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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by sk8er913, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. guailifit


    Gran Turismo Sport || Beta || Blue Moon Bay HotLap || Mclaren 650s GT3
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  2. sems4arsenal

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    Egypt Cairo, Egypt

    Blue looks visually pretty good. That other new track needs touching up.
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    Spain Sevilla

    Hi man! What a lap, congrats!!

    Just one thing, seeing your driving style, it seems that you've used a controller instead of a steering wheel. Am I right?

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  4. emula

    Italy Italy

    PS4 PRO - Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 - Nurb

  5. GTPMcBride

    Northern Ireland N'Ireland

    Applying tcs? Tactics? I was a long term wheel user an i am also decent on pad with top 5 places an pcars Time Trials an raced no abs no assists on Assetto Corsa against wheel users, i dont like using a DS4 but i have no option to do so atm, it's an easyish game to use a DS4 but the braking is actually very difficult for me atm considering am trying to feather the square button in the audi for the right rotation.:banghead:

    Germany Hannover

  7. sems4arsenal

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    Egypt Cairo, Egypt

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  8. Igor Fraga


  9. jlachenal


    The Ring in a Corvette. to bad for the drivers who are blocking on the straights.
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  10. Mr P

    United Kingdom Manchester U.K

    Wow seems I touched a nerve :p anyway tcs = 'traction control system' as shown in the 1st place drivers replay.. during all other GT series it was known that tcs on = slower.. this game it doesn't seem to be the case and a few drivers in the top 10 are using d-pad which in previous games was nearly always behind the wheel over the lap and this shows different also.. that's all I meant :tup:
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  11. Doodle

    United States Maryland

    A couple of hotlaps.

    I always forget to record with my Elgato. :ouch:
  12. Spurgy 777

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    England Hampshire

    Some races from today, got matched against Majlk, who was 3rd on the European leaderboards at the time, in my first race as rank C.

  13. dimassa19

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    Brazil São Paulo

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  14. TRGTspecialist

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    Northern Ireland Northern Ireland

    Got my best Gr.4 result at Dragon Trail today, from last place off the start to 4th, no GT-R required:


    What was required though was total chaos and blind luck. :lol:

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  15. daan

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    Scotland Scotland

    I went from 12th to 6th at the Nordschleife earlier. Not much actual overtaking going on though, but it was a nice drive from my point of view.

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  16. Cobaiye


    Another quick lap, this time with the F-Type Gr.3 at Dragon Trail, still with the wheel cam.

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  17. G.T.Ace

    Germany Bonn, Germany

    Unlocked the Scirocco today and it's much better than I thought:

    Also had a really good race on the Nordschleife.
    I know I got the second place because of ghosting, but the guy in the McLaren also tried to block me HARD:
  18. Mt. Lynx

    Sweden Sweden

    I'd say that TCS use depends on the track. On a bumpy track like Nürburgring it can be useful, aswell as on tight tracks with lots of slow corners. O somerhing like Silverstone - or Dragon Trail for that matter, although the curb hopping does upset the cars, that can be cured with proper use of the diff settings - TCS should be a hindrance to all out performance.
    Why it helps DS users, is probably due to the excessive steering inputs from the pad.
  19. CLowndes888

    Australia Melbourne

    Quite a large improvement over GT6 I'd say
  20. PzR Slim

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    England Europe

    Certainly looks better but depends how that damage was caused. If that's damage as a result of minimum contact then all good but if it's as a result of full on collisions then it's not great.

    Germany Hannover

    Those are from several! high speed impacts. It takes a lot of effort to cause this level of damage.
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  22. Scaff

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    United Kingdom Peacock Battlemode

    Brands Hatch Indy comparison GTS / PCars / AC with road cars.

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  23. PRO_TOO

    Germany Rego Park




    huge thanks to opx_philley!!
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  24. Haitauer

    Finland Finland

    Something in this crash of mine makes me think the physics department of GT Sport has done good job. Cant quite say what, but its there.

    Edit: better quality video updated
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  25. Tassie_tiger

    Australia Aussie

    No question. :sly:

    Personally, I like the paint scratches effect.
    They seem quite well represented.
    Plus the dings and dents also look very good.

    I've also seen some cracked and broken lights, which added to those details would be good enough for me.

    I understand people wanting damage related to the speed of impact.
    And I guess, so do I.

    But if paint scratches, panel dents, and broken lights are where PD are at regardless of impact speed, I can live with that.
  26. Gethema


  27. Riggy

    United Kingdom Leeds/Poole

    Quick comparison vid of GT Sport and Project CARS.

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  28. Lewmatic


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  29. sebmugi


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  30. sebmugi


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