GTHD vs FOrza2 Video on Gametrailers

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo HD' started by RedOak, May 18, 2007.

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    You really can't compare a game to a demo..that's like comparing a plant to a tree..It just doesn't mix. I for one am a GT Fan but I respect Forza. It gives the xbox owners the feel of a driving simulator just like GT gives Sony owners a feel for it. They both have their pro's and con's and can't we just leave it at that? I don't understand the big fuss about Fueds over which system is proves nothing but your arrogance in your ego which will get you nowhere if you don't have an open mind.
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    ps3 only has 3 real playstation 3 games. the others were ported over with ps2 graphics. IMO, resistance, f1 champ. edition, and gthd. resistance would be a stretch as far as graphics are concerned. Only game that truly has graphics better than ps2 would be f1, and gthd.

    edit: every game that has come out for ps3 has been a big let-down as far as graphics are concerned. im glad i was able to dled gthd. having said that i still believe there are some great stuff coming out at the end of the year