GT7 Circuit Experience Overly Difficult....

Now I have gold on all Trial Mountain stages except the full lap! Using a DS5 and still 0.3-0.4 seconds from gold time, I have tried for many hours and hundreds or thousands of attempts. Is it much easier with a steering wheel and which wheel is the best one to achieve the best times?
A wheel is not necessarily easier, it’s just different, maybe a bit more natural feeling. It definitely makes the game more enjoyable, 100%. But there’s a learning curve when coming from a pad for most people.
Golded my last CE yesterday. Never got around to doing the rally ones as not a fan but wanted the money so golded them all yesterday.

Some of them we kinda interesting as I was changing the dif live to help at certain points. Some needed more rear bias to help the slide and some needed more front to help pull the car thru some of the slower corners.

THat being said, still don't like rally and glad they're done.

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Earned a new PB at the W.G. CE, 1'47.916, I'm less than a second from beating the gold time. I golded the first three sectors so once I gold this lap, the 1 million will be mine! But I may need some assistance if you don't mind.