Finished (GTOR) Gran Turismo Touring Car Championship (GTTCC) FaithlessEmo wins the Inaugral GTTCC Season!!!

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  1. True-blue-8



    Hello friend! Welcome to the Gran Turismo Touring Car Championship (GTTCC). This is a series put together by myself, in order for people to socialize and have fun, close racing.

    What is the GTTCC?
    The GTTCC is an organised racing series that is based on the official WTCC and BTCC and other Touring car series. The series uses cars that you would use for work or socialising, but slightly modified. All cars that compete must have 4 doors with a 2.0 litre engine or under.
    Signing up
    If you wish to sign up, you must contact one of the hosts, and post on the thread in the following format;
    GTP ID / PSN ID / Car Choice / Team Name / # / Body & Wheel color
    For example:
    DirtyNurbKing58 / True-blue-8 / Honda / Diesel Pig Racing / #58 / Blue & Orange
    you will also nee to add True-blue-8 on PSN
    When will the races take place?
    Races will take place Wednesday evenings.
    Race timetable
    The night's racing will work in the following way (all times are correct as of BST): (If you need to convert to your local time, please click here.)
    18:00 - Room open for practice
    18:45 - All drivers are expected to of joined the room
    18:50 - Track reset and spec checks
    19:00 - Qualifying begins
    19:10 - Race 1 begins
    19:30 - Race 1 finishes
    19:30 - 5 minute break
    19:35 - Super-Pole
    19:40 - Race 2 Starts
    20:00 - Race 2 finishes
    20:10 - Race 3 starts
    20:20 - Race 3 finishes
    Room Settings
    Tyre/fuel depletion - fast - Off for Race 3
    Light damage
    weak slipstream
    Real grip reduction
    False start on
    ABS and driving line are the only driving aids allowed
    Race Rules
    Qualifying will be a 10 minute session, where you will be allowed to set your best lap, this will be followed by race 1 which will be roughly a 20 minute race. You are required to make a mandatory pit during the race in a pit window, which will be announced before the race.
    After race 1 is the Super-Pole. All drivers will start in the pits, they will then drive out on their out lap. After the Out lap, everyone will only be allowed one flying lap to complete their fastest lap and determine the grid for Race 2. If a driver completes an extra lap they will receive a penalty for race 2 and a reprimand.
    Race 2 will be the same as Race 1, the starting grid will be based on the Super-Pole results
    Race 3 will be a 10 minute sprint, no pit stop is required. The grid will be based on Reverse results from Race 2. The object of this race is to give drivers who would finish at the back of the grid an opportunity to win and should provide some exciting racing.

    All cars must meet their Correct Specifications. All cars must run with Sports Soft tyres.
    Wings are allowed to be fitted, however Aero Kits, flat floors and other Aero parts are banned. Any drivers found to be using these (we will check) will be disqualified and handed a reprimand.
    Success Ballast
    To keep the championship as close as possible, the top 5 drivers will receive a success power reduction.

    1st : -35bhp
    2nd : -38bhp
    3rd : -21bhp
    4th : -14bhp
    5th : -7bhp

    The top 5 drivers in the championship will receive the penalties for Race 1 at each new round.
    The season will consist of 6 Rounds. (18 Races)

    Pre-Season test race - Autumn Ring

    1. Cape Ring South
    2. Willow Springs (Big Willow)
    3. Daytona
    4. Trial Mountain Circuit
    5. Brands Hatch Indy 80's
    6. Rome
    7. Apricot Hill Raceway
    Triple R Trophy - Spa-Francorchamp - Endurance
    Point System
    1st - 20pts
    2nd - 18pts
    3rd - 16pts
    4th - 14pts
    5th - 12pts
    6th - 10pts
    7th - 9pts
    8th - 8pts
    9th - 7pts
    10th - 6pts
    11th - 5pts
    12th - 4pts
    13th - 3pts
    14th - 2pts
    15th - 1pt
    16th - 0pts

    2 Points will be awarded to pole position in Q1 and Super-Pole
    1 points will be awarded for fastest lap in each race
    1 point will be awarded if you lead a lap during the race (Only 1 point no matter how many laps you lead)

    Disconnections will be classified as a mechanical failure.
    Drivers who do not finish the race within the allotted time will also not be classified.

    Drop Scores
    A driver is allowed two drop scores during the season, however these drop scores may only be taken from round 1-6.

    There will be a driver's, teams, manufactures and independent trophy available.
    The Hard charger trophy will be awarded to drivers who gain the most positions during the races. A DNF will class as -10 places. No drop scores.
    Other Notes
    • If a driver has an incident they wish to report. They must send a message to myself or another steward mikey_2412, NinjitsuEvolved, smith1001. The Stewards panel will then review the incident and come to a decision. Drivers may be handed a reprimand, penalty, or anything else the stewards see fit to give.
    • You will be allowed 24hours then to appeal the decision. Any appeals after this time will not be re-investigated.
      • If you recieve the following number of Reprimand on your licence, you will receive the following penalties;
      • 3 Reprimands - 5 Place Grid Penalty at the next Race
      • 5 Reprimands - Drive through Penalty at the next Race
      • 6 Reprimands - 10 point Championship Reduction
      • 8 Reprimands - Drive through penalty at the next Race
      • 9 Reprimands - Race Ban
      • 10 Reprimands - Drive through penalty at the next Race
      • 12 Reprimands - Series Ban
    • Drivers may be penalized for both on and off track behaviour.
    • 2 wheels are to be kept inside the white lines at all times, if you happen to cut a corner, lift off so no advantage is gained.
    • Dive-bombing is not acceptable. If you are following a driver, you can not force your way into that gap. The half a car's length rule will apply. Anything else will be investigated. 'You left a gap' is not a valid excuse.
    • Teams may be allowed up to 3 drivers, but only 2 of the drivers scores will be counted per round. Team-mates can use different cars must run the same colour cars.
    • Driver's must run with the correct numbers on, if they wish to change they must do so prior to the race. Any driver found not running the number will receive a warning. 2 warnings = 1 reprimand.
    All rules are there for a reason, drivers, including the host, do not receive special credit. Please read all rules before signing up. 'I was not aware of that rule' is not a valid excuse. By signing up you agree to all the rules.

