GT6 Won't start up, PS3 won't recognize disc.

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by Wiki, Dec 7, 2013.

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    Yes. I was trying to identify if it was laser failure. If it was failing (in my observations of a normal slim), you would kind of notice a faint clicking sound of the laser trying to read the disc (rhythm of half seconds or so). Laser activity seems to be silent when at optimum. As GoSpeedRacer said, Gt6 is a dual layered disc which tends to put more strain on the laser. From what you described imo, is a sign of the laser weakening. But this is just my guess.
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    No not at all i don't hear any unfamiliar noise as you said i hear the disk spinning only when i keep my ear next to it my console is a super slim not the slim version it reads a few time and a few times it does't and when ever it reads it doest load the game as what i have found out even the God Of War 3 is a dual layer game which works perfectly fine in my ps3 SS please help out can it be the game update i have not downloaded any kind of patch till now
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    I have the same issue , i thought maybe this is my ps3 problem but i have over another 40 discs including uncharted 3 and all of them work fine , it has to be something with gt6 sometimes it just reads the game in one go , sometimes never.

    Edit : wth i tilted the ps3 as described in the video and the disc worked....
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    Just to clarify my issue from earlier in this thread, I thought it was only connected to GT6 in the beginning as well, since all of my other discs still worked. As I came to understand, GT6 is a dual layer disc and this issue is related to the laser having more and more difficulty reading dual layer discs and is technically beginning to fail.

    Granted, GT6 may be "hard" on PS3 lasers or maybe it's just the age of my PS3, but as time went on, the tilt trick barely worked once every 20-40 tries and many of my other games started failing to read consistently as well, including Rock Band 3 and others. So, I opted for the downloadable, electronic version of GT6 from the Shop, as I received a PSN card as a gift.

    The issue is definitely not GT6-specific in my case and I am thoroughly convinced it is the PS3. I may change the laser eventually, as I still have PS3 games that I enjoy playing with my family, but for now, I play GT6 flawlessly with the downloaded version and just tilt the PS3 and repeatedly "push in the disc and hope" when I want to play my other games.

    Well, I don't quite play GT6 "flawlessly", as I still appear to have a wall magnet in my bumper every now and then, but you get the picture. ;)
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    this works on the slimline ps3 also, once into game carefully put back into the flat or on end position
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