GT4 WRS Week 136 : Audi TT Touring Car @ Suzuka

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:: GT4 WRS Week 136 ::


Race Details:
  • Mode: Arcade Mode > Time Trial > World Circuits
  • Track: Suzuka Circuit
  • Make: German >
  • Model: Abt Audi TT-R Touring Car ‘02
Vehicle Specifics:
  • Power: (+20%) 556 hp
  • Weight: (-10%) 972 kg
  • Driving Aids: Any
  • Top Speed: Any
  • Transmission: Any
  • Tyre Type: Racing - Medium
Week 136 Race Specifics:

The green parts next to the rumbles are not part of the track
>>this is 👍

Standard Clean OLR Rules:
  • 2 wheels on (or vertically in line with) the track at all times
  • rumble/ripple strips are part of the track
  • no contact with walls or objects, visible or invisible
  • if you're not 100% sure that your lap is clean, then consider it dirty
  • no hybrids
  • no cheating of any kind
  • nothing that goes against the spirit of the rules
  • save your replay ('Save Ghost Replay' icon)
Thread rules:
The following info cannot be discussed in this thread (they can, however, be discussed on MSN or via other private conversation methods):
  • lap time
  • any information which can be used to infer lap time
All submissions must be sent by PM to me
  • you can submit only once per race
  • please include in your submission PM your division, name and final lap time
  • deadline is Monday 3 December 6 pm GMT
  • if you are unsure of the deadline try this site
Time verification:
Save your replay and keep it at least a full week after the time has been submitted:
  • all gold times each week will be required to submit a replay for verification
  • any submitted time is subject to a time verification request
  • when a time verification has been requested, the concerned racer must provide a replay before the next race deadline
  • failure to do so will result in the removal of the unverified submission from WRS results
  • video replays are not accepted, only .max, .xps or .sps files can be verified
First laps on this:

Top speed 290 and not using 2nd gear. This car does not display the engine placement and the traction wheels, but I think it is between a FR and a 4WD. Seems like the car turns better if I do not accelerate while braking.
driehuis (nl)
... drool ...
... dribbble ...
lovely! a favvie car at an allright-to-cool track. rs'3 arent that bad either so 👍 👍 👍 to the wrs stewy :bowdown:

to CMir about the car specs: looking very quickly i found one abt ttr on the web (tho prolly from a later year) that had an FR setup. since its competitors - beamers and mercs - had fr setups too i already guessed that'd be the case.
Well to say again great to be back on tarmac. I finally broke out the wheel this week. I have an old DF which still works ok. Kind of banged up from gt3 use and moving twice. Things seem to be a little smoother than with the DS2. I did the Laguna endurance last week to get a feel back for it. It feels really good through the esses right after the first corner set after the straight. Anyways some t's from about a 10-15 lap run gearing 300



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Canaan, CT
Very nice combo, Sjaak!!👍 First times of the week.
T1= 49.526 T2= 1'30.161
Quite busy last week. But not so sad to miss a dirt trial. I'll take a shot on this! 👍

... hopefully with my coming soon DFP
United States
Well with classes being done on wednesday and me FINALLY having a PS2 this week. Hopefully I'll participate this week, and what better way than a DTM car on Suzuka?
Broek op Langedijk-Nederl
Sorry for the tittle but it is to me a nightmare as well as a challenge to do it good each lap at a time. If you think you got it all together something goes wrong the next lap it is therefore a nightmare.

Enough excuses these are my first laptimes.
T1: 51.433
T2: 1.33.450

Good luck to all of you and have fun

Greetings Le Mans
To be honest, I don't really have time to race currently but... well... who can resist Suzuka...?:sly: Some splits from my first session. Used DS2, but will probably change back to my DFP later this week.

T1: 48.408
T2: 1'28.953
Sure wish I could find my DFP for this one.:ouch:
first 10 laps with DS2 didn't produce much but it's a start.


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Feel a need to take a break from SFGTP results preparation and the continuing mission to get 100,000 A-Spec points and drive every car in the game, to leap back into the WRS for this one! :drool: Nice combo Sjaak! 👍

Had a quick tinker with stock gearing to begin with, and ran about 6 laps, followed by another 7 or so with the gearing dropped to 320km.