    The GTTCC is a series set up by a group of guys who enjoy racing, socializing and having fun. We like to get every driver involved and feel welcome. Any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask or say. Best of luck and have fun. :tup: :cheers:

    Check us out on Facebook

    In association with GTOR
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  2. True-blue-8


    Car List/specs

    Ford Focus ST '13
    0/5 Available (320bhp 1280kg) Full!

    Honda Civic Type R '08
    1/5 Available (285bhp 1200kg)

    Renault Sport Megané R.S '08
    3/5 Available (330bhp 1280kg)

    Suzuki Swift Sport '05
    0/5 Available (320bhp 1075kg) Full!

    Volkswagon Golf IV GTI '01
    4/5 Available (350bhp 1120kg)

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  3. True-blue-8


    Entry list
    DirtyNurbKing58 / True-blue-8 / Ford / Diesel Pig Racing / #58

    sibbystiggy / TheOldStig / Honda / Diesel Pig Racing / #26

    ric1258 / ric1258 / Honda / Diesel Pig Racing / #61

    1996mikey2412 / mikey_2412 / Ford / Orange Fighters with eBay Motors / #24

    NinjaEvo / NinjitsuEvolved / Volkswagen / Orange Fighters with eBay Motors /#76

    Paulking66 / paulking66 / Suzuki / Orange Fighters with eBay Motors / #28

    FaithlessEmo / FaithlessEmo / Renault / Swift Autosport / #05

    ABP / A-B-P / Suzuki / Swift Autosport / #19

    Storm_SP17 / StormPacer17 / Suzuki / Swift Autosport / #17

    Matt tiff / allstarjimmmy / Renault / Orange fighter with eBay Motors (I) / #12

    swiftsmith / Smith1001 / Suzuki / Swift Autosport (I) / #09

    yuc2002 / yuc2002 / Honda / Honda Racing (I) / #02

    TruGenTimeless / dognelli / Honda / Onyx Motorsports (I) / #45

    buck1 / Buck_aroo2 / Ford / Miss Saigon (I) / #74

    duker_86 / duker_86 / Ford / Chocywokydodah (I) / #86

    Dimse91 / Dimse91 / Ford / JOARTA Motorsport (I) / #91

    alex salmon/ alex_salmon28 / Suzuki / Bump and grind racing (I) / #28

    Total Drivers = 17
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  4. True-blue-8


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  5. swiftsmith


    Looks good also my vote goes to Sunday instead of Wednesday.
  6. Harsk100


    If I get a new PS3, I might join in.

    PS: My vote goes to Saturday.
  7. True-blue-8


    You can put multiple votes in. If you can put your name down as it says above I can let mikey know :tup:

    I'll put info up later, if you keep an eye on post #4 announcements will be up there.
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  8. Harsk100


    I didn't know that I could put mutiple votes. And I wanted to vote only 1 day, by the way.
  9. swiftsmith


    Okay I'll be sure to watch. Also I saw we could vote for two but didn't think about my completely open Sunday.
  10. Harsk100


    If I race the Honda in round 1, will I be able to change to Audi if Honda has too much understeer?

    Is allowed to change cars in each round? (Ex: A driver 1 drives the Honda in round 1 and then drives an Audi in round 2)
  11. True-blue-8


    No, same car all season, i'll just put the car list up for now and edit it later
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  12. Harsk100


    OK. But the spec testing of the cars which are you doing/have done is online, right?
  13. True-blue-8


    yes of course mate, just leave it at that ok :tup:
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  14. Mikey24

    Mikey24 (Banned)

    . : GranTurismo® Touring Car Championship Media : .

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    Earlier today, the head of GTOR released details of the second GTTCC season!

    See them here:

    Older stories:


    The Brands Hatch Circuit is located in south-east United Kingdom and is one of the oldest circuits in the country. Its history lies in the grounds, in the air, in the smell... It was once home to Formula 1's European Grand Prix back in the 80's, and the GTTCC is returning to it's old layout, the once which Formula One used to run.

    The championship is now in it's final stages, as we see the Drivers' Championship nearly wrapped up, but who can fight off and catch the mighty @FaithlessEmo? He currently holds a 40 point lead over nearest rival @NinjaEvo.

    Brands Hatch will be the round that decides whether @FaithlessEmo will confirm his chances at the championship or if he has to wait until next week at Rome.
    (13/10) oRaceTuned is still in Intensive Care after a major smash nearly a week ago. Although, he is recovering well, say Doctors.

    During race 1 at Trial Mountain, on lap 5, oRaceTuned lost control of his Honda and careered into an unprotected part of the run off, allowing him to hit the mountain side. The accident happened at turn 6 before the second tunnel.

