.4 (due to the fact that a freaking Megane Trophy was able to be a Gr.4 car, despite being a one make silhouette racer! (Although Matski said that it actually raced in the N24 SP3-GT4 class, which could be PD's proof that the car is eligible))

While the S-FR RC is faster around most of the tracks, it's styling is a little questionable when compared to something that broke the 200 MPH barrier first, in 1987! I'm gonna agree with Rinsky-sama here and say that the F40 gets me the most here.

And so, my vote goes to:
Ferrari F40 '92

If you could excuse me to invite HoH SiS (LANGUAGE WARNING!!) to drive the S-FR and @Nuschel01 to drive the F40, is that ok Waffleman?
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I just cannot and will not watch the horrendous outcome that's about to unfold. May your PS4's catch fire and melt as your about to take the S-FR Racing Concept across the finish line for an easy win.
I will do everything in my power to let the Ferrari F40 win this challenge. Maybe even sabotage the Toyota, but I have to deny having said that immediately. This is my GTS duels promiss to you Rinsky.

Would rather see the Diablo or DeTomaso Pantera against this car. Especially since GTS itself is not doing anything in this field thus loving these duels and challenges. But I am in for everything and making the most logical choices with standard cars and tracks would not be a surprise would it. So I love it that @MrWaflz55 is going off track. Just think this would not help bringing in more people to participate.

I would also like to take this moment to thank @RZQSPEED for always setting the benchmark so quickly.

Oh man gonna have some fun this week !
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GT Sport Duel of the Week 8 - The World's Angriest Jellybean

This week, a certain Toyota was feeling really overconfident. You might know the S-FR Racing Concept as the little guy who almost ruined N-class lobby racing in the lower tiers. Yup, he's a literal race car for the road. As you can see he's also a little angry guy who just can't seem to stop wanting to devour the competition. Since he doesn't have much left beside the 911 GT3, it's up to an old veteran and a fan-favourite to put a stop to him.

This week, we have the...

View attachment 740999

1992 Ferrari F40

against the...

View attachment 741000

...2016 Toyota S-FR Ra RAAAAWWR I WILL EATS YOU XD!!1!

So yeah, the challengers are set now. This looks to be an interesting week between the uncle filled with old F1 expertise...

...and a really angry jellybean.

Let's just see how it goes...

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Amgery jellybean :lol:
GT Sport Time Trial of the Week 8 - Dusty America

View attachment 741014

You thought I'd be saving it for the Muscle Cars, didn't you. Nope! This week's time trial takes place in the technical, yet hard to master Streets of Willow - II. That's right, we're going reverse this time! You'll be starting out with the long left-hand hairpin that goes into the long straight leading up to the top of the course. From there, the return trip will be the technical corners, hopefully where the S-FR will make up some time!

Let's see what you guys have up your sleeves this week. Will it be the old favourite, or the incredibly angry jellybean? Time will tell!​
Oh rip I'm horrible at that track : D

I won't do the time trials, since I don't like Willow Springs, but I'd take the F40 over the amgery jellybean any day. The F40 has character, charisma, and personality. The jellybean is, like you said, a race car for the road. And what do most race cars have? Stability and predictability. In racing having these two aspects in a car is essential to producing a fast and consistent race car. However, for having a fun time, these two aspects are the last thing I would want in a car.

In the end the amgery jellybean ain't so amgery at all :D
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I’ll not be participating, I’m not prepared to see the F40 lose to the S-FR. I don’t think it’s a very fair challenge because the two cars are not of the same guile.

The three categories I base my results off (laptimes/looks/handling) would see the S-FR with 2-1 because it is not only faster round a track, it handles really well too.


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Talk about lopsided.

The S-FR racing concept versus the Ferrari F40 road car.

I'm going to skip the time trial this week and do my testing on Le Mans where there's way more road to bring out the most in both (plenty of corners for the S-FR and plenty of straights for the F40).

If you could excuse me to invite HoH SiS to drive the S-FR
Nobody wants the JoJ, RZQ. May wanna put a nsfw warning on that for some of the language in there.
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Well, this seems kinda biased. Anyway, here we go. The F40 and the S-FR Racing Concept are roughly even up until about the last three corners, where the S-FR's handling, close gear ratios, and dual clutch really come into play. The downforce is a huge help in the final corner, allowing the S-FR to exit at full throttle, whereas the F40 has to have a lift to maintain stability. Of course, it was already quite obvious what the outcome of the time trial would be considering the difference in downforce between the two cars.