T1 48.594
T2 1'28.559

So much fun! :D


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That is a great start Nick! I'll have to check the results of the SFGTPII now 👍

I had a quick 45 Min session and balls in your court CMir ;) Great competition dude, I'm enjoying it and I'm sure you'll destroy these splits too :) Like you mentioned, its a lil' understeery.

T1 - 47.998 (47.9 :))
T2 - 1:27.902 (1:27.7)

I lost about .2 overall for the whole lap, or that I can see initially.

Great one sjaak!

just half an hour yesterday night to warm tyres... Really a great combo, Suzuka is not my favourite but with the ABT is really fun.

T1 50.934
T2 1.32.446

edit: gearing @ 300
driehuis (nl)
luxy EDIT updated to post 23 24
perfect div1-2-3 setup but for toffe who should improve his t2 by .395 to beat smallhorses LOL

are we posting gearing figures or what, mates? :)

50.807 - 1.32.177 @ 290

i love it! if only we could do this on superstickies ... :nervous:


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That is a great start Nick! I'll have to check the results of the SFGTPII now 👍

Thanks Jerome,
been plugging away at this for another hour and a bit, and while my split times have gone up a little (and I haven't had chance to write them down yet) I have broken into the first of my laptime goals for this week, and improved my overall time by just over 3/10ths, which is nice! :D

Getting 130R right, without lifting / braking too much is a key here, but learning to stop in time to get Casio Triangle right after carrying more speed through 130R too is an adventure in itself! :eek:
San Jose, CA
Time to get on board ...

T1: 49.802
T2: 1:30.631

Wasn't able to race last week but this week should be better. Reasonable start for me after one session but then again this is a track (and car) I know pretty well ... so we'll see if I can improve on this. It was off a horribly slow start so it's not hard to beat in the first few corners anyway.

are we posting gearing figures or what, mates? :)

50.807 - 1.32.177 @ 290

i love it! if only we could do this on superstickies ... :nervous:

i'd like to try manual gearing this week, but for that some shifting directions might be nice. any volunteers? 👍

cant see moaibob on Luxy. I should be the third last, as usual.... and behind you, as usual...
but getting into Luxy is something to encourage this poor, slow, ever-third-last desperate pal :lol::lol:
will u help?
Tks 👍
First time out times feel not too bad


using 290

Still not sure of the fastest way around the hairpin - sometimes I'll diamond the corner and beat my ghost and the next time I'll hug the curb and beat the diamonding ghost.
Quick 20 minute go, fair bit of time left out there I reckon..

T1: 49.609
T2: 1'30.537

300 gearing :)

Looks like I'm in for a good battle with Strop :D
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Normal, IL
T-1 0'50.032
T-2 1'31.411

Seems that it's actually a good idea to put the car into a bit of a spin at the hairpin - that's what shaved off a lot of time for me :scared:
Not done this for a few weeks ! Good to be back

T1 - 48'723

T2 - 1'29.135

Gearing 320

Edit: Second session tonight. Tried 300 gearing giving a slight improvement. T2 would have been better if not for an almighty tiptoe around the hairpin!!

T1 - 48'680

T2 - 1'28.860

Edit : Final session for today. For me 290 works much better and feels much smoother through the corners

T1 - 48'287

T2 - 1'28.249

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
I was having trouble feeling tired tonight so I ran a few laps in the Audi ... very nice combo Sjaak 👍 so far I'm at 47.702 / 1'27.646 but the last little chicane needs better judgement for sure as I enter it all wrong ... will grab some more laps when I have a chance :)


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Dangit Ron....always gotta come in here and give us trouble, lol. Glad to see you can't resist 👍



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to start out the week

lap t1="50137" t2="91468"

At the risk of giving Kenny and the rest of D3 something to chase :)

My first splits to report -


Nice combo, Sjaak. 👍

Looking forward to working on this one. Might try and take the car for a spin on the Suzuka endurance this weekend. :sly:

San Jose, CA
Another run, improved T2 and final by about the same amount.

T1: 48.957
T2: 1:29.501

This is using 320 gearing btw.