    His white Honda lost control after a slow punture showed on the front left tyre. He lost all steering power from the wheels and unfortunately hit the mountain side. He was reported unconscious and unresposive. Marshals had called an ambulance and oRaceTuned waa airlifted to he nearest hospital just 8km today.

    Updates on his condition will be given when available.

    Qualifying saw Yuc completely dominate from the the start, lap after lap, faster and faster. Yuc started on pole position with Buck second, 0.6 seconds slower than the Honda.

    Race 1 was essentially Yuc's race. Apart from Emo leading the first lap, Yuc lead the rest of the way and eventually finishing just shy of 20 seconds ahead of Buck. Mikey pitted lap 5 at a last-minute dash along with Ninja and Jimmmy behind him, and True, Stig and Emo pitted on lap 6. Mikey jumped True after pitting from behind him a lap earlier, and nearly passed Stig. When Mikey was going to attempt a pass on the Honda, Stig touched the grass on entry and took the car sideways and nearly took the two out. Mikey and Stig fought lap after lap until the end when Stig won the battle. Mikey said the battle was 'exhilarating' and it was 'the best he had of the season' while Stig said he 'enjoyed the battle' and he named Mikey 'driver of the race'. Yuc won race 1 from Buck, Emo, Stig, Mikey, True, Ninja, Jimmmy and Smith, setting the fastest lap along the way.

    Superpole again showed the dominance of the Honda, with Yuc taking pole yet again ahead of Emo, Buck and Mikey.

    Race 2 saw Yuc and Emo conduct a great battle, swapping positions at every corner until Yuc gained the advantage and got past and was never overtaken again. Emo and Buck had a good battle until Buck made a mistake and lost second place to Emo. Mikey again pitted on lap 5 and just about jumped Buck who pitted on lap 6. The two went side-by-side in the first corners until Mikey pulled off an amazing move at turn 4 and went around the outside of Buck, Mikey's tyres allowed him to pull and maintain a gap from Buck until lap 12 when he started to reel Mikey back in but there was not enough time. Yuc eventually won the race marginally over Emo, while Mikey held off Buck for 4th and Ninja completed the top 5.

    Race 3 started with a bang. 4 cars collided at the fourth turn - Ninja, True, Smith and Yuc. Ninja had out-braked himself on the inside of the white Ford and locked the front wheels and sent True into a spin and damaging his car. Smith was involved but got away cleanly, while Yuc was left pushing True around the spin, also attaining front damage. This allowed Stig to take the lead ahead of Jimmmy, Mikey, Emo and Buck. Mikey had a problem on pit lane - his mechanics had picked up the wrong tyres! This cost Mikey over 5 seconds and thus, lost third place to Buck and Emo. Emo passed Buck and caught up to Jimmmy and drove past the Renault, putting him into second place. Stig eventually won the race ahead of Emo, Jimmmy, Ninja, Yuc, Smith and Mikey, who suffered a temporary ECU failure, while True retired from damage attained on lap 1. Buck retired from a blown Turbo on lap 8.

    Trial Mountain Circuit is an original (fictional) circuit that has appeared in all mainline versions of Gran Turismo. It is a 2.5 mile circuit run on tarmac which appears to be set in a forest clearing within a mountainous area. The circuit features several blind corners, three tunnels, a long, uphill back straight and a series of fast compound corners. It is seen by most players as one of the easiest circuits in the Gran Turismo Series. That is, one of the easiest to drive and memorize. However, it is one of the hardest circuits to drive fast due to the length of the circuit.

    We look at the drivers' feelings in a pre-practice preview...

    True - I like Trial Mountain, it is a difficult circuit and requires a certain driver skill level to handle its fast flowing corners and short straights.

    Mikey - Trial Mountain, for me, has to be a personal favourite. Especially the first section of the circuit... its really fast and flat-out in my Ford but it has to be run on a perfect line, which kinda makes this circuit very punishing to pace so lets hope I do not make many mistakes on Wednesday.

    ABP - Trial Mountain is definitely a great track for the GTTCC, it will provide entertainment and possibly more new winners, I mean... we've already seen 6 different winners from nine races! So it's a good possibility to see another new winner.

    Emo - It will be difficult for to me retain my lead in the championship, so to speak, as I've seen the Ford is quick and the VW is blisteringly fast round here. The Renault could maintain pace but as far as my championship is concerned, I'm worried.

    Yuc - As a race winner, as well as lying 8th in the championship, and also knowing that my Honda is particularly quick round here but not as quick as the VW or Ford. However, I hope to do my best for Honda Racing and possibly take home another winners trophy.

    The race night is currently scheduled for Wednesday 8th October at 6PM.

    Race highlights will be available here in a few days after the races.


    It was announced early this morning that American circuit Trial Mountain will host Round 4 of the GTTCC. We heard from a few of the drivers' views on this:

    Ninja - I love Trial Mountain, I have already completed 100 laps around the circuit! I'm glad that it is finally on the calendar, hopefully it stays that way! :)
    Paul - I am definitely not the biggest fan of the circuit but after winning race 3 last time out and knowing I have one of the fastest cars on the grid I know I can do well at TM.

    This morning, the Daytona owners announced that their circuit has replaced Matterhorn for Round 3."

    Allstarjimmmy told GTTCC Weekly that he had recently signed a 3-season contract with Orange Fighters to represent them in the Independent championship. This means that absentee Paul has been dropped from the team.

    Jimmmy currently leads the Independent standings on 117 points, and is 6th overall with 63 points.

    It was revealed just this afternoon that Orange Fighters has signed a 2-season contract deal with's motoring district - eBay Motors. The team have now been renamed to Orange Fighters with eBay Motors.

