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(What the F-Stop?!)

GT4's introduction of Photomode was met with mixed reactions back in 2004, but look at the racing landscape now;
it's basically a standard feature of the genre. So unsurprisingly, it looks like PD's taken the mode under the knife
to spruce things up. The goal of this thread is to house as much info about the mode as possible; it'll keep
questions pertaining to it to a minimum (hopefully), and discussion can be more focused too. There are also bound
to be a fair amount of members who never played GT4, and/or people who don't know a whole lot of the terms
involved (hey analog ;)), so hopefully someone finds this helpful. There are three main sections here:

Photomode FAQ | Terminology/Walkthrough | Tutorials

Photomode FAQ

Q: What's this about two Photomodes?
A: There is Photo Travel - with various picturesque locations from the world over, and Replay Photomode - it speaks for itself.

Q: So can I take my Standard Model Red Bull DTM TT over to it's spiritual home, Hangar 7?
A: Sadly, no. Standards can not participate in Photo Travel.

Q: What's the method for saving images?
A: Simply save an image after you've taken it, and GT5 will store it in the Photo Album, on the main GT Life page. However, if you want to share it outside of the restrictions of GT5, view the images in your Photo Album and hit Triangle for the menu. Click Export to XMB to make them available for USB transfer from the XMB. There are different options for selecting individual images, all images, or multiples of your choice.

Q: I want to back up my images, how can I do that?
A: User varmintx seemed to have stumbled upon this, in the most unfortunate way possible (due to a YLOD error). Your photos aren't saved in your Saved Game Data, but rather, the normal "Game Data" section (also where GT5 does the larger install if you so choose). Obviously, if you export them to XMB, they are individual image files that can also be backed up, but keep this in mind. The best way to ensure long-term storage, though? Read on...

Q: Best way to transfer to USB?
A: When you're viewing the images in the XMB, hit Triangle to bring up the menu, and select Copy Multiple. Select the images you plan on transferring, and start the process. When you get a prompt asking about a file already existing, select Rename All. This happens when you have more than one shot from the same location, as that's how GT5 names them, so selecting Rename All will give you a nice, numbered order on your USB.

Q: How about hosting our images online?
A: Many users use ImageShack, Photobucket, or Flickr to host their shots. In addition, below are some helpful explanations on how to post thumbnail shots:

Q: Are 3D images possible? (UPDATED: 10.11.11)
A: Yes! An earlier update opened 3D images up to all users, not just ones in possession of 3D televisions, so simply select the option while shooting to have the game export the image in the right format.

Q: What's this I hear about walking?
A: Yes, you may walk around, in both modes. However, once "aiming your camera", you can raise and lower the height quite easily.

Q: Since we'll be walking, can we take pictures of our avatar? (UPDATED: 10.11.11)
A: With Spec 2.0 released, you are now able to take pictures of your tame racing driver! Some say you can only do this in Photo Travel. Others say you must press Triangle after placing your camera in one of the designated spots, to toggle him on and off. All we know is... he's available now!

Q: Am I able to open the doors, hood, or trunk of the cars in Photo Travel?
A: So far (v2.0), no. Unless you count crash damage in Replay Photomode ;).

Q: Are we still limited to one car per shoot in Photo Travel?
A: That's currently not possible with GT5.

Q: I just did an online race and want to take photos from it, can I?
A: Yes! Simply head over to the Race Results tab after you've done your race, and click it. Inside the next screen, you'll see a tab to Save Replay. Easy as pie! Note that there is an occasional glitch that resets the race after it has wrapped up (the results screen will say "Running" for all competitors). When this happens, you will not be able to save the replay :(.

Q: What about live photo-taking? Say, as a spectator watching my friends race?
A: That's currently not possible with GT5.

Q: Are we be able to rewind replays as well as fast-forward? (UPDATED: 10.11.11)
A: You can now skip from sector to sector in each lap of a replay, provided the replay was created after the 2.0 update!

