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Well, it's taken a little while (4 months), but I have been trying to play the game too (including A-speccing the Enduros: See sig).

So here it is, the COMPLETE Used Car rotations list for the PAL release (and no, they aren't the same as the NTSC ones - if you don't know which version yours is, look at the front of the box, top right). I locked the other thread yesterday, as it had become a little stuffed with superfluosities... :D

First up, an idea of the cars themselves...

There's 273 different models of car in total.
57 appear in the 80s/Historic list.
71 appear in the 90s A list
The remaining 145 appear in the 90s B list.

The rarest cars are the now-infamous four black LM cars which appear only in Week 100 (day 694-700 on the first cycle) in 90s A (Mazda 787B, Nissan R92CP) and 90s B (Nissan R390, Toyota GT-One) lists.

Excluding these, the rarest cars appearing in the lists are:
1966 Honda S800
1968 Mazda 110S (L10B)
1965 Nissan Silvia (CPS311)
1983 Nissan Silvia 240RS (S100)
1973 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R
1985 Peugeot 205 Turbo 16
1980 Renault 5 Turbo

Each of which appears just twice in the 100 week cycle.

90s A:
1991 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione

Which appears just 3 times, 10 less than its nearest rival for the crown (1990 Mazda RX-7 Infini III, if you care)

90s B:
1998 Subaru Impreza Coupe 22B-STi
1996 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport (C4)
1998 Mitsubishi GTO MR
1998 Nissan SilEighty

9 appearances for the 22B, 10 for the other three (the Shigeno version of the Toyota Sprinter Trueno appears 17 times on this list, before anyone asks. This makes it more common than any Lotus or the Aston Martin V8 Vantage).

The most common cars, on the other hand, are

1989 Mazda MX-5 1.6
1989 Mitsubishi Minica Dangan ZZ
1989 Nissan Pao
1988 Nissan Silvia K's S13

All of these appear a staggering 95 times!

90s A:
1991 Nissan Silvia Q's S13

83 appearances for this - with a whole clutch on 82.

90s B:
1999 Mazda Demio
1998 Mazda MX-5 1.8RS
1998 Nissan CUBE X
1999 Nissan March G#
1996 Nissan Silvia Q's Aero
1998 Toyota Corolla Levin BZ-R
1998 Toyota Sprinter Trueno BZ-R
1999 Toyota Yaris F
2000 Toyota Yaris U Euro Sport Edition

A positively rare bunch, by other lists' standards, with a scant 42 appearances each.

Now, that's over with, this list appears in Excel format. For those of you who don't have Excel on your computer, try this free Excel viewer, or any of's other free Excel viewers.

The list is divided into 101 sheets. The last sheet is an overview, containing all of the information of the previous 100 sheets. This makes it quite wide, yet useful as a primary, at-a-glance reference. Want to know which week a certain car appears? Consult the overview sheet FIRST.
10.0km (or 6.2mi) cars are indicated by a bold, red tick (in case you're too lazy to read the key at the bottom).

The other 100 sheets each cover one week. One week is, shockingly, 7 days and the days each sheet covers is displayed in the uppermost-leftmost cell of the sheet. If you have passed day 700, just add 700 to these numbers. If you passed day 1400, add another 700 - and so on.

Each sheet tells you what car appears (in their correct, displayed order), with accurate power, weight and power-to-weight ratio values for the PAL version set to hp and kg. These numbers WILL differ if you're using kW, PS, CV or any other kooky unit - but you will at least be able to compare the numbers for one car to the numbers for another car you already know the power rating of, if you don't already know the conversion factors. The list also displays, in bold, the power rating for the special
10.0km (or 6.2mi) cars. The sheet also contains the PRICE of the cars (which is subject, in 90s A and B, to some variation) and the colours, up to week 62 - kamikazekoala, who has been doing the colours for me, has been recently indisposed. Expect these to be added as and when.

I think that pretty much covers everything. Click the following to download the .xls file:




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@ Famine and lets not forget kamikazekoala

Impressive, started on it in Jan and finished in Aug. That's a big piece of work. Congrats! Comes in very useful !!



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Excellent work there.