    Matterhorn, a track set high up in the Swiss Alps.

    It is a challenging track in which every driver on the grid has to have 100% concentration for the whole lap and every lap until the end!

    The GTTCC will be using the Dristelen layout on Wednesday, a very difficult layout of the circuit, arguably the most difficult.
    The Duel in the Desert is officially over with Emo, Yuc and ABP all heralding the chequered flag.

    Qualifying got off to a heated start with Emo, ABP, True and Stig all running in a train, allowing True to put in a stupidly-quick lap to put him on pole. ABP joined him on the second row, with Mikey and Emo on the second row. The third row saw Orange Fighter Ninja and Jimmmy, Stig took 7th with dognelli 8th, leaving Smith at the back in 9th.

    Race 1 saw True bog down, allowing ABP, Mikey, Emo and Ninja to take advantage at the first corner, and the two Orange Fighters were running one-two from third and fifth. They nearly come together in turn 2 until Ninja runs wide and Mikey takes the lead. By the end of the lap Emo has taken the lead, where he will stay for the remainder of the race. Another highlight is in the last couple of laps, a battle between Ninja and ABP for the final podium spot (Emo and Mikey have pulled away into the distance by this point). However, Smith was ignoring blue flags as he was running in front of Ninja but a lap down. Smith was later penalised for his actions. Emo dominated the first race from an Orange Fighters two-three. True retired during the race along with Yuc.

    Super-pole was just as exciting with True, ABP, Emo, Ninja, Jimmmy and Yuc running in a line, approximately 3 car lengths from each other. This allowed Yuc to take Super-pole ahead of True.

    Race 2 saw Mikey take the lead yet again at the first corner, except all the way back from 6th - impressive start! True and Stig were squeezed onto the sand on the exit of turn 1 and Mikey lead until he slipped at turn 3 and allowed Emo and Yuc to go through. Emo lead the first 5 laps until he pitted with Yuc, Jimmmy lead that lap after he claimed third from True and Mikey. Yuc had a better pit stop than Emo which allowed him to come out and take the lead. True eventually suffered yet another mechanical failure, three this season! Forcing him out of 3rd place, handing it to teammate Stig. Yuc eventually won the race ahead of Emo and Stig. Smith retired with a blown turbo. ABP suffered a bump which destroyed his rear left suspension leaving him out and oRaceTuned crashed out early on.

    Race 3 started with a bang, with ABP quickly taking the lead and pulling away due to having no ballast compared to True, Mikey, Ninja, Emo and Yuc. During the race, True and Mikey come together at turn 1 forcing Mikey to spin but coming back across the track into the path of Stig, Jimmmy and Yuc, who attained damage in the incident. True was given a warning from the stewards, leaving him with a reprimand. The last 2 laps saw a very heated battle between the two Ford's of True and Mikey as they fight it out for third place. True eventually won that battle, finishing behind ABP (winner) and Emo (2nd) but ahead of Mikey, Ninja, Stig, Dognelli, Jimmmy and Yuc.

    FaithlessEmo still leads the championship with 116 points, 23 ahead of teammate ABP on 93 points. Stig is still third for Diesel Pig on 83 points but Mikey has closed in on him greatly, now only 4 points behind him on 79. Orange Fighter Ninja is only another 6 points behind his teammate, he is on 73 points. Jimmmy remains 6th with his excellent consistency and has managed to score 63 points so far. Yuc has moved up to 7th after his amazing win in Race 2, leaving him on 55 points and True with his two retirements leaves him failing to score many points after only securing 16 over race day. This means he is on 51 points. Smith is next with 33 points ahead of consistent scorer Dognelli, his 3 7th places means he scored 21 points. oRaceTuned has failed to score any points this season, despite having a good showing at the pre-season back in Autumn Ring two weeks ago.

    Next week, the GTTCC moves on to the fierce Matterhorn Dristelen, a fast fearsome track which only the brave can dare to drive. See you there!
    So... The GTTCC Crew head to California to venture the infamous but unknown Willow Springs International Raceway.
    It's nickname, "The Fastest Road in the West", given because it is one of America's oldest racing facilities, being established in 1953. It has held host to many different road races, and from fans' efforts the track was officially established as part of the California Point of Historical Interest in 1996.

    Now, however, it holds host to the second round of the GranTurismo Touring Car Championship of 2014 on GTPlanet! The 'Duel in the Desert'.
    Practice got off to a decent start with ABP straight away lighting up the timing screens, ABP was recorded fastest at the end of the session with a 1:22.8 ahead of Emo and True posting 1:22.9 and 1:30.1 respectively.

    Qualifying saw Emo take full control, banging in solid laps under 1:22.8, until the last few moments when ABP put in an astonishing 1:22.6, putting him on pole, ahead of Emo and Ninja.

    At the start of Race 1, ABP bogged down at the start line, allowing Emo, Ninja, Yuc and Mikey to get alongside, Mikey made a huge lunge up the inside and inherits the lead from teammate Ninja after he suffered an ECU failure dropping him to the back of the field. ABP was caught out by Ninja's failure and spun 90° on the outside grass, leaving him to pull away in 8th. Emo and Stig eventually find their way past Mikey to take 1st and 2nd and it would stay that way. When the pit stops came Mikey's team made an error and fitted the wrong compound losing him vital seconds, it dropped him to 8th place behind Jimmy and Smith. Meanwhile upfront ABP, Yuc and True fought wheel to wheel for the last podium place, they nearly came together! Mikey then passed Jimmy and Smith a lap later and started to reel in the battling three until he spins on lap 11, therefore solidifying his 7th place. Emo holds off Stig to win the first race of the championship. ABP comes home third ahead of Yuc and True, then Mikey, Jimmy, Smith and Ninja, who eventually got his car restarted. Yuc received a penalty for illegal aero parts which put him to the bottom of the order, promoting True, Mikey, Jimmy, Smith and Ninja.

