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    Old Guy

    Hi all, I am new here and still driving with GT5 on PS3 offline. Lately, my PS3 died and I used the heat gun trick and changed thermal paste to bring it back to life. Lucky, lucky. So I want to copy my GT5 game data to a thumb drive before it dies again in the future. However, as I said before, I have been offline since the beginning and probably still in Version 1.0 in which the data copying is locked. I need to update to a certain version before I can copy. I need help on how to do it since even my PS3 is connected to internet now, there is no update prompt shows up nor there is any button for me to "check for update".

    Do I have to have an account in Playstation Network before I can update?

    I am an old guy that don't want to take my real cars to the real tracks anymore, so only race in GT5 and indoor GoKart racing. Don't want to lost all the tracks and cars in GT5 and forced to go to PS4 or 5 with GT games where I have to spend days to get some tracks open up.

    Any instruction is appreciated.
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    Hello @Old Guy on the ps3 main menu whilst connected to the internet highlight the gran turismo 5 game logo, press triangle button and you should get a list of options, check for update should be there...Hope this helps, I just recently installed on a fresh machine, think there were 27 updates it downloads in order....
  3. Old Guy

    Old Guy

    Yes I did that but no “check update” showed up. So I logged in to PS network by creating an acc, now it shows up. Lots of updates, 27 of them. Going to do a few and stop like YouTube video recommend so it won’t bomb out. May be a few versions up already let me copy data.

    Thanks anyway, appreciated.
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