Q: Can I get a list of Travel locations?
A: Certainly! Also listed is where to unlock them:

  • Kyoto - Gion (Available from start)
  • Bern - Market Street (Available from start)
  • Ahrweiler - Town Square (Available from start)
  • Ahrweiler - Street (AMG Driving Academy Easy - All Bronze)
  • Ahrweiler - Gate (AMG Driving Academy Easy - All Silver)
  • Ahrweiler - Winter (AMG Driving Academy Easy - All Gold)
  • Kyoto - Shoren-in (Complete Japanese Classics in both A and B Spec)
  • San Galgano Abbey (Complete 4 Grand Tour Events[MUST WATCH TRANSITION VIDEO!])
  • San Gimignano - Town Square (Complete 3 Grand Tour Events[MUST WATCH TRANSITION VIDEO!])
  • Siena - Piazza del Campo (Complete 2 Grand Tour Events[MUST WATCH TRANSITION VIDEO!])
  • Red Bull Hangar-7 (Available from start)
  • Lucerne - Chapel Bridge (Complete 1 Grand Tour Event [MUST WATCH TRANSITION VIDEO!])
  • Indy - NASCAR Pit Stop (Available with 2.0 update)

There are others as seen in the main menu, but as of the latest version (1.07), those are not available to users.



For a great, easy-to-read guide on getting to know how to get the best out of Photomode, read this guide, brought to you by gtsomething!

Photo Travel Pre-Aim
So, you've selected your location, the first menu that's going to pop up asks you to select where your camera will be placed. These are just general suggestions, though; you can freely move it once we get passed this. Next, you'll do the same thing with the car. Guess what... it can be moved later too. These are just suggestions by PD. While positioning your car, press Triangle to toggle your Avatar on or off.

You've now placed everything, and have a screen where you can walk (and look) around. Take note of the Car Positioning Map that can be accessed by pressing Select. When you enter that, you're given the following options:

Move Car - Done with left stick. As you can tell, it'll be a pain to move far, since you'll have to reset your camera to see what you're doing.
Direction - Rotate the car with the right stick.
Car Options - Has it's own little sub-menu:
  • Tire Angle - Turn your car's wheels.
  • Lights - Choose from Off, Sidelights, Low beam, or High beam.
  • Car Heading - Reverse direction is quicker than rotating it by hand.
Now that you've decided on your car placement and general starting location, hit the X Button to Aim Camera.

Replay Photomode Pre-Aim
Want to take some photos of that tough race just completed, or some tandem drifts with friends? Load up the replay first. Now, when you get to a moment you want to capture, press START. Click the tab down on the right side labeled Photomode, which will take you to the same walk-around camera as you have in Photo Travel. Keep an eye on the top right corner: you may have other cameras available to you, though they are fixed position, they can offer views otherwise not available with the free-range camera. The number varies depending on the circuit, and which part of it, you're on.

When you're happy with the location of your starting point, hit the X Button to Aim Camera.

Camera Aimed Menu Screen
Okay, first the left side:

Move - Use the left stick. Somewhat bizarrely, you can control height with up/down, and left/right to move to the sides, but can't move forward and back. Well, not easily; rotate the camera with the right stick and then move left or right ;).
Rotate - Like I said, use the right stick. Up/down tilts the camera.
Zoom/Rotate - Hold R1 and use the right stick. Zooming in is handy for getting closer details and reducing the curved lens effect of a small focal length. Rotate essentially twists the camera in your hands, putting the image at an angle.
Parameters - Use the D-Pad to cycle through the Shutter Speed, F-Number, and EV settings. These will be explained later.
AE Lock - Locks the level of exposure you currently have set. This is handy for getting the desired exposure on a subject that is off to a corner of your image. Also, for photo-stitching.
Horizontal/Vertical - Twist your Sixaxis/DS3 around to change the orientation. This will also be covered later.

Right side:

Camera Menu - This is the big one. Press Triangle to bring it up, and a variety of options appear:
  • Aspect Ratio - Choose one of the available aspect ratios:
    • 3:2 - 1620 x 1080 pixels
    • 1:1 - 1080 x 1080 pixels
    • 1.4:1 - 1570 x 1080 pixels
    • 1.6:1 - 1747 x 1080 pixels
    • 16.9 - 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Filters - Choose from an available list of filters (descriptions care of itself):
    • Monochrome: Remove colors to produce a black-and-white image.
    • Extreme Monochrome: Produces the same black-and-white effect as
    • Monochrome, but with sharper blacks.
    • Sepia: Produces a light brown monochrome image that gives the look of faded black-and-white film.
    • Cool: Produces an image with a blue tone, and darkens the edges.
    • Warm: Produces an image with a red tone, and darkens the edges.
    • Cross-Processing: Deliberately upset the color balance of the image.
    • Miniature: Obscure the front and rear of the subject with a lens tilt to give a miniaturizing effect.
    • Partial Color: Make the subject stand out by rendering the area surrounding it in monochrome.
  • Panning - This setting is available only in Replay Photomode. Another quote from
    • Mode 1: The camera stays in a fixed position and turns to follow the car. Because the car's distance from the camera varies, this can cause it to blur slightly.
    • Mode 2: The camera moves with the car. When taking a photo of a cornering or spinning car, focus will be centred on the middle of the car, which can cause the front and rear to go slightly out of focus.
    • Mode 3: The camera moves with the car, and is positioned face-on to the front of the vehicle. This allows you to take a photo where the car is sharply in focus, and only the background becomes blurred.
  • Magnification - Doubles the pixel count (as of update 2.0, available in either Photomode!).
  • File Type - JPEG or 3D Photo.
  • Composition - If you don't feel like twisting your Sixaxis/DS3, you can just choose here.
  • Focal Length - The amount of zoom, with less control than the R1 + Right stick combination.
  • F-Number - The effective Depth of Field (DoF). A smaller F-Number will have only a small portion of the image in focus, the higher number will have more. To cover the range, and illustrate the differences, here is an example of a 1.0 setting, and here's an example of a 45.0 setting.
  • Shutter Speed - In GT5, shutter speed affects the amount of motion blur in the image. In Photo Travel this will be seen in the background commotion; on the track, it can show movement of cars and wheels more effectively to bring the sense of speed. The range in-game is 1 second to as fast as 1/8000th of a second. Replay Photomode is not capable of anything slower than 1/60th, however. The Camera Menu option allows adjustments of the ten-thousandth; the Parameter option has the popular steps.
  • Exposure - Control how light or dark you want your shot to be, basically. From -5.0 (black... with tail-lights!) to +5.0 (sun... is exploding!).
  • Invert Camera Y Axis - Hey, some people like to press down to look up ;).
Auto Focus - Force the camera to focus on whatever the cross-hairs are currently pointed at. Once focused, you can alter the composition and that target will remain the main focal point.
Shoot - The most important one! All set? Press X to snap the picture. When it loads up, you can choose to save it to your Photo Album, or re-shoot.


Online Race Replay Saving by Marley-Touge
Make the most of the GT5 Camera by gtsomething
How-To: Take Interior Shots by |eG|
HDR Tutorial by sixtoes
Moglet's Photomode Guide by Moglet
Panorama Tutorial ( by sprite
HDR/Panorama Tutorial (Dropbox) by s12ken
Particle Cleanup Tutorial by SlipZtrEm
Watermark Removal Tutorial by Apok
The Lab Method: Photoshop Tutorials by Terronium-12
Compositional Tips & Techniques by leeislee
GIMP Tutorial: Cleanups - Standard to Premium by Nato_777
Layers Tutorial by Beeblebrox237

Update History:

10.30.10 - Thread created!
10.31.10 - Tidied, added two questions (shutter speed range, and the possibility for rewind and fast-forward).
11.04.10 - A new question added, about our driver avatars potentially being in shots.
11.10.10 - A few more Photomode locations added, and now sorted alphabetically.
11.13.10 - And just like that, 11 days until a ton of questions can be answered.
11.15.10 - Some more info to clear up this thread a bit, courtesy of tekken90 👍
11.18.10 - Question added from SuperShouden (modified a tiny bit).
11.19.10 - We have a free-roam (walking-based) camera in race replay Photomode!
11.21.10 - Moved to the new sub-forum, tidying up the questions, preparing for the onslaught.
11.23.10 - And here... we... go.
11.24.10 - Release day! After a little bit of poking around, I've filled some answers in.
11.26.10 - Thorough re-working of the Terminology/Walkthrough section.
12.02.10 - XMB/USB transfer question added.
12.04.10 - Image hosting question added.
12.05.10 - gtsomething's tutorial added to that section.
12.06.10 - Hosting question fleshed out, in hopes of quelling the amount of simple questions.
12.13.10 - Added eG's interior shot how-to to the Tutorial section.
12.14.10 - Finally updated the locations list.
12.16.10 - Photobucket walkthrough by SkylineObsession added.
02.27.11 - It's been a bit, no? Sixtoe's excellent HDR tutorial added.
04.06.11 - Anchors have been added to improve navigation.
05.09.11 - Moglet's tutorial has been added, and a question involving backups and in-game images.
05.25.11 - Panoramas and particles, oh my!
10.11.11 - Necessary 2.0 info added!
11.20.11 - Magnification and 3D info clarified.
01.27.12 - T12's handy new tutorial added!
10.15.12 - Tutorials by Apok, leeislee, and Nato_777 added!
12.23.12 - GTP's own Beebs' layer tutorial added!
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Blimey, that's one comprehensive first post 👍 shocking there wasn't already a photomode discussion. I've recently been getting more into my photography and have been messing around with an old inherited film SLR so I'm really looking forward to playing around with the photomode.
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The Netherlands
First of pplschmpion, why quote the entire post on the same page for crying out loud?
Secondly to Slip, well done in creating this clearly and logically layed-out thread ( and a clever cheeky title too ) and thanks for the namedropping and making me appear like an illiterate dummy in the process ( not far off the truth though ;)).
Now for the Photo-Mode itself, have you already considered weather ( dynamic or static ) being one of the new elements to be added?
And the picture below drew my attention a short while ago since it seems to have traffic ( perhaps moving traffic? ) in the location or that first GT5 trailer where there are moving people ( and a dog... ) in that city section for example.



United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Move support would be awesome. See what can be done in some of the tech demos I think it would be perfectly suited to photography.
Nice thread,Well I some things to share with you guys.

Regarding the camera's effects I think that PD should have more filter options and due the day/night changes the camera probably will have flash,as such the flash probably will have some intensity settings(this if night replay photomode is allow).

Also the possibility of inside car photomode in premiums,we have seen how PD has been messing around with the quality of the interiors,so its logical to assume that photomode inside the car is possible,take this as a maybe but it seem that they didn't waste 3 moths per car to don't get right a couple of stitches.

And thanks SlipZtrEm,this thread will serve as a good base for future photomode users.
United States
nice post .. i'm not that much into Photomode ... for the simple fact that if i want a picture of the dodge viper i'll just google it .... but with that said i can see how photomode would work doing a race .. .. Replay ???
Thanks for the post. Back when I was playing GT4 I wasn't into photography at the time and had no idea what aperture and shutter speed meant, but now that I have taken up photography as a hobby, this mode interests me quite a bit.

Looks like there are quite a few possibilities with this mode. Look forward to seeing what kinda shots the community can come up with!
Eastleigh, UK
I think it would be good, if you needed to give the aperture some thought. Because using a lower aperture in real life, will allow more light to enter the lens and camera.
Thanks for a helpful post, but any of you knows what is that black bar at the right of the second picture? It has a T and a W, I have no idea what it is/does.
Indeed. That is the "industry" term for the zoom functions on a camera. They are commonly labeled as such on some digital and video cameras.
Thanks! I'm just used to the zoom in and out.
I would be nice to have a proper long exposure (bulb) mode for night shots.
I improved my photography skills with the photomode from GT4, so I'm looking forward to this new photomode and, obviously, GT5.
United States
Great thread man! I just recently bought an SLR and have a newfound interest in photography so I'll definitely enjoy this aspect of GT5!
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North Carolina
Q: Are we still limited to one car per shoot in Photo Travel?
A: It appears not! It's not clear how we'll be able to do this, but it's certainly interesting. Obviously in-race shoots will allow for whatever amount of cars are on track.

Well I have assumption. Maybe when you go into photo mode; a list will pop up of your garage, and you can select the cars you wanna take photos of. Also, Great thread. 👍
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London, England
F-Number was 'aperture' in GT4.

I remember a 370Z shot in a small Italian town, and a tram cutting across the town. Does anyone know what location this is?

EDIT: The location is Bern.
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Great thread... Photomode was a very cool feature of GT4 and Tourist Trophy, a good replay system and the ability to take pictures is part of a good simulation. BTW, I don't know if I dreamed it or what, but I think I've read something about uploading replays directly to Youtube...

Photo and video, two things that help a lot to build community.
United States
I was always thinking how cool it would be to have off camera lighting and flashes. It could definitely produce some awesome results
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Photo mode is just something to do when you want to do something else than race for a bit , i did spend days altogether in Photo mode / Travel