    Super Pole saw Ninja put in provisional pole and Mikey goes second looking for an OF 1-2 until ABP takes pole and True steals third from Mikey.

    ABP makes yet another bad start and Ninja takes the lead, Stig makes his way to 3rd starting from 5th, True takes 2nd place. A couple of laps in, True suffered a tyre puncture and skids in to the wall and careers into the side of Mikey, putting True out of the race. Mikey falls behind after attaining heavy damage, leaving ABP and Stig to pull away from the rest of the field. During the race, Mikey suffered an electronics failure which forces him to retire. ABP eventually held off Stig to take the chequered flag, Emo came home 3rd ahead of Ninja, Yuc, Jimmy and Smith. Again, Yuc was demoted for illegal aero parts, promoting Jimmy and Smith to 5th and 6th respectively.

    Race 3 saw True and Mikey take the front row and Mikey quickly takes the lead following a great start, Ninja gets to 3rd from starting 5th until he falls away into the depths of the field. Mikey eventually holds off True to win the final race ahead of Emo who took third from ABP and Stig finished 5th.

    After the first round, Emo and ABP are tied on points at 57, Stig lies 3rd with 47, the two OF drivers are tied with 33 points while True and Jimmy are tied with 32.
    (11/09) The first race saw an incident between Ninja and ABP at the first corner where Ninja suffered a catastrophic ECU failure but managed to restart the car after losing 30+ seconds to the rest of the field. Emo took the flag in race 1 ahead of Stig and ABP drove fantastically to pull back to 3rd.

    In the second race, ABP and Emo quickly took the lead. Smith spun during the middle of the race while True and Mikey suffer electrical and engine failures respectively. ABP went on to win race 2.