(Notice I'm leaving this as a sticky?) :lol: :sly:


But why is the Rum gone??
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Brilliant Job Famine 👍, i remeber when you started on this long and windy path that was PAL used car list :lol:. well done 👍


I got the PAL so i'm very happy, hehe.
My serious interest in the used cars started when i heared about the 4 blacks (why are they infamous?) and i couldn't save enough money anymore to buy them. So now i'm going through the 2nd cycle week by week to buy all the rare cars. Or at least those that look worth buying, although i'm not really being cheap with it. Classics are a priority ofcourse, and somehow I started collecting all the Fiat 500s hehe (must have about a dozen now). I got all those rarest classics cars there (although i'm not sure about the '83 nissan, but i'll get it for sure). In the mean time i'm doing the DTM to save money. I think it's very stupid of the game makers to make us go through all this trouble to enjoy those cars. I mean... I spent my money on this game WITH the cars in it... eh anyway that's another discussion.
When I'm through the cycle I'll make some multiple car shots in photo travel of particular rare car collections, you know (like the honda classics for example).

My hat off for Famine, it's a huge and very helpful effort (which SHOULD have been done by SCE though!).

Oh yes, there's this Mazda MX5 from '95 (90s A) that only comes in 2 special color combinations. I've only seen it once so far (i'm over half way i think), but i might have missed it earlyer. Well i'll probably find it in the list, won't I. Thanks again.

*runs off with the excel file with loud, evil laughter*

PS: that '73 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R is ****ing AWESOME. It looks, drives, and above all sounds just AWESOME. That old Toyota 2000something is also great, but it's in the legendary slot.

Again: thank you thank you thank you thank you 👍 👍 👍
Thank you, Famine!

I don't know how long I waited for a complete used car list for the Pal version.. you're my hero! :sly: :crazy: :dunce:
Great Work Famine,
I have made a list of all the 10 km cars that Famine has found.

Acura CL 3.2 Type S 2001
Alfa Romeo 166 2.5 V6 24v 1998
BMW M Coupe 1998
Daihatsu Move SR-XX 4WD 1997
FIAT 500R 1972
Honda Accord Coupe 1988
Honda Accord Euro R 2000
Honda Ballade Sports CR-X 1.5i 1983
Honda Beat 1991
Honda Beat Version Z 1993
Honda City Turbo II 1983
Honda Civic 1500 25i 1983
Honda Civic SiR-II 1992
Honda Civic SiR-II 1993
Honda Civic SiR-II 1995
Honda Civic Type-R 1998
Honda Civic Type-R 2001
Honda CR-X SiR 1990
Honda Integra Type-R 1998
Honda NSX 1990
Honda NSX 1993
Honda NSX 1995
Honda NSX Type R 1992
Honda NSX Type S Zero 1999
Honda Prelude Si VTEC 1991
Honda Prelude SiR S-spec 1996
Honda Today G 1985
Jaguar XKR Coupe 1999
Mazda MX-5 1.6 1989
Mazda MX-5 1800RS 2000
Mazda RX-7 Infini III 1990
Mazda RX-7 Type R Bathurst R 2001
Mazda RX-7 Type RS 1998
Mazda RX-7 Type RZ 1992
Mazda RX-7 Type RZ 1995
Mazda Savanna RX-7 GT Limited 1985
** Mercedes A 160 Avant 1998 ** added after checking week 8 list **
MGF 1997
Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 1995
Mitsubishi FTO GR 1994
Mitsubishi GTO SR 1998
Mitsubishi GTO VR-4 Turbo 1995
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution II GSR 1994
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III GSR 1995
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI RS 1999
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII GSR 2001
Mitsubishi Minica Dangan ZZ 1989
Nissan 200SX 1996
Nissan 300ZX 2 seater 1998
Nissan Be-1 1987
Nissan Exa LA Version S 1988
Nissan Pao 1989
Nissan Silvia K's S13 1991
Nissan Silvia Q's Aero 1993
Nissan Silvia Q's S13 1988
Nissan Skyline HT 2000 RS-X Turbo C 1984
Nissan Skyline HT 2000 Turbo RS 1983
Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R N1 1991
Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R V-Spec 1993
Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R V-Spec II 1994
Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R V-Spec N1 1993
Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R 1997
Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R N1 1995
Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R V-spec 1995
Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-spec 1999
Subaru Impreza WRX STi Version VI 1999
Subaru Impreza WRX STi Wagon Version VI 1999
Subaru Legacy B4 Blitzen 2000
Suzuki Cappuccino 1991
Toyota Carina ED 2.0 X 4WS 1989
Toyota Celica 2000 GT-Four 1986
Toyota Celica XX 2800GT 1981
Toyota MR-2 G 1986
Toyota MR-2 G Limited Supercharger 1986
Toyota MR2 G-Limited 1997
Toyota Prius G 2002
Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex 1983
Toyota Supra 2.5GT TwinTurboR 1990
Toyota Supra RZ 1997
Toyota Supra SZ-R 1997
Vauxhall Tigra 1.6i 1999
Volvo 240 GLT Estate 1988

I need to check on one that may have slipped past.
I have a white A series Mercedes in my garage. The only reason I would have bought one was because it had only 10 km on it. I will check tonight

Edit : Famine you need to edit your master list for the Mercedes A160 with a red box for week 8 to match your week 8 list.
Week 8 list shows a white A160 with 101 hp, (normally this is coming up with 91 hp), clearly the 10 km example. I did not check any more weeks after week 8.