Lap times
Ferrari F40 - 1:21.030
Toyota S-FR Racing Concept - 1:20.400

The Ferrari F40 just looks and sounds better than the Toyota. As someone who prefers the mid-engine layout, it also just feels better to drive, even though it takes a little more work to really push, but that's part of what makes it fun. One major advantage the F40 has is that it's not missing its interior like the S-FR Racing Concept, so I can run it in VR, and actually see where I'm going in the sharper corners, b/c I can easily look through them. In the Toyota... more like, strapped onto the Toyota, many of the sharper corners become somewhat like blind corners, simply b/c I don't have an easy way to move the camera while driving outside of VR, and so it becomes more difficult to determine exactly where I need to put the car to make sure I run a proper line. Furthermore, from the cockpit camera, even without being in VR, I feel like I generally get more feedback from the car, and can more confidently push hard and maintain control.

My vote goes to the F40.
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This was almost painful. It took only 2 laps to realize which car I would prefer on this track - the S-FR. Using a DS4, with no aids, the F40 was just gas/brake...gas/brake...gas/brake, on and on. Also with this track, overshooting a turn means time in the dirt. On another track, with longer straits, I would prefer the F40. But that is not the challenge here. With aids I managed to get the F40 around the track faster than the S-FR, but it meant braking after the finish line and blowing up my next lap - so really not a fair comparison. Therefore, somewhat regretfully, I have to go with my original un-aided lap times. Which are horrible - but it is all I could stand (3 laps each)

S-FR - 1:26.421
F40 - 1:30.105

PS - thanks for introducing me to the S-FR Racer, for an N400, it is a powerful machine!
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Nothing like being fashionably late to these things. I guess it's time to put this odd couple to the test, and what an odd couple it is. I already know what I'm getting into with the F40, but this is a good excuse for me to try the Toyota S-FR too. Never drove it until tonight.

Streets of Willow Springs Trial:
F40 - 1:21.772
S-FR - 1:20.884

We've tested the F40 a few times in GT6 (hell, if we count the finale for the GT6 thread, this car is technically the first repeat contender in GT Sport, and only eight weeks in already), so just about everything that I need to say about this car has been said. The weird "stiff looseness" thing it had in GT6 is a lot worse in GT Sport. You need to be exceptionally careful with the throttle otherwise it'll chase its tail.

A pretty stark contrast with the S-FR, this thing definitely feels like it lives up to the "racing concept" name, with it kicking the back end out only if you're being stupid. It felt very stable in the corners and I feel that the twisty nature of the track is what helped it come out on top tonight. Such a shame it's more boring than watching paint grow.

Wait... hold on, lemme try that again.

Uhh... anyway Toyota S-FR wins this one.
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I vote the Ferrari F40.

Yes, it's got a bad rear and it'll slide out if you push it even a little too hard. But it's a rewarding car to master. The S-FR is the car people suffering from complacent gaming syndrome would flock to.
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So I guess it's time to bring this to a close for the angry jelly bean and the old 80s superstar. You guys know which one I voted for, but what did you guys say?

Oh almost forgot. My Vote is for the F-40 always.

And so, my vote goes to:
Ferrari F40 '92

I won't do the time trials, since I don't like Willow Springs, but I'd take the F40 over the amgery jellybean any day.

My vote goes to the F40.

This was almost painful. It took only 2 laps to realize which car I would prefer on this track - the S-FR.

I chose the F40. Of course.

Uhh... anyway Toyota S-FR wins this one.

I vote the Ferrari F40.

F40: 6
S-FR: 2




Pretty much a similar landslide victory like last week. It seems like overconfident Toyota got humbled by the old Italian supercar maker that still turns heads even today.

Our fearless leader is away, so he entrusted me to get this next week up and running. Let's see how our time trial went!​
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GT Sport Time Trial of the Week 8 - Results from the Streets of Willow Springs


A tight and twisty course seemed to be an interesting pick for the old 80s supercar and the hotshot racing concept, (one of which felt right at home with the technical bits). Let's see how you guys did against each other with each car.


Ferrari F40

@terrordog1490 - 1:21.030
@RZQSPEED - 1:21.053
Some guy - 1:21.772
@dnlnnhs - 1:30.105

So terrordog took it in the Ferrari this week, well done. Did he repeat this feat in the Toyota?


Toyota S-FR Racing Concept

@terrordog1490 - 1:20.400
@RZQSPEED - 1:20.727
Some guy - 1:20.884
@dnlnnhs - 1:26.421

Survey says... yup he sure did.