    True started the final race from the front but Mikey quickly took first position away from him at the first corner, although True kept Mikey on his toes, he still went on to win in the final race ahead of True and Emo.
    (10/09) It was announced on the afternoon of race day that newly arrived NinjaEvo will race for Orange Fighters this season with his Volkswagen. Orange Fighters are the second team on the grid to have 3 drivers.
    The Cape Ring South circuit will provide great racing from all five manufacturers and it will definitely sort out the men from the boys.
    Set in south Germany, Cape Ring is full of twists and turns and the track has a unique fashion to the way the lap is lead. The front straight is slightly curved, a unique feature which is hardly seen anywhere else in the world. True called it "easy but difficult" while Smith said "It is definitely an exciting track and I just hope that all three of us at Swift Autosport can really do well here." Mikey said "With a Ford and a Renault, and two very decent drivers, we hope that Orange Fighters will be on the podium in at least one race, if not all three." Points start this weekend, this is it. GTTCC is officially underway.
    (10/09) This morning, Swift Autosport revealed that ABP has joined their team alongside Emo and Smith, ABP will drive for the Independent championship while Emo and Smith will face the teams' title together.
    (09/09) This morning, Volkswagen revealed that Ninja has chosen to drive one of their cars for the season. Meaning there is finally a VW on the grid.
    (08/09) It was revealed today, 2 hours after ABP signed with Suzuki, TruGen had joined the newly established championship. This brings total number of competitors to 13.
    (08/09) Today, Suzuki announced that they have a third driver for the season, ABP. The German did not take part in the pre-season at Autumn Ring although he claims he is ready for the season.
    (07/09) It was revealed today the Emo is Smiths new team mate. The news was released this morning at Swift Autosport HQ.
    (03/09) The pre-season got off to a hectic start today, but as the event got under control Stig claimed pole position and won the first race. The SuperPole was won by Emo while Stig took race 2. True the came through the order and charged to a race 3 win.
    (03/09) It was announced today that FaithlessEmo has joined GTTCC with Honda in a 1 season deal.
    (02/09) We found out today that there is another competitor for the season... Matt Tiff, who has signed up for Renault in a 1-season deal. Although the length of the contract is not certain. We heard from Matt about joining, "Yeah it's really exciting to have joined such a promising series. The cars are so equal which will produce some great competition, I hope I do well and show the others what I'm made of!"
    Autumn Ring is a small to medium sized track where the small front-wheel-drive cars could surely domimate. [​IMG]
    The track is set deep in the heart of Wisconsin, USA, but only featured as a GranTurismo® original track. The circuit starts off the GTTCC season as the pre-season, and Cape Ring will start off the points next week. Smith said "I really like this track, I am hoping to be up the front somewhere with Mikey and True, because I know those two are the two to beat this season but I will bear in mind that there is ballast for every race, so that could be my advantage." After asking Mikey what the team can do, he replied "We believe we have the team to beat on the grid and me, as well as Paul, are going to make it hard for anyone trying to win." With the pre-season at Autumn Ring tomorrow, everyone is fired up and roaring to get on track. Most of the drivers have already arrived at the nearby town, ready for their practice tomorrow. Points will not be counted at the pre-season but the positions earned will, incase of a tie at the end of the season, and officials need to countback.
    (01/09) It was announced this morning that Dimse has joined the GranTurismo® Touring Car Championship. He signed 2-season contract with Ford.
    (31/08) As of 31 August, the series will be officially run under GranTurismo® Touring Car Championship (GTTCC)
    Promising team Orange Fighters unveil their challengers for Season 1 today at a private test at Autumn Ring. Smith called the car "neat" and said that it suits the colour scheme. Mikey said "We had a great team session at Autumn Ring, my car is pretty strong and should be the front runner of the season." Paul said - "My car was not the fastest at first, then Mikey helped me with the setup and I found loads of extra time, I appreciate his help and towards the end I was up close with Mikey, I am looking forward to the season as I know my car will pose a great threat for the first title."
    (28/08) It was announced at 11:00AM today that Ian has joined the RCC, bringing Perfect Apex Racing (PAR) with him. He signed a reserve space deal with Renault and will make at least one start.
    (27/08) The Orange Fighters racing team, consisting of Brit Mikey and Dutchman Paul, are to release images of their livery for this season sometime in the next 24 hours! We heard from Yuc as a reaction to the suspense: "although I have not yet revealed my car colours, I am over excited to see what crazy scheme they come up with." There are rumours of the cars being orange due to the obvious name of the team. However, will the cars suit the paint job?
    (27/08)[​IMG]Images of Diesel Pig's base car colour were released just this morning! It came as a shock to the public about how bland it was, until Stig said "these are only the base colours, wait 'til you see the real thing". We asked True about his car and he said "you will love the outfit of my car, obviously we only have the base colours here and there still isn't the racing number so it's far from finished. We are both excited about next Wednesday and i would really like to see both of our cars perform exceptionally."
    (26/08) It was revealed today that Paul has signed a 3-season contract with Orange Fighters. When we asked Mikey about the deal, he responded "yes its fantastic to hear that I have a team mate for this season and hopefully he sticks with me for the 3 seasons he signed on the contract. Hopefully we can pull together some good points and maybe take both the Drivers' and Teams' Championships." The deal came when Paul was rumoured to be visiting Orange Fighters' headquarters at the beginning of the week.
    (26/08) The official dates are confirmed for the season's calendar. Round 1 will be held 10/08, with the second a week later on 17/08. Round 3 will be on 24/08. A one-week break will be at the mid of the season. Round 4 will start the final half of the season on 08/09. Round 5 will be held on 15/08 and the finale will be held on 22/08.
    (26/08) Swift Autosport reveal their car and driver for the season.[​IMG]Swift Autosport revealed their car and driver today at the Autumn Ring circuit, where they did some private testing. After a few offs and some great laps, Smith found his car comfortable and that he now knows his nimble Suzuki. In an interview with Smith, we asked him if he was looking forward to the season. "Yes, I am very excited for the season opener at Cape Ring."
    True - "Yeah I am looking forward to it, it would be great to check out the competition!"
    Mikey - "I believe it's a great opportunity to find out little essential details about your rivals for the season."
    Stig - "I am definitely looking forward to Autumn Ring, as I have had practice there plus it's an enjoyable track. I just hope it's on thr calendar for next season."
    Smith - "Well after testing there, my opinion of the circuit as changed... for the betteer! This circuit is fantastic and it could really act as a season opener in the future!"
    Yuc - "I am not the biggest fan of this circuit, but including it in the pre-season is a big pro for me and most likely everyone else. It gives that opportunity to see other cars and what secret parts they may be holding."
    Paul - "As this is my first season of racing, I couldn't really put a say on the season. Although, I have driven at Autumn Ring before and I enjoy the layout, but it could cause havoc."
    Harsk - "I like this track. I like it's layout, and I think having the pre-season here is a great idea and could be a potential date for next season."
    (25/08) The pre-season round was announced today! Autumn Ring will host the season's 1st pre-season round on 03/09
    (25/08) Stig joins True at Diesel Pig!
    (25/08) Harsk signs one-season deal.
    (25/08) Yuc signs 2-season deal with Honda.
    (25/08) Paul signs for Suzuki.
    (24/08) Smith signs with Swift Autosport and Suzuki.
    (24/08) Stig signs with Honda.
    (23/08) Mikey signs 3-season deal with Renault and Orange Fighters.
    (23/08) True and Diesel Pig sign with Ford.
    (23/08) RCC is given the go-ahead for 1st season.
    (21/08)Talks of RCC, development and details are released.


    GTTCC Records

    These will be awarded with a trophy at the end of the season!

    Most starts:
    1 (15) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-27.png @FaithlessEmo | FaithlessEmo
    = (15) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-30.png @sibbystiggy | TheOldStig
    = (15) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-34.png @NinjaEvo | NinjitsuEvolved
    = (15) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-35.png @Matt tiff | allstarjimmmy
    = (15) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-50.png @yuc2002 | yuc2002
    = (15) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @DirtyNurbKing58 | True-Blue-8

    7 (14) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-31.png @1996mikey2412 | mikey_2412
    8 (9) upload_2014-10-7_11-35-50.png @swiftsmith | smith1001
    = (9) upload_2014-10-7_11-35-45.png @ABP | A-B-P
    10 (6) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @buck1 | Buck_aroo2
    11 (3) upload_2014-10-7_11-35-52.png @TruGenTimeless | dognelli
    = (3) upload_2014-10-7_11-35-58.png @Paulking66 | paulking66
    = (3) upload_2014-10-7_11-35-26.png @oRaceTuned | oRaceTuned
    = (3) upload_2014-10-7_11-35-26.png @Storm_SP17 | StormPacer17
    15 (1) upload_2014-10-7_11-35-26.png duker_86