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I'll double check. I'm coming up on week (one hundred and) 8 soon.
When's the NTSC version coming? Anyone?
It will be hard to do as Famine owns the PAL version. I don't know if he also owns the NTSC version, but looking for his reply i don't think so.
I've seen a couple of topics here with a list (not as good as this) that covers the NTCS version
Search and you will find it!
Good luck!!!!


Hmm... the list seems to be varying slightly from what I have in the game... A car here and there is different. I bought 2 '73 Nissan Skyline 2000GTR's right after eachother (or perhaps 1 week in between), a weeks off of the first occurrance of the one on your list. Weird isn't it...?

Here's how I calculate the weeks:

(x/7) - [(y - 1) . 100] = z

Perhaps it looks complicated, but it isn't.
x = the final day of the week you're currently in (e.g. if your used car list updated on 1170, the final day of that week is 1176 (because the next update will be on day 1177).
y = the cycle you're currently in (e.g. if you are in the 3rd cycle, you get (3 - 1) . 100 = 200. You need this to subtract all the days untill 1 cycle (with week count 1 - 100) is left over ofcourse.
z = the week of the cycle.
In my case: I'm on day 1190, this is the final day of this week, and it's the second cycle.
So I get: (1190 / 7) - [(2 - 1) . 100] = 70
Well, you don't really need to calculate the second part, if you know your cycle it's easy to tell how much you have to subtract. But I put the formula like that just for the sake of mathematical consistency, you know.
I think that's the correct way to do it. If I'm wrong, please let me know.

Oh yes. I added a bit to the list for my own convenience. I marked the rare cars in colors (3 colors for 3 ranges of how often they occur). And I also marked which cars are available in Arcade Mode by default. I'll see if I can get it online...


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1190/7 = 170. Therefore you're on the last day of week 70.

When did you purchase the Skylines? Are you 100% sure? What is the specific date shown in your garage/diary for the dates of purchase?


I'll check the exact date later, it's pretty late now here. But I'm 200% sure. I did wrote down the week I got the first one (because it's just AWESOME), but I don't have it here, I'll let you know tomorrow or something. I THINK it was week 60, then yours on week 62 would make sence (that would be my second one then, short after my first one). But i'll let you know soon. Today however I played through week 71 and it had a Skyline just as in your list. So for me that's 3 Skylinces this cycle (first red, than silver, and now white).

I also have this '95 Mazda MX5 VR Limited in a special color. I haven't been checking this model from the beginning, but once I spotted it I only found it once. Well there's still those Mazda's, but just not that color. The reason why this is weird is because in Arcade mode this one only had 2 colors (a bordeaux and a green), but they're called "special combination A" and "B", since the seats are also special (that's why I bought it in the first place). I have a bordeax one with beige seats... But i'll check these things out more tomorrow, and take a photo of the Mazda.
As I would say in japanese: "hen!"


Ok, the bottom line: there's another Skyline 2000GTR in week 60
I'm not sure how to calculate with the years and months and stuff, but here goes:
Red: 4yr. 4month 19day Week 60
(I’m 100% sure since I Love the car and wrote down days 1114 – 1120, which should be week 60)
Silver: 4yr. 5month 5day Week 62
White: 4yr. 7month 6day Week 71

About the Mazda, it's an MX-5 VR-Limited (NA, J) '95.
Date of purchase: 4yr. 1month 19day
In Arcade mode it shows only 2 colors:
"Combination A Artvin Red Mica" (I have this one, it's bordeaux-like with beige interior)
"Combination B Excellent Green Mica" (green with black interior)
Still have to check the stats. I took photos but still have to get them into this computer (tomorrow or so). I have not yet fully investigated this, so more on that later...


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It's just possible there's slight variances for the second - and subsequent -cycle lists. I haven't encountered any personally yet, but I'll keep my eyes out for this one come week 160... :D