Not as much of a turnout as the last week, some citing that this was a weird combination and a weird track to pit them both on, but this coming week, we've got some fairly more grounded picks all ready for you guys.​
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GT Sport Duel of the Week 9 - The Old Italian Stallions

So this week, Waflz pulled me aside and told me, "I want a real chill duel this week, so why not have the Peugeot 208 go against the Citroen DS3?" To which I said, "lolnope. I'm gonna do this super butt-kicking duel between old Italian supercars in the countryside, and we're going to have blackjack going on in the pits, more bikini-clad girls than in a typical Fast & Furious racing scene, and full network coverage from ESPN."

I may have stretched the truth of that conversation just a lil' bit.

But really, after the unanimous popularity of the Ferrari F40 in the previous duel, it makes sense to wanna keep that momentum going, right? This week for your driving pleasure, we have...


The 1976 Ferrari 512 BB

And where there's a prancing horse, a raging bull is sure to be close-by. Please welcome...


The 1974 Lamborghini Countach LP400

Oh, but what's this? A third challenger waiting in the bushes? What could it possibly be? And why does it sound like a Ford? Oh my goodness! It's the...


The 1971 De Tomaso Pantera!

Well, crank up the old 70s classic rock, disco-tunes, or heck, even the soundtrack from The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly, to get yourself in the right mindset for this lovely triple showdown.

Oh, right... a venue. Well, let's see here.


GT Sport Time Trial of the Week 9 - Le French Countryside


We haven't been to Alsace yet, so I feel as though this is the perfect trio of European grand tourers to introduce this track into our repertoire. We've got some nice easy banked bends, some not so nice kinks, and some wonderful straightaways to open the throttle right up. Just hope the air doesn't reek of cow manure.

Duel Settings:
gtsduel, dotw009, gtplanet

Tire Compound: Sports Hard
Tuning: No. Why do we even have this option on here? We never do this.
Due Date: Pffttt... like we consistently stick with one of these. Umm... let's shoot for June 26th. Sound good? Good.
Enjoy yourselves and enjoy those wonderful cars. And for those of your newbies just starting out, enjoy grinding the 1.8 million credits for the Countach! :sly:


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United States
Video will come later. Gotta install FM7 on PC, get my video over to my laptop to edit...bla bla, all that jazz.

Lap times:
Pantera: 2:23.265
Countach: 2:24.198
512 BB: 2:26.985


512: Oh my God, did I hate this thing. I used to run one as my trademark Wangan racing car on GT6 because I got a stable tune on it. Now? This thing is all murder-mobile and no go. I couldn't keep it from getting twitchy, and when I was actually able to keep it somewhat straight, I was losing a lot of time to the speed difference. This car is the definite loser of the three, but it still looks lovely in Nero black.

Countach: I have to admit, this is the best spec'd car of the bunch. 373 HP, 2348 lbs? You'd think it'd be good. It is, and I quite enjoyed driving it. still has some of the twitchiness that made the 512BB such an awful experience and I couldn't find any extra pace.

Pantera: Oh boy. This car, on paper, is totally outmatched. It's down almost 50 HP compared to its two peers and it's close to the BB's curb weight. This is legitimately one of those cases where those bad stats are actually its strongest point. The Pantera had immense grip. There was no way I could get the car loose unless I was being a total arse about it. I could lay on the power all I want and it'd just go without protest. It also had the best feel of all three cars, being somewhat softer and with a bit more rolling. I genuinely enjoyed the Pantera, and I feel my time reflects that.

As such, my vote is for the Pantera. It may just be a new N300/400 main for me after this, and it is definitely the underdog of the trio. The paper stats are lousy but the actual drive is incredibly fast.
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I might not get to test these out on this week's track until Sunday, so my best times at Tsukuba and Suzuka East will have to suffice for now.

1:03.920 - Lamborghini Countach LP400
1:04.832 - Ferrari 512 BB
1:05.507 - De Tomaso Pantera

Suzuka East
0:58.329 - Lamborghini Countach LP400
0:58.853 - Ferrari 512 BB
0:59.908 - De Tomaso Pantera

373 hp
266 tq
2,348 lbs

354 hp
333 tq
3,080 lbs

De Tomaso
325 hp
344 tq
3,131 lbs

Lamborghini has the most power and the least weight. It's the winner for me. I was a huge fan of the Countach in the early 90s before I even knew the other two cars existed.