    Most finishes:
    1 (15) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @FaithlessEmo | FaithlessEmo
    = (15) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @sibbystiggy | TheOldStig
    = (15) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @NinjaEvo | NinjitsuEvolved
    4 (14) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @Matt tiff | allstarjimmmy
    = (14) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @yuc2002 | yuc2002
    6 (12) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @1996mikey2412 | mikey_2412
    7 (11) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @DirtyNurbKing58 | True-Blue-8
    8 (7) upload_2014-10-7_11-37-53.png @swiftsmith | smith1001
    9 (7) upload_2014-10-7_11-37-47.png @ABP | A-B-P
    10 (4) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @buck1 | Buck_aroo2
    11 (3) upload_2014-10-7_11-37-55.png @TruGenTimeless | dognelli
    = (3) upload_2014-10-7_11-37-59.png @Paulking66 | paulking66
    12 (3) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @Storm_SP17 | StormPacer17
    13 (1) upload_2014-10-7_11-35-26.png duker_86

    Most wins:
    1 (4) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @yuc2002 | yuc2002
    2 (3) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @FaithlessEmo | FaithlessEmo
    = (2) upload_2014-10-7_11-37-47.png @ABP | A-B-P
    = (2) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @NinjaEvo | NinjitsuEvolved
    5 (1) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @1996mikey2412 | mikey_2412
    = (1) upload_2014-10-7_11-37-59.png @Paulking66 | paulking66
    = (1) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @sibbystiggy | TheOldStig
    = (1) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @Storm_SP17 | StormPacer17

    Most podiums:
    1 (13) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @FaithlessEmo | FaithlessEmo
    2 (7) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @yuc2002 | yuc2002
    = (4) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @sibbystiggy | TheOldStig
    = (4) [​IMG]@1996mikey2412 | mikey_2412
    5 (3) upload_2014-10-7_11-37-47.png @ABP | A-B-P
    = (3) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @DirtyNurbKing58 | True-Blue-8
    = (3) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @NinjaEvo | NinjitsuEvolved
    = (3) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @Matt tiff | allstarjimmmy
    9 (2) upload_2014-10-7_11-37-59.png @Paulking66 | paulking66

    = (2) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @buck1 | Buck_aroo2
    = (2) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @Storm_SP17 | StormPacer17

    Most consective wins:
    1 (2) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @NinjaEvo | NinjitsuEvolved
    = (2) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @yuc2002 | yuc2002
    3 (1) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @FaithlessEmo | FaithlessEmo
    = (1) upload_2014-10-7_11-37-47.png @ABP | A-B-P
    = (1) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @1996mikey2412 | mikey_2412
    = (1) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @FaithlessEmo | FaithlessEmo
    = (1) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @yuc2002 | yuc2002
    = (1) upload_2014-10-7_11-37-47.png @ABP | A-B-P
    = (1) upload_2014-10-7_11-37-59.png @Paulking66 | paulking66
    = (1) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @sibbystiggy | TheOldStig
    = (1) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @FaithlesEmo | FaithlessEmo
    = (1) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @Storm_SP17 | StormPacer17
    = (1) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @yuc2002 | yuc2002**

    ** - most recent winner, means consecutive could be continued.

    Most consecutive podiums:
    1 (6) - R1/1 - R2/3 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @FaithlessEmo | FaithlessEmo
    = (6) - R4/1 - R5/3 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @FaithlessEmo | FaithlessEmo**

    3 (3) - R5/1 -R5/3 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @yuc2002 | yuc2002**
    4 (2) - R1/1 - R1/2 upload_2014-10-7_11-37-47.png @ABP | A-B-P
    = (2) - R3/1 - R3/2 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @NinjaEvo | NinjitsuEvolved
    = (2) - R1/3 - R2/1 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @1996mikey2412 | mikey_2412
    = (2) - R1/1 - R1/2 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @sibbystiggy | TheOldStig
    = (2) - R4/1 - R4/2 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @yuc2002 | yuc2002
    = (2) - R5/2 - R5/3 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @Storm_SP17 | StormPacer17

    10 (1) - R1/3 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @DirtyNurbKing58 | True-Blue-8
    = (1) - R2/1 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @NinjaEvo | NinjistuEvolved

    = (1) - R2/2 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @yuc2002 | yuc2002
    = (1) - R2/3 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @DirtyNurbKing58 | True-Blue-8
    = (1) - R2/3 upload_2014-10-7_11-37-47.png @ABP | A-B-P
    = (1) - R3/1 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @Matt tiff | allstarjimmmy

    = (1) - R3/3 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @Matt tiff | allstarjimmmy
    = (1) - R3/1 upload_2014-10-7_11-37-59.png @Paulking66 | paulking66
    = (1) - R3/2 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @FaithlessEmo | FaithlessEmo
    = (1) - R3/2 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @yuc2002 | yuc2002

    = (1) - R2/2 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @sibbystiggy | TheOldStig
    = (1) - R3/3 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @DirtyNurbKing58 | True-Blue-8
    = (1) - R4/1 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @buck1 | Buck_aroo2
    = (1) - R4/2 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @1996mikey2412 | mikey_2412
    = (1) - R4/3 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @sibbystiggy | TheOldStig
    = (1) - R4/3 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @Matt tiff | allstarjimmmy
    = (1) - R5/1 upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @1996mikey2412 | mikey_2412

    Win percentage:
    1 (33.3%) upload_2014-10-7_11-37-59.png @Paulking66 | Paulking66 - 1 win from 3 finishes.
    = (33.3%) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @Storm_SP17 | StormPacer17 - 1 win from 3 finishes.
    3 (28.5%) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @yuc2002 | yuc2002 - 4 wins from 14 finishes.
    4 (25.0%) upload_2014-10-7_11-37-47.png @ABP | A-B-P - 2 wins from 8 finishes.
    5 (20.0%) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @FaithlessEmo | FaithlessEmo - 3 wins from 15 finishes.
    6 (13.3%) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @NinjaEvo | NinjitsuEvolved - 2 wins from 15 finishes.
    7 (08.3%) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @1996mikey2412 | mikey_2412 - 1 win from 12 finishes.
    8 (06.6%) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @sibbystiggy | TheOldStig - 1 win from 15 finishes.