Thanks @ThrasherDBS for setting up the next duel in my absence! Very helpful guy he is! (p.s. you did great keeping the posting format to the T)

For those who don’t know, he’s second in command of all the Duel of the Week threads, so if I’m ever away from the house for extended periods, he’s your guy. Such as right now. It’s difficult starting a new week’s duel on mobile so his efforts help a lot.

Don’t worry though, I’ll be back on Thursday, which is tomorrow. I’ll try getting in a time trial this week just for the fun of it. Let’s also try to wrap this week up by next Monday, that should give everyone time to set some lap times and post their votes. Then we can get the thread back on schedule to Monday duels!
Here are this week's results!

LAP TIMES (9 Laps)

DeTomaso Pantera: 2:21.594
Ferrari 512BB: 2:19.924
Lamborghini Countach LP400: 2:18.616

The Pantera, while it has the least power compared to the other two (and is a class down compared to those two), it is the easiest and the grippiest to drive as a result. You need to stupidly bash the throttle open after exiting the corner to spin it out. The growl of the Ford V8 behind the driver makes it stand out amongst the two big brands' in-house V12 and Flat-12 engines. It has a potential to be a threatening underdog thanks to it's superior cornering abilities, especially on technical tracks like Alsace.

The Countach is a significant one in the real world, as even though it's produced a year after the Oil Shock (at least for this particular first edition LP400 for MY1974), it featured crazy handling characteristics and the most important of all, it started the wedge trend amongst supercars and sports cars of the 70's and the 80's and caused a renaissance of performance after the Shock. As said before, it is very challenging to drive with it's skinny 70's tires and a wallowy suspension setup that is meant for comfort rather than for the track. It's biggest advantage is its power; 373 HP is a lot for a 70's car even for this caliber of supercars, that is if you can control it.

The Berlinetta Boxer (ironically, the engine itself is a normal Flat-12, not a Boxer-12) is essentially the middle ground (literally! Just look at the lap times!) of disadvantages; less power than the Countach, and less grip and drivability than the Pantera. It will oversteer when you go full throttle on high speed corners, just like the Countach. All in all, you have to be very brave to use this car to win races using the stock settings (unless you tuned it with Super Soft slick tyres, then what the heck are you doing?!)

The 512BB is the definite loser in this case, despite it being faster than the Pantera, due to the fact that it has the Countach's handling characteristics (albeit toned down slightly) and less power.

The Countach is the trendsetter for high performance styling and well, performance! It's the fastest of the three, but i was turned off by it's handling characteristics. So i will be in favor of the slowest of the bunch...

...Which happens to be the Pantera, which again is unsurprising due to the lack of power. To combat that however, it has the grippiest handling out of the three Italian superwedges of the 70's. The fact that it has an American V8 and it's from a relatively unknown brand (except for car enthusiasts, of course) makes it a stand out of the three. To top it all off, it's older than the Countach, which is a trendsetter! If this car doesn't exist, we wouldn't have the other two!

And so, my vote goes to:
DeTomaso Pantera!

REPLAY NOTES: The Pantera replay mislabels it as a Pantera GTS, while the car in question is a normal Pantera from 1971. Oops!
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Jesus, you have no idea how difficult it was to get the videos together into one file. I had no problem all the other weeks, but for some reason, the software I used really didn't like the Pantera video. I've tried for literally two days to get that in, but finally, I've got it.

So anyway, I feel like this was pretty fun, a few surprises here and there, but in general turned out to be pretty fun.

Alsace Trial:
512 BB - 2:23.675
Countach - 2:20.116
Pantera - 2:22.757

It seemed the weight difference between the Countach and the 512 would make it a little more of a better candidate for winner, especially considering how the Pantera is a league below the two, but despite that, good lord the Pantera is such a good car! And the sound... oh my goddd. My ears just melted every time I held down the X button. It's so planted too! The other two cars are fun in their own way, but unbefitting a wild cat, the Pantera does pretty much what you tell it to. It's definitely a good buy, even if you're buying it for fun.

But the Lamborghini was the fastest, so based on my rules and criteria, it wins this contest. Shame the cost of it dwarfs the cost of the other two by over 1.5 million credits.
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I decided to do this round using PSVR and DS4. I really enjoyed this duel - the track is one of my favorites, but not in reverse!

Countach - 2:22.515
512 BB - 2:27.517
Pantera - 2:24.733

My pick is the Countach - it was the fastest around the track, and when the backend did slip out, was easier to get back in line. If this was a drifting contest the Ferrari would win. The Pantera was best for handling for me, just needs more power. I was always pushing the frontend, literally just crank the wheel around a turn and use the throttle to keep it on the track. Liked the sound of the Pantera the best as well.