    Podium percentage:
    1 (86.6%) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @FaithlessEmo | FaithlessEmo - 13 podiums from 15 finishes.
    2 (66.6%) upload_2014-10-7_11-37-59.png @Paulking66 | Paulking66 - 2 podiums from 3 finishes.
    = (66.6%) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @Storm_SP17 | StormPacer17 - 2 podiums from 3 finishes.
    4 (50.0%) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @yuc2002 | yuc2002 - 7 podiums from 14 finishes.
    5 (37.5%) upload_2014-10-7_11-37-47.png @ABP | A-B-P - 3 podiums from 8 finishes.
    6 (33.3%) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @1996mikey2412 | mikey_2412 - 4 podiums from 12 finishes.
    7 (27.2%) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @DirtyNurbKing58 | True-Blue-8 - 3 podiums from 11 finishes.
    8 (26.6%) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @sibbystiggy | TheOldStig - 4 podiums from 15 finishes.
    9 (20.0%) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @NinjaEvo | NinjitsuEvolved - 3 podiums from 15 finishes.
    = (20.0%) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @Matt tiff | allstarjimmmy - 3 podiums from 15 finishes.
    11 (16.6%) upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @buck1 | Buck_aroo2 - 1 podium from 6 finishes.


    Latest results (podiums)

    Round 5: Brands Hatch Indy 80's

    Race 1:
    upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @FaithlessEmo | FaithlessEmo
    upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @yuc2002 | yuc2002
    upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @1996mikey2412 | mikey_2412

    Race 2:
    upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @Storm_SP17 | StormPacer17
    upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @FaithlessEmo | FaithlessEmo
    upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @yuc2002 | yuc2002

    Race 3:
    upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @yuc2002 | yuc2002
    upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @FaithlessEmo | FaithlesEmo
    upload_2014-10-7_11-34-59.png @Storm_SP17 | StormPacer17


    Full championship results table

    Drop scores not taken into account

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  15. True-blue-8


    As it says in the OP guys, can you sign up in the following way;

    GTP ID / PSN ID / Nationality / Car Choice / Team Name / # / Body & Wheel color

    Thanks :tup:
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  16. Mikey24

    Mikey24 (Banned)

    I'll just re-format my registration:

    1996mikey2412 / mikey_2412 / British / Renault Megane Coupé / Team Orange / #24 / orange body+black wheels

    As series host, i strongly encourage people do the same when registering :)
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  17. Harsk100


    I recommend this championship to run under FGTA: It can turn into a success.
  18. Mikey24

    Mikey24 (Banned)

    I think it should be put under FGTA once it has developed, otherwise if this series fails (which it shouldn't) it could damage FGTA's reputation as a successful series supporter/host
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  19. True-blue-8


    I've run under FGTA before, i'll see what they want to do
  20. Harsk100


    Send a private message to P1K3Y_M1K3Y. (It is an advice)

    Well, I actually had 1 championship which ran under FGTA but it failed because it contained too many cars and it was complicated...
  21. Mikey24

    Mikey24 (Banned)

    I did that with my LMP series (although it didn't run under FGTA), i put too many expensive cars in and i didn't have the credits to get them all and it fell apart
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  22. Harsk100


    I think that you should have put between 6-10 cars. Keep your car selection simple.

    By the way, in that time, I just wanted to have all cars in my old rally championship but after it was dropped from FGTA and after pyrates withdrew, I cancelled the WRC and I asked mods to delete it. WRC has been scrapped and my new rally championship will be coming soon... (As I get my PS3 fixed hopefully) And my new rally championship will not be same like my old WRC. It will be different from my old WRC.
  23. V8-Johnboy


  24. Mikey24

    Mikey24 (Banned)

    Yeah i should've stuck with the Audi, Peugeot, Toyota and Pescarolo and not have the Deltawings and other Pescarolo's, it was too much to handle.

    Yeah i noticed your WRC disappeared and that's what i'm saying about running under FGTA, if it doesn't succeed it will be dropped, and we don't want that haha
  25. True-blue-8


    and please can you not post random stuff on the thread. Thanks :tup:
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  26. Harsk100


    Sorry Dirty, didn't know that. I won't do that again.
  27. Mikey24

    Mikey24 (Banned)

    Don't worry about it :) just a little off-topic discussion
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  28. swiftsmith


    Swiftsmith / Smith1001 / USA / Suzuki Swift Sport '05 / Swift Autosport / #09 / Red Body, Blue Rims
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2014
  29. yuc2002


    United Kingdom
    I can't do weekends, but otherwise I would go for

    yuc2002 / yuc2002 / UK / Honda Civic Type R / Honda Racing / 02 / Black body, White Rims
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  30. True-blue-8


    I'd rather weekdays to be honest mate, but let's see
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